How To Close Axis Bank Account?

Axis Bank is a leading private bank that offers a variety of services to its clients. Despite all of its features and services, the monthly account maintenance fee is somewhat costly. Depending on their financial background and income source, it is not possible for everyone to maintain, especially in a middle-class family.

This tutorial will assist you in deactivating or closing your current Axis bank account for whatever reason. Before diving into the deep end, it’s a good idea to learn how to close an account.

Hence, read on to learn how to terminate your Axis bank account in three simple steps.

Easy Steps To Close Axis Bank Account With No Hassles

If you’re having trouble canceling your Axis bank account, take these simple steps to successfully close your account.

  • Step 1: Obtain the form for closing your Axis bank account.

Obtaining the account closure form is the first step in closing an Axis bank account. You can obtain the account closure form by visiting the bank or by downloading the Axis bank account closure form from the links provided below.

  • Step 2: Complete the form’s details.

After receiving the Axis bank account closure form, fill in all relevant information in the form, including your account number, name, signature, and all other pertinent information. Fill in the appropriate information.

  • Step 3: Submit the Axis bank account closing form

Submit the Axis bank account closing form to your home branch once the second step is completed. Attach the bank passbook, checkbooks, cards, and ID proof to the account closure form so that your account can be closed quickly.

  • Step 4: Obtain an acknowledgement slip.

The bank manager will give you an acknowledgment slip when you submit the account closure form to the home branch along with the required items such as your passbook, cards, and checkbook. Hence, don’t forget to bring your bank slip.

  • Step 5: Account closure.

You’ve finally arrived at the end after completing all of the steps. Within 7-10 days of working after submitting the Axis bank account closure form, you will receive an account closure notification on your registered mobile number. That confirms that your account has officially been closed.

NOTE: If you have trouble canceling your Axis bank account or it takes more than ten days, phone 1860 419 5555 and speak with a customer service representative or a bank manager. They will answer your questions and assist you in quickly closing your Axis bank account.

Things To Do Before Closing Axis Bank Account

There are numerous things you should do before closing your Axis bank account, which are as follows:

  • Before canceling your bank account, make sure you withdraw all of your remaining funds from Axis bank.
  • Before canceling your previous Axis bank account, remember to open a new bank account and transfer all of your funds to it.
  • Deactivate or de-link your Axis bank card from automating payments, UPI-based transactions, and other services before canceling the bank account.

Axis Bank Account Closure Form

Do you have trouble obtaining the Axis bank account termination form? The Axis bank account closure form can be found here. Click on Download the Axis Bank account closure form to print or download the form.

Axis Bank Account Closing Charges

If you apply to close your bank account with Axis Bank, you will be charged a fee. If you close the account within 14 days of opening it, you won’t have to pay anything. If you terminate your bank account after 15 days, a year, or a set number of years, the bank will charge you 500 rupees as an account closing fee. Depending on your account type, the bank may also charge some GST amounts.

Conclusion: Key Take-Away Points

It is not always straightforward for everyone to terminate an Axis bank account, so if you are having trouble closing your Axis bank account, use this article for assistance.

Yet, while Axis Bank provides a number of appealing services and features to its customers, there are a number of factors that may work against them. There are a variety of reasons why you might want to close your Axis bank account, and whatever your reason is, follow the instructions outlined above.

We trust that the accompanying information and facts will assist you in successfully closing your Axis bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I close Axis Bank account without going to the Bank?

Axis bank provides a variety of services to its customers, but you must visit the bank account when it is about to close. There is no way to close an existing bank account without having to go to the branch.

Can I close Axis Bank account if I’m not capable of maintaining a minimum balance? 

If you do not maintain a minimum account balance, Axis bank will charge you a fee; therefore, it is best to close the account if you are unable to do so.

Are there any charges for closing an Axis bank account?

If you close your account before 14 days or after a year, Axis Bank does not charge you anything. If you close your Axis bank account between 14 days and a year, you will be charged 500 rupees, plus a fee that varies depending on the type of account you have.

How to close Axis bank account online?

Unfortunately, Axis Bank does not have an online account closure option. In order to close your existing Axis bank account, you must go to the branch.

Can I close Axis Bank account with a negative balance?

If your Axis bank account has a negative balance, make sure to pay the entire balance before canceling the account; otherwise, terminating the account would be impossible.

What happens if the minimum balance is not maintained in Axis bank?

Axis Bank requires a minimum monthly balance of Rs. 5000, and if this is not met, the bank will incur a penalty.

When will my Axis bank account get closed after submitting the form? 

If you fill out the account closure form completely and accurately, the account will be closed within seven working days. The bank pledges to terminate the account within two days, but you have seven days to wait.

Can I close the Axis Bank account before one year?

Yes, you can close your Axis bank account before one year; however, if you close it between 14 days and one year after opening it, the bank will charge you a fee.

How do I know the status after submitting the account closure form to the bank?

Following the submission of the form, the bank will send you a text message confirming the account closure process.

Where can I get the Axis bank account closing form? 

You can get the Axis bank account closure form by visiting the branch, or you can download the Form for closing an Axis bank account as mentioned above or from the bank’s official site. 

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