How To Fix Teleparty Not Working on HBO Max

The best and most affordable replacement for pricey software and services are Chrome extensions.

These will assist in offering more sophisticated features.

Teleparty is one of the most well-liked Chrome extensions.

It will enable users to access services including Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. with pals traveling from a distance.

Additionally, this extension has a lot of features, including live chat with friends and, more importantly, automatic syncing after installation.

Is Teleparty not functioning properly for you on HBO Max?

Not to worry! Many individuals are having problems since Teleparty won’t work on HBO Max for them.

We will talk about the causes of HBO Max Teleparty’s malfunction and how to solve it in this article.

Why Is Teleparty Not Working on HBO Max?

Although Teleparty is a fantastic extension, occasionally it will stop functioning or display errors while carrying out certain duties.

The following are some of the significant issues that arise:

  • The failure of your HBO Max Teleparty to generate invite links, or your inability to share them with your friends, can be a problem to take into account.
  • When you share the link with your friends, they may not be able to access the extension, which is another problem to take into account. Teleparty won’t open among your friends.
  • Greying out of the Teleparty logo can also be caused by dysfunction and lack of operation.

Your teleparty may not be functional for a number of reasons, but the most significant one is the erroneous extension installation.

These problems could occur if it is not installed correctly or if it is installed from an unapproved platform.

Your browser’s expanding history and cache data may also be the cause of your HBO Max teleparty’s malfunction.

Such errors can also be caused by a few technical problems.

You have come to the right place if you share the same issue and are looking for a solution.

In this article, we offer a foolproof fix for the problems.

How To Fix Teleparty Not Working on HBO Max?

Try reinstalling Teleparty and clearing your browser’s cache to fix Teleparty not working on HBO Max.

Alternately, if Teleparty or HBO Max has a bug or glitch, wait until the server is up or the bug is rectified.

Every issue has a solution, and the Teleparty extension’s malfunction is no exception.

The following are different approaches to get it to function properly once more; you can try them all.

Fix 1: Reinstall Teleparty On Your Browser

If any of the codings are still operational after installing the teleparty extension due to technical difficulties, take the following actions:

To reinstall Teleparty in your browser, follow these steps:

Open the extensions bar in step one.

3: Remove the Teleparty extension by right-clicking.

Step 3: A pop-up confirming the activity will appear; click OK to delete it and go on.

Step 4: Your browser’s teleparty addon has now been permanently deleted.

Step 5: Go to the teleparty extension page and select Add to Chrome to reinstall it.

Step 6: On the dialog, click Add Extension.

Fix 2: Clear Browser Cache 

The majority of the time, deleting the cache will fix any problems with Teleparty.

You can use the teleparty extension once more after attempting to clear the cache.

How to empty the browser’s cache:

First, select the three dots in the upper right corner.

Go to the privacy and security section in step two.

3. Delete browsing history

Step 4: Choose the All-Time time period and add photographs and files to it.

Step 5: Hold off for a second.

Your teleparty addon will resume running when it speeds up and occasionally fixes malfunctions.

Fix 3: Check If The HBO Max Service Is Down

Occasionally the extension works OK, but the HBO Max platform’s server or service is unavailable due to maintenance or other technical difficulties.

You must then comply and wait till the maintenance is finished.

Fix 4: Try Microsoft Edge 

You can try another browser, such as Microsoft Edge, if any of the aforementioned methods don’t work.

The teleparty extension is typically supported by Chrome and Microsoft Edge, but Microsoft Edge is a chromium-based web browser and effectively supports teleport.

Additionally, if you currently use Google Chrome, it’s time to switch to Microsoft Edge.


Your teleparty will resume functioning on HBO Max once you have completed the aforementioned steps. You can also try relaunching your web browser.

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