How To Close ICICI Bank Account?

ICICI Bank is a well-known private bank that provides a wide range of banking services to its customers. There are numerous reasons for closing a bank account. This advice can assist you if you do not want to keep your ICICI bank account.

This guide contains every piece of information that will help you easily close the ICICI bank account. So, if you decide to close the bank account, let’s scroll down the article. 

Simple Steps To Close ICICI Bank Account 

If you have an ICICI bank account and want to close it, simply follow the procedures and your ICICI bank account will be closed without any hassle.

  • Get the ICICI bank account closing form first.

Obtain the ICICI bank account closure form, which is the first step you must take. You can get an account closure form from the bank or you can obtain the ICICI bank account closure form from the bank’s official website or from the link below.

  • Step 2: Complete the ICICI bank account closing form with the required details.

Fill in the essential details on the ICICI account cancellation form after you have received it. To complete the account termination process in a timely manner, you must enter the necessary information. On the ICICI account closing form, you must fill in various details such as the account holder’s name, signature, bank account number, contact number, and so on.

  • Step 3: Complete the form and attach the required documents.

Following the above steps, you need to attach a copy of the KYC documents along with the ICICI account closing form. The bank account holder must attach the KYC documents such as pan card, passbook, checkbook, and debit cards in order to cancel the bank account. It’s necessary to visit the branch and submit the account closure form to the bank manager. 

  • Step 4: Get the beneficiary slip and withdraw the money.

Make sure to withdraw all of your existing funds from your bank account before submitting the form. Also, remember to obtain the acknowledgment slip after submitting the ICICI bank account closure form to the bank manager.

  • Step 5: Close the account

Your ICICI bank account will be closed within a week if you follow the steps correctly, and you will be notified via your registered mobile number or email address.

NOTE: Sometimes, it is not easy for you to close the ICICI bank account for several reasons. In that case, you can contact customer care by simply making a call on toll-free number 18001024242. Alternatively, you can register your complaint on the official email id of the bank. 

Things To Do Before Closing ICICI Bank Account

Before closing your ICICI bank account, keep the following points in mind. Here are some things to remember before cancelling your bank account:

  • You will never be able to reopen your ICICI bank account once you have closed it.
  • To close your account, you must go to the bank branch.
  • Take out all of your money and pay off all of your ICICI bank debts before canceling the account.
  • Deactivate the card associated with your payment options and transactions and cancel all automation payments.
  • Save a soft copy of the bank statement before deactivating the ICICI bank account, as you may need the transaction details on multiple occasions.

ICICI Bank Account Closure Form 

When downloading the ICICI bank account closing form, don’t become confused. It has the same appearance as the image below.

The form can be downloaded by clicking the Download Button.

ICICI Bank Account Closing Charges

It’s one of the banks that makes closing a bank account simple. However, the bank will charge the customer an account closing fee, which varies depending on the type of bank account.

If you have an ICICI bank account and wish to close it, you should be aware of the account closing fees. If you shut your account within six months, the bank charges 1000 rupees, but after six months, the customer must pay 500 rupees. If you close your bank account within 14 days, there is no account closing fee.

Conclusion: Key Take-Away Points

You may simply terminate your ICICI bank account with the help of this advice. If you’ve been looking for information on How to Close an ICICI Bank Account, simply follow the steps outlined above to close your existing ICICI bank account.

Furthermore, there are a number of reasons to shut an ICICI bank account, including exorbitant maintenance fees, poor banking services, inability to maintain a minimum amount, and more. If you want to close your ICICI bank account for whatever reason, simply download the account closing form and follow the instructions to close the bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I close ICICI Bank account without going to the Bank?

It is not possible to close an ICICI bank account without visiting a branch. It is required that you visit the bank to end your current account.

How to close ICICI bank account online?

No, you cannot close your ICICI bank account online. You must visit the branch in order to close your ICICI bank account.

Can I close ICICI bank account through net banking? 

No, you cannot close an ICICI bank account using net banking; you must go to the bank.

Can I close ICICI Bank account if I’m not maintaining a minimum balance? 

If you are unable to maintain a minimum balance in your bank account, it is recommended that you close it.

Are there any charges for closing an ICICI bank account?

Charges are being sought by ICICI to cancel the bank account. The bank would charge you 1000 rupees if you terminate your ICICI bank account within 14 days to 6 months. You must pay 500 rupees if you close the account after six months. If you close your ICICI bank account within 14 days of opening it, there is no fee.

Can I close ICICI Bank account with a negative balance?

If your ICICI account has a negative balance, closing the account may be tough because the bank would not enable you to do so. Hence, to shut the account quickly, pay all of your dues.

What happens if the minimum balance is not maintained in ICICI bank?

The bank will charge you a penalty if your ICICI account does not have a minimum balance. The bank charges vary by account type; however, ICICI bank levies a penalty of 350 rupees if you do not maintain a monthly balance.

Can I close the ICICI Bank account before one year?

Absolutely, users can close their ICICI bank accounts before the year is out. But, if you shut the account between 14 and 6 months, the bank will charge you a fee.

Can I change ICICI Bank account to zero balance?

Customers who do not have an account with the bank can open one with a zero balance. A zero-balance account can be opened online or at your local bank.

How much should I maintain not to close the ICICI bank account? 

ICICI Bank has established a minimum account balance guideline that you must observe. If you live in the countryside, you must keep 2000 rupees in your bank account. In urban regions, you must have a ICICI bank balance of 5000 rupees.

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