How to Close Canara Bank Account?

Establishing a bank account is the best way to save money for the future, but you had to close the account due to a variety of situations.

You’ve come to the correct place if you have a Canara Bank account and are seeking for instructions on how to close it. We’ll walk you through all of the stages and provide you with the necessary information to easily terminate your Canara bank account.

Steps to Close Canara Bank Account

If you want to close your Canara Bank account, just follow these simple instructions and you’ll be done in no time.

Step #1: Fill the account closure form of Canara Bank

To close the account in the Canara bank, you need to get the account closure form. The Canara Form for closing a bank account can be downloaded from the official site of the bank. Instead of this, you can also get the form from the respective bank’s branch. 

After that, you must complete the account closure form with all of the required information.

Step #2: Affix the KYC documents with the account closure form

Once you’ve filled out the form correctly, you’ll need to submit your KYC documents for verification, such as your PAN card, Aadhar card, and any additional documents requested. That will make the process of closing your account stress-free.

Step #3: Account Closure Form Submission 

The account closure procedure is nearly complete; you must now send the form to the appropriate bank. Don’t forget to bring your bank passbook, cheque book, and ATM card with you when you apply to close your Canara Bank account. By visiting a Canara Bank branch, submit these items along with the form to the bank manager.

Step #4: Your Canara Bank account gets closed.

At the final step, all you have to do is wait for the bank to send you a confirmation message. Your account will be closed without issue if you complete the instructions outlined above. You will receive a confirmation message to your registered email address or mobile number.

Also, while submitting the Canara bank account closure form, request a receipt and specify how you want to remove your remaining funds from the bank.

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Things To Do Before Closing The Canara Bank Account 

Before closing the Canara Bank account, there are several important considerations to make. We’ve compiled a list of essential guidelines for you to follow:

  • Save your bank’s entire statement that you want to close. You should save a soft copy in case you need it in the future for various reasons.
  • Ensure that all automated payments associated with Canara Bank cards are cancelled.
  • Clear any Canara Bank dues and penalties prior to terminating the account.
  • Always include self-attested documentation, and don’t forget to highlight the simple procedure for withdrawing the remaining funds from your Canara Bank account.

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Canara Bank Account Closure Form 

The Canara Bank allows its existing customers to avail themselves of the bank services easily, and if they are not satisfied with the services or desire to close the account for any reason, the bank also allows them to close the account. If you also want to close the bank account in Canara Bank, visit the official site and get the account closure form online. You can visit this site to get the form

Canara Bank Account Closing Charges

If you have a Canara bank account and want to close it, you should be aware of the account closing fees.

If you close the account within 14 days of its opening, the bank will not charge you anything. If you close your account before a year, the bank will charge you 200 rupees for the savings account and 750 rupees for the current account.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I close the Canara Bank account online? 

Absolutely, Canara Bank is one of the best banks for consumers who want to end their accounts online. To shut your Canara Bank account online, go to the official website, log in with your ID, and choose to close the account online.

Is It necessary to visit the branch while closing the Canara Bank account? 

You must visit the branch to obtain the form and submit it if you are closing the account using an offline method. It is not necessary to visit a bank branch if you are using alternative methods.

Can I close the account in Canara Bank through net banking? 

Yes, the bank allows you to close your account using net banking. Close the account by going to the bank’s official website.

What if one doesn’t make a minimum amount in the Canara Bank? 

If a Canara Bank account holder fails to maintain a minimum balance of 5000 rupees in urban regions and 1000 rupees in rural areas, the bank will issue a penalty of 60 rupees each day.

Can I change my Canara Bank account into a zero balance account? 

Indeed, the bank allows its customers to convert their accounts to zero balance. You do not need to maintain any minimum balance while opening a zero-balance account with Canara Bank, and you may simply get banking privileges.

Can I close the Canara Bank account before a year? 

Indeed, you can easily terminate the account before the year is over, however the bank will charge you account termination fees.

Is there any customer care number of Canara Bank that I can contact for any problem? 

Canara Bank is dedicated to answering people’s questions. If you have any problems closing your bank account or have any questions, please call 18004250018, 18001030018, 18002083333, or 180030113333.

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