How to Delete Beneficiary in Canara Bank?

Customers of Canara Bank can take advantage of the bank’s online fund transfer services. Customers must add/request a beneficiary before using services like MPS, NEFT, and RTGS to transfer cash. But, if you need to delete the beneficiary in Canara bank for whatever reason, follow the procedures below.

Beneficiaries can be deleted to a Canara bank account using two methods: 

  • Net Banking with Canara Bank
  • CANDI (Canara Mobile Application)

Delete Beneficiary in Canara Bank using Net Banking

Using Canara Bank Net Banking, follow these steps to delete a beneficiary:

Step #1: Log in to the Official website of Canara Bank Netbanking.

Step 2: Enter your log-in information on the webpage.

Step #3: Choose Account from the drop-down menu.

Step #4: Choose the beneficiary maintenance choice from the list of possibilities in the following box.

Step #5: Finally, select See Beneficiary. Select between Canara and Other Banks as your bank type.

Step #6: Click the Delete button next to the beneficiary you want to remove.

A registered beneficiary can be effectively erased using Canara Bank Net banking by following the steps.

Delete Beneficiary in Canara Bank using Mobile Application CANDI

How to remove a beneficiary from the Canara Bank Mobile App CANDI:

Step 1: Open the CANDI Canara Bank smartphone application.

Step #2: Choose the transfers option under the See Your Balance option in Online Banking.

Step #3: Choose Beneficiary from the drop-down menu and choose between Canara and Other Banks.

Step #4: Finally, select See Beneficiary. Select the beneficiary you wish to remove.

Step #5: On the screen will be the Delete button. Press the button.

Your beneficiaries have been removed from the Canara Bank CANDI mobile app.


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