How To Donate Eyeglasses at Walmart? Recycle Used Glasses

Eyeglasses are valuable resources that often go unused and unrecycled. , 2.5 billion people worldwide require glasses but do not have them. One out of four people in the United States who needs glasses does not have access to them.

Giving away your old eyeglasses is a wonderful way to support those in need. Giving can improve someone’s vision and enable them to live a more productive life while also helping to preserve the environment.

Although your glasses may not be in style anymore, there are still plenty of people who can use them. Plus, it feels great to give back to your community and lower-income families!

Glasses are made from various materials, including glass, Metal and plastic. So it’s important to recycle them properly so they don’t end up in a scrapyard.

Walmart is one of the where to recycle best your old eyeglasses. The retail giant has teamed up with the to recycle old glasses and get them into the hands of someone who needs them. 

If you need a new pair of glasses, recycle your old ones rather than throwing them away.

You can recycle your old eyeglasses at Walmart, as we’ll explain.!

Does Walmart Take Old Eyeglasses?

Yes, Walmart takes old eyeglasses in most of its stores. The retail giant has partnered with the Lions Club to collect used glasses at participating Walmart Vision Centers for recycling. So if you have old specs lying around in your drawer, drop them off at your nearest Walmart Vision Center and help someone in need. 

Used glasses are generally accepted at Walmart Vision Centers, but it’s still a good idea to call ahead and make sure. Moreover, certain Walmart locations also accept hearing aids.

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What Eyeglasses Can’t be Donated at Walmart?

Over-the-counter reading glasses and eyeglasses with broken or missing lenses are not accepted at Walmart. But, all neighboring Walmart eyeglass donation bins accept old eyewear, including prescription glasses and sunglasses.

How To Donate Used Eyeglasses at Walmart?

Walmart Vision Center has that collect used eyeglasses for individuals in need by collaboration with the Lions Club.

The steps to donate used eyeglasses at Walmart are as follows:

  1. Go to theto find a nearby Walmart Vision Center.
  2. Choose a Walmart location with a Vision Center nearby.
  3. Call the shop to make sure your preferred Vision Center will accept donations of used glasses.
  4. Look for the blue and white-striped Lions Club donation box. Often, the donation boxes for glasses are placed close to the Vision Center’s entrance.

Every month, Walmart employees deliver their collected glasses to the local Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center.

It’s important to note that not every Walmart location has donation boxes. Call ahead or use the Walmart store locator online to discover the closest Vision Center to see if your neighborhood Walmart takes glasses.

The Vision Center is usually located in the front of the store near the coin counting machine, carpet rental display, crushed ice cooler, the service desk, Money Services desk, film development, and sometimes near the Walmart pharmacy.

Where to Find a Walmart Eyeglass Donation Bin Near Me?

You can find a Walmart eyeglass donation bin nearby using the .

In addition, some Lions Clubs in the area collect eyeglasses. Use the to determine whether a Lions Club in your area collects eyeglasses.

Alternatively, if you can’t find a Walmart or Lions Club near you, mail your unopened contact lenses or eyeglasses to the closest .

Does Sam’s Club Accept Old Eyeglasses?

Yes, Sams Club will take old eyeglasses. Like Walmart, Sam’s Club. also works with the Lions Club to collect eyeglass donations. In addition, most, but not all, have eyeglass donation boxes. 

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Old glasses can be donated to Sams Club and Walmart to be recycled and distributed to those in need. You can mail your eyeglasses to a Lions Club Eyeglass Recycling Center or drop them off at a Walmart Vision Center or Sams Club Optical Center that accepts donations.

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