How to Get Free Appliances for Low-Income Families | Government & Charities

If you have a low income, you are certainly aware of how much money utility expenditures may eat up. When your appliances are outdated and inefficient, this is even worse! What if a government or charitable initiative allowed you to receive free appliances? Your energy bills may be considerably reduced as a result!

What occurs if a heater, stove, refrigerator, freezer, or coffee machine breaks down without warning? Some of these gadgets cost between a few dollars and several hundred. For those with limited incomes, having them replaced or purchasing new ones can be a significant financial burden. It can feel like a blessing to know how to receive free appliances or have the old ones replaced.

The news is good! To help low-income earners cut their energy costs, the government provides free appliances.

Perhaps against your better judgment, but this has been going on since the 1980s. Through LIHEAP, also referred to as the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

The initiative is designed to assist households with low incomes and disabilities in meeting their immediate energy needs. We’ll explain the LIHEAP program to you, how you can receive free appliances through it, and whether you are eligible.

Not eligible? We’ll also highlight a few locations where you can get appliances for no cost or for a very low price. It’s simply in case you don’t satisfy the requirements for LIHEAP.

How To Get Free Government Appliances Using Assistance Program?

There are several free government appliances available. You simply need to be aware of the requirements.

The federal government has stipulated that to qualify, a household’s income must not exceed 60% of the median income of your state. Because the requirements—like the median income—can change, you must continually review the statistics.

You must bring the following documents with you when applying as proof of your income:

  • Income documentation (payslips/stubs)
  • most recent copies of utility bills)
  • If necessary, unemployment documentation
  • if any pension funds are involved
  • Social Security

Even if you qualify, there is a potential that you won’t receive any free appliances. Like you, many people are attempting to meet the requirements for the program. The government will search for residences with the greatest family size and energy savings. Homes with elderly, young children, and disabled residents may be taken into account.

Even if the competition will be fierce, it is still preferable to not even try than to give up straight away.

How to Get Free Energy Efficient Home Appliances?

Per a , low-income families spend 7.2% of their household income on utilities. It is over three times what higher-income families spend! The need for low-income earners to get free energy-efficient home appliances cannot be overlooked.

The administration appears to have understood the necessity and has read between the lines. In order to do this, there are a number of government-sponsored initiatives designed to assist low-income and disabled households make the switch to energy-efficient appliances without having to spend a cent.

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is one such government initiative. This program helps more than 6 million low-income households every year.

The program replaces the outdated, inefficient appliances in your home. In exchange, you’ll get brand-new, free, energy-efficient government appliances.

The program can build or insulate water heaters, weatherproof your homes, repair your refrigerators, and, if you’re lucky, cover a small portion of your energy expenses. These advantages come at no additional cost!

Yet the program has guidelines. Every year, a large number of people ask for aid through the LIHEAP program. If they run out of money before coming to your door, you can wind up being added to the waiting list.

So, what exactly is the LIHEAP program and how is it funded? That brings up the following point.

What is the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)?

You should look into the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) if you’re seeking for free energy-efficient appliances.

The Department of Health and Human Services is in charge of running the LIHEAP program. It first appeared in the 1970s. It specifically targets families with limited incomes, especially those with kids, elders, or disabled family members.

The program is designed for families that use a big chunk of their budget to pay for energy bills. LIHEAP recognizes that such families need assistance and strategies to reduce spending drastically. They help by providing free energy-efficient appliances.

In 2019, the program was granted over $3 billion to help families saving money on a meager salary. It seeks to bridge the gap between usage and what a family can afford.

Below is a list of regional and local organizations to contact.

Who Can Get LIHEAP Free Appliances?

Are LIHEAP-free appliances automatically available to low-income families? No, since a number of other eligible families will be applying for the same programs.

Who generally qualifies for a free LIHEAP appliance?

  • Over 60% of the state’s median income is the maximum for household income.
  • No household’s income may exceed 150% of the federal poverty level.

The federal poverty guidelines and the state median income adjust annually. See the for the updated state poverty guidelines.

For the government appliance aid program, you’ll need the same paperwork as those mentioned above. Utility bills, pay stubs, unemployment insurance certificates, pension funds, and social security benefits are among the paperwork needed. More docs are always better!

How Does LIHEAP Verify Someone’s Income?

