How to Close Punjab National Bank Account?

The Punjab National Bank, or PNB, was founded in May 1894 and is the second-largest bank acquired by the Indian government.

Punjab National Bank, under the ministry of finance, the government of India, is an industry of banking and financial services, providing its users with crucial facilities like a credit card, corporate banking, investment banking, consumer banking, insurance, loans, wealth management, etc. 

However, it might happen that, for some specific reason, you are willing to close your present bank account. Reasons like – some poor facility, unsatisfactory customer service, transaction issues, delay in services, or maybe some personal disputes between you and the bank officials. For this, the article is quite enough to clearly explain to you the bank account closure procedure. 

Steps to Close Punjab National Bank Account

You can easily follow these steps to learn how to close your Punjab National Bank savings or current account.

Step #1: Get the account closure form.

Make a direct visit to any branch of Punjab National Bank and get a hold of the Form for closing a bank account from the bank itself. Or you may also download the account closure form directly from here

Step #2: Fill the PNB account closure 

You will be asked to carefully fill out the account closure form after receiving it. Account number, account holder’s name, customer ID, and cellphone number are among the details that the form will need.

The form also asks you to explain why you’re closing your current savings account and how you’ll get the money you’ve already saved. Signatures are, of course, required everywhere.

Step #3: Withdraw the remaining amount.

You will be able to withdraw your money in the form of a check or cash, as well as transfer funds from your current PNB account to another PNB account or make a transaction from PNB to any other bank account.

Step #4: PNB account closure form submission

Once you are done with fulfilling all the details that are asked in the form, you have to visit your home branch of Punjab National Bank and hand over the fulfilled account closure form to the bank official in charge. You will also be asked to surrender your current savings account’s passbook, debit card, and cheques.

You must also provide your KYC documents, or Know Your Customer documents, to the bank officials, which include your ID and address evidence, as well as your debit card, passbook, and check.

Step #5: Account gets closed 

After you’ve completed the steps above, the bank will continue the account closure process, and you’ll be invited to withdraw the funds in your account in whatever manner you desire. Remember to obtain a receipt from the bank.

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Important Things Keep In Mind Before Closing Punjab National Bank 

We’ve come to the end of the items you should bear in mind while canceling your PNB account in order to have a seamless and painless transaction.

  • Even if your deposit amount is smaller than the minimum bank balance, you can easily withdraw it as long as it is greater than zero.
  • You will be required to pay the bank maintenance fee if your bank balance is less than zero, or negative.
  • If your Punjab National Bank account is linked to a bank facility, you must close the facility first before closing the bank account. Thus, disconnect the automated payments from your bank cards.
  • It is recommended that you open a new bank account before closing your PNB account. This will assist you with money transactions and a variety of other tasks.
  • Save a soft copy of your bank statement because it will be needed for numerous purposes in the future.
  • Pay all dues and penalties imposed by the bank, if any, to make closing your PNB account simple and painless.

Note: If any issues arise during the process of terminating the PNB bank account, contact the Punjab National Bank branch immediately at 1800 180 2222.

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Punjab National Bank Account Closure Form 

With the link provided below, you can quickly obtain the Punjab National Bank bank account closing form. In addition, an image of the account closing form is supplied for your convenience simply as a reference:

Minimum Balance to Maintain in Punjab National Bank Account

Punjab National Bank requires different bank balances to be maintained. It is clearly stated below for your convenience-

  • PNB = Rs. 500/- in a rural area-
  • PNB = Rs. 1000/- in any semi-urban location-
  • PNB in the city = Rs. 2000-
  • PNB = Rs. 2000/- in Metropolitan-

Charges Required To Pay For Closing Punjab National Bank Account

If you close your PNB bank account within 14 days after depositing your first amount, the bank will not charge you any fees. However, the charges must be paid if the account is canceled after 14 days or after a certain number of years. The following are the charges:

Account closure within a year of opening

  • Rs. 500 for non-individuals
  • Rs. 200 for persons

Current account closure within a year of opening

  • Rs. 800 for non-individuals
  • Rs. 500 for persons


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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the money deposited in my account is smaller than the minimum amount, that is, negative?

In such circumstances, the bank will demand that you pay a maintenance fee, which could be problematic for you.

Can I apply for my account closure without making a visit to the bank?

No way, no how. To close your account, you must physically visit the Punjab National Bank branch nearest you.

Is it important to retain a minimum amount in the bank account?

Indeed, it certainly is. If you do not keep up with your minimum payments, the bank will punish you and charge you a maintenance fee.

Can one close their account in the Punjab National Bank through net banking?

No. It is vital to go to the bank alone.

Can I close my account with a negative balance in the Punjab National Bank?

That is going to cause you a lot of issues. As a result, make sure to keep a minimum balance in each account.

Is it possible to close the account of Punjab National Bank online?

No way, no how. It is important to go to the bank in person.

Are KYC documents required for closing the account in the Punjab National Bank?

Absolutely, and it’s also important to have identification verification and account closure documentation with the KYC documents.

How can I get my amount back after closing my account in PNB?

You will be given a variety of alternatives for withdrawing your remaining funds. You can pay with cash, check, or a transaction.

Can I close my Punjab National account before a year? 

Yes, there is a fee associated with this.

What if I fail to pay my negative amount to the Punjab National Bank?

As a result, you may encounter additional difficulties, and the bank may take legal action against you; such complex conditions will create barriers for you when opening a new account with another bank.

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