How to Fix “Quota Exceeded” on BeReal

With the BeReal app, do you encounter the QUOTA_EXCEEDED: Exceeded Quota error?

Every time someone tries to log in to BeReal, the company sends a code to the registered mobile number.

Yet, occasionally users either don’t receive the code or receive a QUOTA_EXCEEDED: Exceeded Quota issue.

If you’re experiencing the same error, don’t worry!

This tutorial will explain what the error message “QUOTA_EXCEEDED: Exceeded Quota error” means, why it appeared on BeReal, and how to solve it.

What Does Quota Exceeded Mean on BeReal?

Quota Exceeded on BeReal indicates that you have reached your allotted number of attempts to transmit a code to your mobile phone or that your storage is full.

why Quota Exceeded error Occurred on BeReal?

You need to make some room for BeReal if the BeReal app reported a quota exceeded error because your storage is full.

Another option is that you have sent the maximum amount of codes to your mobile number.

This problem is being experienced by many users, who are posting it on numerous places like Reddit.

I just downloaded the app and tried to change my PFP after about 30 minutes, but it wouldn’t let me and stated there was some sort of error, so I tried to re-download it to see if it would work. However, now when I try to have a verification code sent after entering my number, it reads QUOTA_EXCEEDED: Exceeded quota. When I try to transmit the code again, it doesn’t work, and errors appear in red font. How can this be fixed?

On Reddit, some users also mentioned obtaining a quota exceeded error when they attempted to log back into BeReal after logging out.

How to Fix “Quota Exceeded” on BeReal

Clean the BeReal app cache to resolve the Quota exceeded error.

Delete the BeReal App cache to do so.,

Android users can clear the cache of the BeReal App by going to settings, looking for it, and clicking on it.

For iPhone users, open the iPhone settings app, select General, then find and select the BeReal app. Next, tap the iPhone Storage button, tap the Offload App button, and then install the BeReal app once more.

Try logging into BeReal after deleting the cache.

You won’t encounter the Quota Exceeded message and you’ll continue to code and use the BeReal app.

Additionally, one user wrote in a Reddit post that he had no issues after changing the phone number and entering the same one.

If, after attempting the aforementioned fixes, the error QUOTA_EXCEEDED: Exceeded quota persists, there is either a fault or issue in the BeReal app or the BeReal server is down.

You have no choice but to wait until the issue or malfunction is addressed by the BeReal team or the BeReal server is operational in this situation.

Ensure that the BeReal app is always updated to the most recent version.

By updating the BeReal app to the most recent version, all previously discovered bugs will be resolved.

You can also connect with BeReal app by sending email on .

You can also tweet on Twitter by tagging BeReal team and explain your issue properly.

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