The necessary paperwork is crucial since LIHEAP will use it to confirm your income. You should disclose to LIHEAP if you are the family’s primary breadwinner. Instead of emphasizing individual income, the focus will be on household income. They will demand all necessary documentation for each and every person residing in your home.

What Services Does LIHEAP Provide?

People who require help with their energy consumption are specifically targeted by the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

The initiative needs funding to support necessary energy use and efficiency, not to find households that waste energy.

How does LIHEAP try to help?

Giving those in need free LIHEAP appliances is the main way to assist them. But the program also offers assistance in other ways that differ by state, like:

  • assistance with heating and cooling bills
  • instances of an energy crisis, like utility shutoffs
  • Weatherization Low-cost house upgrades, such as water heater insulation, that reduce utility costs and increase a home’s energy efficiency

This demonstrates how comprehensive LIHEAP’s assistance to low-income families is. You will receive appliances from it, which will ease the hardship of using government equipment.

Where to Find Free or Cheap Appliances Online?

Free furniture and appliances are not only available from the government and its departments.

Here are some locations where you can obtain free goods.

Facebook Marketplace

A well-known online marketplace where you may buy and sell goods is the Facebook Marketplace. Although you might assume that only used goods are sold here, there is also a selection of inexpensive new goods. It becomes a simple method for local vendors to locate a market, particularly for major items.

Some people give away unwanted as long as you are willing to pay for the shipping. That obviously won’t work for large appliances like refrigerators and freezers. Luckily, Facebook Marketplace lets you get giveaways nearby and with a pickup truck, haul away.

But don’t get too enthused. When they really want people to click on their listings, some people mark their products as free. I’ve been duped by this a few times. I realized they were actually trying to sell what I had assumed would be free appliances nearby when I read the description.


The Freecycle is a network with a purpose. It serves as a medium between givers and receivers that comprise over 5,000 groups and over 9 million members worldwide. It’s people who no longer need their belongings offer them on Freecycle; this includes appliances. For example, you’ll find some services for clearing out an estate offering all the remaining stuff for free vs. tossing it in a dumpster.

To those who desire them, the goods are completely provided free of charge. Anyone can receive free goods, including low-income families.

The goal of Freecycle is to recycle and reuse things. They make an effort to lessen the waste in landfills that harms the environment. Freecycle offers items for free for two reasons.

If you are interested, go to the website and search for active Freecycle groups near you. It’s considered one of the best charities that help with appliance recycling.


Most individuals don’t consider eBay when searching for free furniture and appliances. Yet, some local classifieds online may have some inexpensive appliances.

The eBay mobile app makes it incredibly simple to list your items for free, despite the fact that it’s not the most natural place to find appliances. As a result, some people decide to take the easy route and sell their goods as inexpensive or free in order to get them out of the house.

It is advisable to select Buy Now rather than placing a bid if you don’t want to compete with other purchasers.

When choosing cheap appliances from or alternatives, make sure the machines are in good condition. If they are not, you may end up spending more money on repairs or your energy bill. You could be worse off if you are not careful.


If you are considering eBay, then you should consider Craigslist, too. The popular online classified site is home to an unlimited amount of goods that you can buy for low prices. Though, there is a section to online freebies without spending a dime.

If you’re searching the net on how to get free used appliances, then Craigslist may be your answer. People are removing heavy furniture before a move, hot tubs, hay bales, dirt, scrap metal, patio furniture, and more.

Make sure you put into action all the safety precautions for Craigslist that are suggested for conventional purchases. Always be on the lookout for potential scams.

Who would con those looking for freebies? of course, bad guys. Find a companion to go with you to the pickup location. This is advantageous because you’ll probably require assistance carrying the large stuff onto your truck.

See our guide on the Top Alternative Websites to Craigslist for Free Items.

Where to Find Cheap or Free Appliances Near Me?

See our list of additional organisations that provide assistance with appliances if you’re interested.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is aware of people’s need to rebuild their lives. The group offers assistance in the following ways:

  • Give you a choice of appliances that aren’t exactly free for people on low incomes, but are still affordable enough to feel almost free.
  • Offer coupons that will enable you to purchase appliances from their distribution centers for incredibly low prices.
  • help you regain your footing in a number of ways, like by assisting you in building a home or finding a job that pays well. For those who do require additional assistance, the Salvation Army also operates homeless shelters.

