How to Fix “Failed To Process Video” on WhatsApp

The best and simplest messaging app is WhatsApp. Today, almost everyone uses WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is the top choice for both social and professional chat groups. Due to the size of the WhatsApp community, bugs are frequently encountered.

One of these issues is WhatsApp’s inability to process video. Why does that matter?

Please try again later if you are using WhatsApp and you encounter the message “Failed to process video.”

Restarting your phone will stop this message from appearing, thanks. when the video was uploaded to WhatsApp.

In-depth explanations of the causes and solutions to such a situation are provided in this article.

Why WhatsApp Failed To Process Video?

WhatsApp compresses the media file when you send a video.

Therefore, there isn’t a lot of variation in video processing.

However, if WhatsApp is unable to process a video, it is likely because the media file you are attempting to transfer has a very high server cache.

Because the media file is too big, WhatsApp has trouble compressing it, which results in the error.

Another possibility is that the WhatsApp app or your phone are malfunctioning.

That might also occur if your WhatsApp hasn’t been updated in a while.

Another reason that could be to blame for WhatsApp’s inability to decode videos is a poor internet connection.

How To Fix Failed To Process Video On WhatsApp?

Here are a few methods for resolving the issue, whatever the cause may be:

Fix 1: Reinstall Or Update Your WhatsApp App

You may be having trouble processing videos on WhatsApp if you’re using an outdated version, which is a common cause.

You must access the Play Store App on an Android smartphone, choose WhatsApp Messenger, and then update it.

Go to the App Store, select WhatsApp Messenger, and update it if you have an iPhone.

Fix 2: Make Sure You Have A Stable Internet Connection

Unsteady internet connections are among the most frequent causes of WhatsApp’s inability to process videos.

Even sending a jpeg file will take a long time if your network is weak.

Thus, WhatsApp won’t be able to process a huge video in that situation.

To see if your connection is the cause of the WhatsApp app issue, try switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data.

We advise you to get in touch with your service provider for more information if your experience is different.

Furthermore, try switching from wifi to mobile network or from mobile network to wifi.

Fix 3: Clear Your WhatsApp Cache 

Most of the extra space is taken up by the cache. In order for your WhatsApp app to run efficiently, delete all unnecessary files and caches.

To delete cache from the WhatsApp App,

Android users can clear the cache of the WhatsApp app by going to settings, looking for the app, and then clicking on it.

For iPhone users, open the iPhone settings app, select General, then find and select the WhatsApp app. Next, tap the iPhone Storage button, select the Offload App option, and then install the WhatsApp app once more.

Verify whether WhatsApp can handle video after clearing the app’s cache.

Note: Depending on the software version and phone model, different screens, settings, or procedures may be available to clear the cache.

Fix 4: Send Media As A File

You must choose a document by clicking the plus symbol next to the chat bar and sending the video as a document in order to transmit it as a file.

The media’s quality is preserved when sent as a file, which is another advantage.

Fix 5: Hard Reboot Your Device

If the aforementioned technique does not work, there may occasionally be a problem with your device rather than the WhatsApp app. Exit the WhatsApp app, then restart your smartphone completely.

The WhatsApp App will function properly after a device reboot.

If you are having trouble processing videos on WhatsApp, you might want to think about the following:

  • Verify the time on your phone is accurate.
  • Verify the condition of your SD card.
  • Resolve any problems with video compatibility
  • Verify the size of your video. Try to compress it if it’s too big.
  • Force-quit the WhatsApp Messaging application.

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