How to Delete Beneficiary in ICICI bank?

Customers of ICICI Bank have access to a wide range of banking services, including online fund transfers. Customers must first add beneficiaries to their online money transfer accounts, such as IMPS, RTGS, and NEFT.

To delete a beneficiary in ICICI Bank using Net Banking and the iMobile App, follow the steps listed below.

Delete Beneficiary/Payee in ICICI bank using Internet Banking

Using ICICI Bank Net Banking, follow these steps to delete a beneficiary:

Step #1: Go to the official website ICICI Bank Netbanking.

Step #2: Enter your user id and password to log in. 

Step #3: Search for Payment & Money Transfer on the home page and click on it.

Step 4: You’ll see a drop-down menu. Select Manage Payees from the drop-down menu.

Step #5: Next, go to the Registered Payees section and choose a payee. You will have the option of using the ICICI Bank or another bank.

Step #6: Choose the option for Another ICICI Bank Account.

Step #7: A list of registered payees will be displayed. Choose the payee you wish to get rid of.

Step #8: Choose Delete from the drop-down menu.

Step #9: Using ICICI Bank Online Banking, you were able to erase the payee.

How to delete payee/beneficiary in ICICI bank using Mobile Banking (iMobile App)

How to remove a beneficiary from the ICICI Bank iMobile App:

Install and open the ICICI iMobile app first.

Step #2: Enter your IPIN to access the application.

Step #3: Select Fund Transfer from the My Savings Account menu.

Step #4: Next, choose the Add New Payee option and the payee choice. You will have the option of using the ICICI Bank or another bank.

Step #5: If you’ve decided on an option, choose a beneficiary to delete.

Step #6: Click the Delete option after selecting the beneficiary.

Step #7: Using ICICI Bank’s Mobile Banking (iMobile App), your added beneficiary will be removed.


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