To assist those in need, The Salvation Army maintains distribution locations all around the United States and more than 150 years of experience.

Habitat For Humanity

When you hear “Habitat for Humanity,” you think of volunteers building homes for the most impoverished families and communities. The organization does that and more. It is also focused on providing free appliances and furniture for those who need extra assistance. The program is a ways to reduce the cost of a house on a limited budget.

Everyone should have a good place to live, according to Habitat for Humanity. Therefore, they either donate the appliances or sell them for a very low price.

Furniture Bank

The Furniture Bank Association of North America is aware that buying a house and furnishing it are two different things. Finding a place for a low-income family to reside in itself is difficult.

Furniture Bank stops several thousands of pounds of furniture from ending up in landfills each year. Unlike a nearby consignment shop, the Furniture Bank isn’t a business that pays cash for secondhand furnishings. Instead, generous donors put it back into the community and give second-hand furniture a new life.

The Furniture Bank offers another option for equipping your home for nothing or at a reasonable cost when shipping is taken into consideration. They typically accept beds, couches, chairs, tables, small appliances, kitchenware, oversized couches, and more.

To be sure, check out their and see if there is a Furniture Bank near you.

St. Vincent de Paul

The (SVP) is yet another place to check for free appliances. As its name suggests, the SVP is a Catholic organization. It has an international reach and has been active since 1833. It provides over $3 billion worth of services and goods across the US and helps over 5 million people annually.

Operating similarly to the Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity is St. Vincent de Paul. It offers assistance in a variety of methods, ensuring that more people may receive the care they require. The SVP welcomes volunteers, donations, and recipients alike, just like the other charities that provide assistance with appliances. Between donor and receiver, it functions as a bridge.

Appliance donations they accept include freezers, refrigerators, ranges, washers, dryers, and washers. Even though you cannot Sell your old refrigerator for cash., SVP will haul it away for free and give you a donation receipt.


What about the neighborhood church you frequent? The church managers ought to be aware of where you might obtain affordable or free furniture and appliances. They have knowledge in collecting donations and allocating them to persons in need.

Do you hesitate because it has been a while since you attended church? Just relax. In churches, those who know how to do their work well refrain from passing judgment. They ought to feel free to assist without passing judgment.

Scratch and Dent Appliance Outlet Stores

If none of the freebies apply to you, opt for inexpensive appliances.

The appliances do, on occasion, feel utilized and are used. You might not be saving money, then. Why? So you’ll have to pay for repairs or expensive electricity.

The greatest choice is to get appliances from scratch and dent outlet stores. These are shops that offer nearly brand-new appliances with just a few minor cosmetic flaws, like a scrape on a freezer’s side. The motor and other essential components operate as intended. They are very inexpensive to purchase.

Here are some potential locations to go for appliances with scratches and dents.

  • ( once known as Sears Appliance Outlet)
  • Shops at Lowe’s Appliance Outlet

What are the Best Apps to Find Free or Cheap Appliances?

Use various apps if you don’t have time to travel around looking for free or inexpensive equipment. The greatest applications for discovering affordable appliances are those listed above.

Unlike most items listed on the resale platforms, appliances are not the the simplest items to sell for a profit. Most people just want you to haul them away quickly! Furniture is generally not an appreciating nor income-producing asset.


is a mobile application that can connect you to the most affordable appliances. It will show alternatives in your neighborhood. It resembles a virtual flea market.

It is simple to use, just like other programs. To prove your identity on the platform, think about linking your Varagesale account to your Facebook account.

The promise of an extensive array of very cheap items online will draw you in more. Use the search feature to find bargains on resale goods efficiently. You can even find some refurbished furniture to complete your on a budget for a small bedroom.


Anyone who reads Frugal Reality knows I’m a big fan of . It is a place where you can buy cheap appliances and other stuff. There are over 44 million users who spend more than 20 minutes per day using OfferUp annually. Frugal consumers love using this app as a Craigslist alternative.

Most likely, you won’t need to bother about shipment. Most of the time, you’ll end up meeting and picking it up yourself.

How to Lower Your Energy Bill?

