How to Close Angel One Demat Account?

For stock or date-related financial instrument investment, a Demat account is now required. However, if you do not intend to use your Demat Account, it is best to close it. Even if you don’t use your Angel One Demat account, you must pay maintenance fees. Angel One’s account closing procedure is as follows:.

Steps to Close Angel One Demat account

The most basic information regarding terminating an Angel One Demat account is that the entire process will be completed manually offline.

There is no online method to close your Demat account on any website. Without being physically present, it cannot be closed via email.

  • Visit Angel Ones’ official website to download the Account Closure Form. It can be found in the Important Documents section.
  • Also, you can download the form by clicking here
  • Fill out the form or sign it. If the account is a shared one, all account holders must sign it.
  • Provide your information in paper form through courier. Instead, you might go to the company’s branch.

Angel One Account Closure form

  • Take a printout of the form by downloading the pdf version.
  • Now carefully fill out all of the fields in the form.
  • The entire form must be filled out in block letters.
  • If you have a single account, have your name written in block letters in the first box.
  • If it’s a joint account, you may do the same thing with the names of the persons.
  • Fill out the form with your information.
  • Specify the cause for the closure of your angel Demat account before filling out the form.
  • If you need to transfer your stocks to another Demat account, you must include the account holder’s name. Together with your signature, you must also include the account number.
  • In the case of a joint account holder, both people must sign the form.
  • The broker, sub-broker, or Angel itself would fill out the final portion.
  • The recipient will serve as proof that you have a life in order to close your account.

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Angel One Demat Account Closing Charges

The closing of the Demat account is free of charge for Angel One. It is entirely free of charge. Your account will be closed within 3-7 business days after you submit the closing request.

If any executive requests a charge for your closure, you must register a complaint with the broker. When asked for money, you should not provide anything.

Things to do before closing Angel One Demat Account

There are a few items you should have ready before requesting your account be closed:

  • All of the information on the Account Closing Form must be completed accurately. That will assist you in avoiding rejection.
  • You’ll need your DP and client IDs.
  • The existing information, such as names and other details, should correspond to the previous records.
  • There must be no shares in your account. If necessary, transfer or sell all of your securities from your account.
  • Make certain your account does not have any negative balances.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I complain about Angel One? 

If you face any problem with Angel One, you can contact Angel One customer care. Also, you can register a complaint to the Angel One compliance team. The Angel One customer care number is 022-3355-1111 or 022-4218-5454. To raise a complaint, you need to send an email to the Angel One compliance team. You can send any complaint to Your issue will be registered and solved soon. 

How much does it require to close your Angel One Demat account? 

If you’ve requested the closure of your angel One Demat account, it usually takes 5-7 business days. It can take up to two weeks after the request is submitted. You can confirm your account cancellation after two weeks by contacting customer service.

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