How to Change Password on Catan Universe?

Your favorite game, CATAN, is available in all its forms—the standard board game, the card game, and expansions—so you can play it whenever and wherever you like.

To become the Lord or Lady of Catan, construct thoroughfares and cities, engage in wise trade, etc.!

You may quickly change your password if you want to for any reason.

Make sure your new password is strong and original when you change it.

We’ll go over changing your Catan Universe password in this article.

How to Change Password on Catan Universe?

Step 1: Open Catan Universe

To play Catan Universe on your device, first launch the game.

Step 2: Tap on Forgot Password

The Catan Universe will prompt you to log in after you launch it using your email address and password.

Next, click the Forgot password link under LOG IN.

Step 3: Enter Email Address & Tap on “Get New Security Code”

When you tap Forgot password, a new window will open asking for your email address so that you can reset your password.

The email address you used to create your Catan Universe account must be entered.

Tap Get New Security Code after entering your email address.

You will then receive an email with the security code.

Step 4: Tap on Change Password

Enter the security code associated with your email address now.

Then select Change password.

Step 5: Enter New Password

You can now modify your Catan Universe password here.

make sure to select a strong and original password.

Step 6: Password Will Be Changed Successfully

Continue after updating your password, and your Catan Universe password will have been successfully changed.

You may now quickly log in using your new password.

Changing your password is also possible by clicking on this link:

Simply enter the email address connected to your Catan Universe account after clicking the above link.

Then select Reset Password.

A message with information on how to reset your account will now be sent to you through email.

If you are not getting email to reset your Catan Universe password then you can Catan Universe support team by sending an email on .

You can also visit the section on communities:

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