How To Find Friends On BeReal

In Generation Z, BeReal is gradually gaining popularity. Showing people who you are in truth rather than what the outside world wants you to be is the idea behind BeReal.

On the platform, users are compelled to send images of whatever they are doing with their pals within a timeframe of two minutes.

Due to its intriguing idea, the application has captured the interest of many users.

The software lets you connect with your pals anywhere in the world by submitting a photo once every day.

We’ll go through how to discover friends on BeReal in this article.

How To Find Friends On BeReal?

You can use the following techniques to locate your pals on BeReal:

  • Choose Friends From Your Contact List and Add Them
  • Use your search bar to find friends, then invite them using the BeReal Link.
  • Locate and Invite New Pals using the Discovery Tab

Find & Add Friends From Your Contact List

Simply launch the BeReal app to access your BeReal home page in the first step.

Step 2: Click or tap the human-shaped icon in the top left corner.

Step 3: Users of this app who are on your contact list are displayed here. Hit the “add” button next to their name, then wait for them to add you as well.

Search Friend In Your Search Bar And Invite By BeReal Link

Step 1: You can send a friend request, add friends, or search for friends in the search bar.

Step 2: You may also invite your friends by sharing the invitation link on your BeReal profile page.

Find and Add New Friends From Discovery Tab

First, visit the discovery tab if you want to add more friends.

Step 2: To add someone to your buddy list, click on their profile symbol and then select the Add option.

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