How to Change Email-id in Google Pay?

Because of a built-in security feature, you can’t change your email address in Google Pay. This post will be useful for Google Pay customers who are having trouble changing their email addresses in the app.

Please keep in mind that the Google Pay app does not allow you to update your email address. But, you can change your email address by erasing the Google Pay application’s existing data and creating a new Google Pay account from scratch.

How to change your Google Pay email address:

Step 1: Long touch the Google Pay app icon (before opening it) and tap the I button or the App info button. These choices may differ from one device to the next.

Step 2: Select the option to Clear Data and Storage. It will also delete all of the application’s and account’s existing data. You can use a different email address to create a Google Pay account.

Step 3: Now, go to the Google Pay app and open it.

Step 4: Input the phone number you registered with.

Step 5: Your Google Pay account information will be immediately retrieved by the Google Pay application.

Step 6: Click the pen icon to modify your email address. Now press the Change Google Account button.

Step 7: Type in your new email address or select one from the list.

Step 8: Choose the following option. Google Pay will send you an OTP to the phone number and email address you provided.

Step 9: Complete the process by entering the OTP.

Step 10: The number of emails you receive will be altered.

*Users can use a different email address to reset their Google Pay account.

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