How to Get Unbanned From Wizz

Wizz is a social networking app in the networking area where you may meet, communicate, and find new people.

You may instantly talk with individuals worldwide with the Wizz app.

The app Wizz is secure and cost-free, and it can be found on both the Play Store and the App Store.

Regrettably, some users have complained that their accounts have been banned on various posts.

Users are seeing popups with the error You have been banned after being banned from the Wizz app.

Because you posted a message, a post, or a photo that violates our terms & conditions.

We will cover how to unban from the Wizz app in this guide.

Why Are You Getting “You Have Been Banned” Error on Wizz App?

Because you published a image, post, or message that violates the Wizz app’s terms and conditions, Wizz app banned your account.

If you breach any of the Wizz app’s terms and conditions, Wizz app will ban you or your IP address.

Depending on the policy you violated, the Wizz account ban may be either temporary or permanent.

How to Get Unbanned From Wizz?

Clear the Wizz app cache first. Install a VPN on your device. Connect to a VPN server in a different area. Now try to log into the Wizz app. You will be able to log in and use the Wizz app.

Users of Android devices can clear the cache of the Wizz App by going to settings, searching for it, and clicking on it.

For iPhone users, open the iPhone settings app, select General, then find and select the Wizz app. Next, select the iPhone Storage option, select the Offload App button, and then install the Wizz app once more.

Then download any VPN from the Play Store or App Store.

Sign in to the VPN application, choose the region where the Wizz app is available, and turn on the VPN.

The Wizz app will now allow you to log in.

Then, if you are still unable to enter into the Wizz app and are receiving a ban notification, create a new account.

Be sure to create your account using a different device and a different email or phone number.

How Long Do Wizz Bans Last?

You may receive a temporary or permanent ban from wizz depending on the policy you breach.

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