How to Fix “SMS Sending Failed” on BeReal

Do you encounter the BeReal SMS sending error?

Every time you attempt to log in to BeReal, a code will be sent to the registered mobile number you have on file.

Because the BeReal app currently lacks a straight password login option.

However, occasionally people do not receive the code or experience SMS sending failure errors.

If you’re experiencing the same error, don’t worry!

This post will go over the reasons why SMS sending on BeReal failed and how to solve it.

Why SMS Sending Failed on BeReal?

There are a number of causes for the SMS transmission failed problem on BeReal, including:

  • Currently, your mobile network operator’s services aren’t available.
  • You mistyped your mobile number.
  • Your phone is preventing the verification code sent by BeReal from working.
  • The BeReal application has a problem or a glitch.

How to Fix SMS Sending Failed on BeReal?

Wait a while and tap the Send on New code button to receive a new code in order to fix the SMS sending failed error on BeReal.

A new code will be sent to your cellphone number.

To receive a code on your cellphone number, try two to five times.

If, after several attempts, you are still unable to receive the code, call your mobile network provider and describe the problem; they will assist you in resolving it.

Additionally, try restarting your device and logging into the BeReal app to see if you still experience the SMS failed sending error.

Because sometimes the problem is with your device and not with the BeReal app or the mobile network provider.

Alternately, you can change your phone number by selecting the appropriate button. Then, confirm whether or not you will receive a code for your new number.

If, after attempting the aforementioned workarounds, the error SMS transmission failed persists, there is either a fault or a glitch in the BeReal app or the BeReal server is down.

You have no choice but to wait until the issue or malfunction is addressed by the BeReal team or the BeReal server is operational in this situation.

Ensure that the BeReal app is always updated to the most recent version.

By updating the BeReal app to the most recent version, all previously discovered bugs will be resolved.

You can also connect with BeReal app by sending email on .

You can also tweet on Twitter by tagging BeReal team and explain your issue properly.

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