How to Fix YouTube Handle Not Showing

YouTube offers much more than just the ability to watch and upload videos.

The YouTube Channel serves as the creator’s own identity on the site.

That’s why YouTube introduced handles, a simple and original method for users to find and interact with other producers.

Your YouTube username serves as a distinctive representation of your channel so that other YouTube creators can locate and engage with you.

Several people say that they didn’t receive a YouTube handle or that their YouTube handle isn’t visible.

Why Is YouTube Handle Not Showing?

Because YouTube hasn’t yet assigned you a handle, your YouTube handle is hidden.

a statement from YouTube claims,

“Handles access is rolling out over the coming weeks; you will be notified in YouTube Studio and via email when you can choose. Go to  for more information.

If you already have a customized URL, the distinctive portion of the address will typically become your handle.

You can choose a new handle or use the automatically produced handle if you don’t have a personalized URL or if you wish to pick anything different.

By November 14, 2022, if you haven’t chosen a handle, YouTube will do so for you. This handle can be modified at any time.

How to Fix YouTube Handle Not Showing?

To check your YouTube handle, Go to .

You will see all details with your handle if a handle has been assigned to your channel.

If a handle is not currently assigned to your channel, you will shortly notice handles being rolled out. When you can select yours, we’ll let you know.

Wait a few days or weeks in this case; according to YouTube, handles are being assigned to everyone progressively.

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