There are a variety of techniques to reduce your energy costs. When you leave a room, you shouldn’t just turn out the lights. But, a lot of unseen bad guys are slowly (or even swiftly) robbing you of your energy and your money. The worst kind of surprises can come from energy bills.

Which seven steps should you take to reduce your energy costs?

Check for leaks and cracks

Check out your home’s heating and cooling systems. These are the worst headache causes. Examining for leaks and cracks is one approach to stop waste. Another pathway allows for the simple escape of heating and cooling. Additionally, it entails proactively verifying that windows and doors are closed and sealed.

Programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat enables you to change the temperature whether your family is present or not. Turn central heating and cooling systems on only when necessary if your family can survive without them. In the summer, turn the thermostat up a few degrees, and in the winter, turn it down.

Set refrigerator temperature

Choose the ideal temperature for your refrigerator. The ideal temperatures for your freezer and primary refrigerator are 0 to 5 degrees (F) and 38 degrees, respectively. In addition to keeping things fresh, these temperatures will help keep your refrigerator from working too hard. Higher energy costs result from your refrigerator working harder than necessary.

Upgrade to LED lights

To save electricity, use energy-star bulbs. These lights—fluorescent and LED—can quickly make your spaces brighter. Incandescent lamps use more energy and are dimmer. Thus, don’t imagine that you are saving more money by having a darker light.

Install dimmer switches

If your budget permits it, install dimmer switches. Yet, turning off your lights while not in use is the greatest approach to save your energy costs.

Smart Power Strips

To make sure that your appliances are not slowly consuming energy, use smart power strips. They turn off the power when they notice a gadget is idle and in standby mode.

Alternately, unplug appliances (like your old VCR or the television) when not in use. Of course, appliances like refrigerators need to be on all the time. This is not true of your other home electronics, though.

Don’t wastewater

Examine your water. You might believe that you are dealing with a completely different bill.

While that is true, power usage can also affect your bill. For example, not all clothes need to be washed in hot water. Most detergents can clean clothes in cold or slightly warm water. Also, be aware of your drinking water temperature or when you’re filling up a bucket; you don’t necessarily need hot water.

Here are a few more quick tips for lowering your energy costs.

Turn Off Unnecessary Lights

Even though it can seem like an obvious solution, leaving a room without turning off the lights could cost you money in energy costs.

Turning off electrical equipment while not in use is a free way to lower your energy bill, even though switching to LED lighting is a more conscious means of doing so.

Using as much natural light as you can is another option. If there are spots in your home where you frequently relax, dine, or read, placing these spaces close to a large window or a balcony will help you make the most of the sunlight during the day.

A great technique to just illuminate the areas of your home that are currently being used is to switch to task lighting. Excellent examples of this approach include lamps and counter lighting.

Unplug Electronics

Your energy bill can be significantly increased by simply turning off your TV with the remote or leaving the microwave plugged in when not in use. Even when the microwave or TV aren’t being used, standby power is still being used by these equipment.

Unplug all of the electronics in your home that won’t be used during those hours when you’re at work or going to bed. After you start implementing these strategies, you can see a considerable reduction in your energy bill.

Speaking of technology, running your air conditioner constantly costs money in electricity. Try shutting off the air conditioner when you leave if you won’t be at home all day. In the long run, a little bit of suffering for a brief period of time might save you a lot of money.

It can also be beneficial to use an air conditioner with a power-saving mode that shuts off when the desired temperature is attained.

Here are a few more quick tips for lowering your energy costs.

Get Free Appliances for Low-Income Families Summary

Low-wage workers bear a heavy burden from their utility bills. For individuals who utilize outdated, inefficient appliances, the situation is considerably worse. Low-income homes and households with disabled members can receive free appliances through a program like LIHEAP. You must meet the program’s requirements for low income earners in order to receive assistance through it.

Even if you are eligible, there is a high level of competition for the same assistance, so you might not receive it immediately away. Don’t quit up though; this year, you might be one of the fortunate ones!

Try obtaining free or inexpensive home appliances at any of the locations listed in the article if you do not qualify for LIHEAP.

In the meantime, try to use the seven steps discussed above to lower your utility bills. Remember, decreasing your cable bill each month and home security bill are also considered utilities.

Ideally, LIHEAP will arrive at your door soon, or you’ll discover a reasonably priced substitute.

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