How to close Airtel Payment Bank Account?

Do you want to close your Airtel Payment Bank account via the internet? We’ll show you how to close your Airtel Payment Bank account online in this article. You do not need to visit an Airtel payment bank branch to close an account. When you submit your closure request online, your account will be closed.

Steps for Closing/ Deactivate Airtel Payment Bank Account

Step 1: For closing an Airtel Payment Bank account, write to the email address mentioned below:

Step 2: A representative will contact you and request confirmation; you will need to give proof of your address and identification, as well as your Aadhar number, which you can send.

Step 3: After you deliver all of the required documentation, you will receive an email confirming the closure of your account.

Step 4: The process of closing your account by SMS can be initiated by dialing *400. You should dial this number 8800688006 if you are not a subscriber to Airtel but have a payment bank account with Airtel. 

Before closing your payment account, make sure you’ve taken out all of the money in your account wallet, received any rewards, and closed all linked payments.

Things keep in mind before closing Airtel Payment Bank Account

  • Closed accounts cannot be reopened by banks, so only close them if you know you won’t need them in the future.
  • The entire bank statement, from start to finish, should be saved as a soft copy or printed for future reference.
  • Your automated payment instruction must be cancelled.
  • All outstanding dues and charges must be paid before an account can be closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Aadhaar card accepted as proof of address and identification?

Sure, you can close your account by sending your scanned Aadhaar card.

What is the process for deactivating my Airtel UPI ID?

If you want to disable UPI for your account, contact your bank. This is something that your local bank branch can assist you with. As a result, you must visit your bank’s home branch to terminate the UPI connection on the linked bank account. Request that your account’s UPI service be deactivated permanently.

What is the procedure for removing the bank account from the Airtel app?

Delete the card from the app by selecting it and clicking the Remove card option. Your stored card has been removed message will show. You can delete saved cards using the Airtel Thanks App.

Does Airtel Payment Bank work without Airtel SIM?

Additionally, you do not need an Airtel SIM to register an account. You must provide an active mobile number, a valid PAN number, and an Aadhaar number to complete KYC. To open a bank account, go to your nearest Airtel Payments Bank office.

What is the IFSC code for Airtel payment bank?

Airtel Payment Bank’s IFSC code is AIRP0000001.

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