How to Change YouTube Handle

YouTube offers much more than just the ability to watch and upload videos.

The YouTube Channel serves as the creator’s own identity on the site.

That’s why YouTube introduced handles, a simple and original method for users to find and interact with other producers.

Each creator will now be identified specifically by Handle.

We will go over what a YouTube handle is, how to modify a YouTube handle, and other crucial information concerning YouTube handles in this post.

What is YouTube Handle?

Your YouTube username serves as a distinctive representation of your channel so that other YouTube creators can locate and engage with you.

Handles are distinctive, brief channel identifiers that begin with @.

Think of @wealthquint

Each channel will have a handle that will allow viewers and creators to find and contact one another on the site.

Your handle will immediately change to the URL of your new YouTube channel so that people can easily find you.

In Shorts, comments, mentions, and other places, you can use your handle.

Your handle will eventually start to appear in more places.

With your handle, you can advertise your YouTube channel elsewhere.

YouTube Handle Naming Guidelines

You must abide by the following rules when selecting your handle name:

  • Your handle name must have a character count of three to thirty.
  • That hasn’t been utilized by anybody else before.
  • It should adhere to YouTube’s rules.
  • It consists of alphanumeric characters (such as AZ, AZ, and 09).)

Except as noted above, YouTube does not permit handles that are violent, offensive, sexualized, or spammy.

Additionally, YouTube forbids the exchange and sale of handles.

What is the Criteria of Getting YouTube Handle?

Everyone will receive a YouTube handle; there are no such requirements.

How to Change YouTube Handle?

How to Modify Your YouTube Handle:

Step 1: Go to on your device either PC or mobile.

Step 2: Choose a handle or switch handles. Moreover, a handle that is designated for you will be visible.

Step 3: At this point, input the information you want for your channel. Additionally, you can select a reserved handle or a selected handle.

Step 4: Touch confirm after completing.

Your handle will successfully change in step five.

You can also modify your YouTube handle using a computer in different ways.

To change your handle, go to, log in with your credentials, tap the profile icon on the right, select Customize Channel, then tap Basic Data.

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