How To Get Discord Active Developer Badge

Badges set your profile apart from those of other developers. You can display any badges you have in your Discord profile.

Little pictures known as Discord badges that appear on user profiles and profile popups to identify a user as a member of particular groups.

A developer badge for Discord is a great way to showcase your creations there.

By enrolling in our active developer program, you can get your badge.

Additionally, some people are having trouble understanding why they aren’t eligible for the active developer badge.

We will talk about the Active Developer Badge and how to obtain it in this guide.

How to resolve the issue with the active developer badge as well.

What Is Active Developer Badge On Discord?

Developers that have at least one active app under their control can get the Active Developer Badge.

Your app must have been used by a global command within the previous 30 days in order for it to be regarded as active.

Discord’s Active Developer Badge honors the incredible app and tireless effort.

Any active developer can pick up their badge by going to the developer portal.

How To Get Discord Active Developer Badge?

How to Earn the Active Developer Badge on Discord:

Step 1: First, go on the and register on the portal or sign in to your account.

Step 2: Choose the New Application option, give it a name, check the box next to Agree, and then click Create.

Step 3: Navigate to the Bot icon, select Add a Bot, and then select Execute.!

Step 4: To create a new server name, click the plus sign.

Step 5: Navigate to server settings, select “enable community,” “get started,” check the boxes to validate the required email address, and then select “next” to scan media content for all members. Mark “I agree” before setting up.

Step 6: To welcome the bot we built on our server, we need to grant me a badge. To do this, click

Step 7: Download the “Give Me Badge” application in accordance with the OS you are running, launch it, click “More Info” in the pop-up window, and then click “Run Nevertheless.”.

Step 8: Return to the Bot page and select Reset Token from the menu.!

Step 9 is to copy the token, paste it into the cmd prompt, and then hit enter.

Step 10: To invite our bot and copy its URL, choose the last link that shows in cmd.

Put the link into the browser in step 11. Click Authorize after selecting the server you established. I’m a human by clicking.

Step 12: At this point, you can see that your server has added your bot. Now type #to utilize the bot at least once. Wait 24 hours for this bot to register on Discord.

Step 13: After 24 hours come again on this page by clicking on the and claim your badge.

You Are Not Eligible For The Active Developer Badge

If you find that you are not eligible for the active developer badge but still think you should be because you have an active app, please give your app’s activity status at least 24 hours to change.

On Reddit, some individuals reported the following:

It initially didn’t work either. Have you verified that a global command was actually executed? As I’d kind of taken a break from building my bot, I had to do it yesterday. A day later, it says “let me do it now.”.

You must use the / command on an account that is not the bot’s owner, such as a buddy or an alt.

I Have Claimed My Active Developer Badge But I Don’t Have

If you were able to successfully claim your Active Developer Badge, try restarting or refreshing your client.

After that, your profile will start displaying the Active Developer Badge.

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