How to Get PhonePe QR Code?

Phonepe is another widely used app among UPI payment users. In comparison to other payment apps, the majority of customers believe the Phonepe app to be far more simple, secure, and useful.

Its Phonepe wallet capabilities and direct bank account payments assist consumers in keeping payments simple and secure.

A QR code is required in order to receive payments from customers. This prevents you from manually providing any of your personal information with each consumer.

PhonePe QR Code

The abbreviation QR stands for Quick Response Code. PhonePe QR Code is a smartphone-only readable barcode that is used to transfer and receive payments.

To collect money from friends, relatives, or anybody else, you can create a QR code on PhonePe.

How to Get PhonePe QR Code?

How to obtain a PhonePe QR Code:

To begin, open the Phonepe app on your smartphone and touch on it. The Phonepe app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Step 2: Sign in to your Phonepe account using the phone number associated with your bank account. After logging in, a profile circle will appear on the left side of the top area. Lightly tap on your profile.

Step 3: Choose the QR code option in your profile section.

Step 4: You will be transported directly to your QR code.

Step 5: Using the share option, you can quickly share the QR code. You can just just download it and print it out. Following that, you can put it anywhere visible.

The most popular and secure payment apps have developed handy and entirely secure QR codes.

Users can effortlessly pay directly into their bank accounts using these QR codes. This saves them the trouble of having to access their personal information.


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