How to Fix “This Interaction Failed” on Discord

On Discord, do you encounter this interaction failed error?

I was getting this interaction failed message when I tried to run a bot that uses the slash(/) command on Discord.

I then looked up the error online and discovered that many people were having it.

I did some investigation and discovered some causes and a fix for this mistake.

Hence, we’ll cover the causes of and solutions to this Discord problem and how an interaction failed.

Why Does “This Interaction Failed” Occurred on Discord?

Discord’s Interaction Failed error happened because you didn’t give the bot enough authorization.

Because Discord will block Bot from responding to Slash command if you do not provide authorization to Discord Bot or Bot does not have authority to send messages in that channel.

Additionally, it’s possible that if you’ve given the Discord bot all of your permissions and you’re still getting the error message This Interaction Failed, the Discord server is overloaded or unavailable.

On Reddit, few users also mentioned the same problem:

The issue was experienced by someone on the server I’m on. This person’s use of an outdated version of Discord was the issue. Examine the version you are using and install the most recent one.

I have verified that all of the permissions that the bots ask for are valid, but I am unable to make any bot that uses the / command work.

How to Fix “This Interaction Failed” on Discord?

Give the Discord Bot the go-ahead to send a message to resolve this interaction’s failure on the platform.

Restart Discord once the permission has been granted.

Try sending a message again, and you should not experience that error or it has been resolved.

If you gave Discord Bot full access to send messages in that channel, either the Discord server is down or it is very busy.

Simply wait until the Discord server is less busy or is operational in this situation.

Also, if a newer version is available, upgrade Discord.

Perhaps you should remove and reinstall Discord.

You can also get in touch with the Discord support team, who will assist you in fixing the problem.

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