How to Change Your Grade in Gas App

In contrast to other anonymous applications, kids use the social networking platform Gas to compliment one another.

where admirers express their admiration for you.

High school pupils become accustomed to the gas app because of its unique function.

Teens who use the Gas app are frequently asked multiple-choice questions so that they can compliment one another.

You can quickly modify your grade on the Gas app if you chose the incorrect grade while creating your account or for any other reason.

We’ll go over how to modify your Gas App grade in this article.

How to Change Your Grade in Gas App?

How to Modify Your Gas App Grade:

Step 1: Open the Gas app on your Android or iPhone device.

Go to your profile in step two.

Step 3: Select the Edit Profile button.

Step 4: Adjust your grade as you choose and then save it.

Step 5: The grade modification was successfully stored.

Note: Each account can only modify their grade once in the Gas app.

You are not permitted to change your grade once you have done so.

Therefore, keep that in mind and adjust your grade.

By selecting the Help option inside the app, you can get in touch with the Gas app support team if you believe the grade change you made was a mistake.

The Gas App support staff will assist you in undoing your grade change.

If you want to utilize a different grade after changing your grade once, you must register a new account.

To continue using the same mobile number, first erase your existing account.

You can create a new account on the Gas app after permanently deleting your old one.

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