How to Apply for IPO Through Paytm Money?

Smart investors can benefit from the Initial Public Offering process. They can increase their investment returns by doing so. It usually starts by injecting additional stock cash into the company. The IPO facilitates easy trading and monetization of investments. Paytm Money has launched a totally digital IPO application procedure through its website or app.

Most organizations are now expanding their plans to earn profit in their business as a result of IPOs. It is also advantageous to investors. The customer is notified of the updates on the Paytm Money app.

For a more seamless experience, this feature includes notification of their application status. The following are the processes to apply for an IPO on Paytm Money.

How to apply for an IPO using Paytm Money:

  1. Go into your Paytm Money account and fill out the KYC information for stocks.
  2. Paytm will check your information and, once confirmed, will open your Demat account.
  3. Now navigate to the Paytm home screen’s IPO section. All upcoming or currently running initial public offerings are listed here.
  4. Select from those that are accepting applications. Include all relevant information, such as the amount, quantity, and so on. NOTE: Only three bids are permitted.
  5. Enter the UPI ID after the last step to prevent the funds from being blocked.
  6. Accept the mandate request to successfully submit the application request.

The funds will be held in escrow until you are allocated IPOs. After the IPO is allotted, however, the payment will be debited from your bank account. The cash will be credited to your Paytm Money Demat account once the IPO shares are allotted. If the shares are not allotted, you can withdraw your money because it is unblocked.

Paytm Money users can use this entirely digital service with ease. You can also edit, cancel, and resend your IPO bidding request here. Paytm Money provides a large number of tools that will assist investors in keeping track of all IPOs. For instance, the company’s history, previous IPO performance, and specifics. You can also download the prospectus for the drafts.

An investor’s initial step is to choose which IPO they wish to participate in. The prospectus aids in the formation of an informed opinion on the company’s business plan at this stage. Also, their goal is to increase market stock prices.

The next stage after agreeing on an IPO is to secure funding. It’s possible that it’s their money. Alternatively, they can take out a loan from a bank or an NBFC at a real interest rate.


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Final Thoughts

Three new features were recently introduced by Paytm Money.

The first feature enables people to apply for an IPO before it goes public. It is the first digital broker to offer this service. It is expected to promote retail investor involvement in IPOs. When this option is enabled, the user can place an IPO order at any time.

The second feature of the Paytm Money app is the ability to view how many times a category has been subscribed to. It doesn’t matter if it’s oversubscribed or undersubscribed. Retail investors, Qualified Institutional Buyers, Non-Institutional Investors, and Employees are the various categories.

The single-click experience is the third aspect that adds to your convenience.

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