How to close RBL Bank Account?

Ratnakar Bank Limited is the full name of RBL Bank. The RBL Bank was founded in 1943 and has its headquarters in Mumbai. RBL is a well-known bank with numerous branches and ATMs throughout the country.

If you want to close your RBL account but are unsure of the methods and regulations, this article will assist you. Here we go over how to shut an RBL bank account in detail, including the actions to take and the documentation required.

Simple steps to close RBL Bank Account

Customers must visit their bank branch and submit an account closure request to close an RBL bank account. Customers must visit their bank branch to close their accounts because there are no online options.

  • First, obtain and print the RBL account termination form.

There is an account closure form which you have to download from the RBL bank official website or visit your bank branch and ask for an account closure form. Fill it out with correct information. Get the RBL account closure form here. from the official website of the bank. 

  • Step 2: Complete the form correctly.

It is critical that you complete the account termination form in a timely manner after obtaining it. There is no room for a single error. And the items you’ll need to complete the form are listed below:-

  • Candidate’s full name
  • Linked and verified mobile number
  • Number of the bank account you’d like to close
  • You must specify whether you want to remove the remaining funds from your account in cash, by check, by fund transfer to a new account, or by DD.
  • Finally, sign the form on the correct page, and remember that if the account is joint, all candidates must sign it.
  • Attach your KYC documents in the third step.

Recheck the mistake once the form is completed. If any errors are discovered, resubmit the form and complete it correctly. After correctly filling out the form, you must certify your KYC documents, such as your PAN for identity and your Aadhar card for residency; make sure that all of these documents are self-attested.

  • Step #4: Submit your paperwork together with your balance passbook and check.

You must visit your bank branch, submit your form to the bank manager, and surrender your remaining passbook and cheque book when you have completed the form and attached KYC documentation.

  • Wait for an account closure SMS or email.

Your account will be canceled within 7-10 working days after the verification is finished. A closed account confirmation SMS or email will be sent to your registered mobile number or email address.

Note:- If you find any difficulty in any step of closing an account, you can contact the RBL Bank customer care executive specialist at any time. You can use a toll-free number- +912312650981. The customer care executive will help out with the problem.

Important points to be kept in mind before closing RBL bank account

  • To close your bank account, you have to visit the bank branch where you opened your account.
  • If you choose to close your account, make sure to withdraw any leftover funds.
  • Ensure that all outstanding debts are paid before closing the RBL bank account.

RBL Bank Account Closing Charges

If you hold an account with RBL Bank and want to close it, you must pay certain fees. Charges, on the other hand, are determined by your account type and can vary depending on the area and account type. If you close your account within 14 days of opening it, the RBL bank usually doesn’t charge you anything. In some ways, canceling an RBL bank account is free if done within 14 days. However, you must pay 500 rupees if you close the account within six months. RBL bank may also charge a GST amount in addition to the account closing fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I close RBL bank account without visiting the RBL bank branch?

No, you must go to your local RBL branch and submit an account closing form to the bank manager. Provide your KYC documents as well. As of now, the RBL bank does not offer an online account closure option.

Is this needed to maintain a minimum balance in the RBL bank account?

Absolutely, you must maintain a minimum bank balance. If you are unable to keep it up, the bank will assess a penalty to your account. RBL Bank will not levy any maintenance fees.

Can I use net banking to close my RBL bank account?

You cannot close your RBL account using net banking. You must submit your form and supporting documents to your bank branch. The RBL Bank does not provide online account closure services. Account holders must go to the branch where their account was opened.

Within how many days will my RBL account be closed?

It will take very little time. It will take 7-10 days for the bank manager to verify your account closure form with valid information and self-attested KYC documents. You will receive an SMS or email notification of account closure once the verification process is completed.

Can any family member submit the form on behalf of the RBL account holder?

No, the account holder must be present to submit the account closing form. On behalf of the account holder, it will not consider any other family members.

Is it mandatory to pay account closing chargers in the RBL bank?

Indeed, there will be no charges if the account holder closes their account within 14 days of starting it; but, if they close it after that, the bank will charge 500 and perhaps more to close your account, as well as GST, which you must pay.

Is it compulsory to submit the KYC documents along with the submission of the RBL account closure form?

Yes, your KYC documents must be submitted with your account closure form, and your documents must be self-attested.

How will account holders get their remaining amount?

Account holders must specify whether they prefer to accept their remaining funds in cash, check, DD, or transfer to another bank account when filling out the account closure form.

Can any RBL account holder close their account in a negative balance?

The bank may, on rare occasions, allow you to cancel the account with a negative balance. However, if you want to close your account with a negative balance, the bank will charge you a fee. The penalty rate will be determined by the account type and geographic location. Several types of accounts have varying fee rates.

How to close RBL bank account online?

Unfortunately, you cannot do so; instead, you should get your RBL account closure form online; alternatively, you must visit the bank branch and meet with the manager to submit paperwork and documentation.

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