How to Delete/ Remove Create Call Link on WhatsApp

Anyone with a WhatsApp account can join your call by clicking the link you generate and send, thanks to a new function offered by WhatsApp called create call link.

The link can be copied and shared in another way, or it can be sent to a person or group using WhatsApp.

Call connection calls are completely secured.

Because each time you make a call link, the URL is secure, distinct, and has 22 character identifiers, nobody can predict your call links.

Yet, some individuals don’t like the function and wish to have it deleted from their WhatsApp accounts.

We will describe how to delete or remove a created call on WhatsApp in this article.

Can You Delete/ Remove Create Call Link From WhatsApp?

No, you cannot erase or deactivate WhatsApp’s option to generate call links.

This is a function that WhatsApp has added.

In WhatsApp’s settings, there is no option to delete or disable this feature.

However, you can install an older version of WhatsApp without the ability to create call links.

How to Delete/ Remove Create Call Link on WhatsApp?

Install the previous version of WhatsApp, which does not have the ability to make call links, in order to delete or remove the generate call link feature from WhatsApp.

Through this site, you may get the previous version of WhatsApp:

But only Android will be supported by this; iPhone will not.

Take a backup of your data before removing WhatsApp from your device.

Otherwise, WhatsApp will delete your entire call history and chat history.

Open the WhatsApp app, go to settings, select chats, tap on backup, and then wait until the backup is finished.

After making a backup, remove WhatsApp and install the previous version of the app, which does not have the ability to build call links.

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