How Much To Powder Coat Wheels and Rims? (Near Me, Mail vs. DIY)

A automobile is a substantial financial commitment. In order to prevent your car from becoming an eyesore, you should take special care. For instance, powder coating your wheels and rims will restore that appealing new custom look if the brilliant chrome finish on your car’s wheels has become worn out over time. Rims invariably become scraped from hitting curbs and road debris.

When wheels and rims are powder coated, they become more distinctive and resistant to corrosion, rust, chipping, fading, scratches, and abrasions.

You should calculate the cost of the project before going to the local wheel powder coating specialists. This raises the following query:

How much does powder coating wheels and rims cost?

Short Answer: Depending on the size and depth of the rims, wheel powder coating costs typically range from $250 to $520. An additional 50% will be charged for a base coat with transparency, a candy finish, or a clear topcoat.

For instance, charges $115 to powder coat a 24″ wheel. That means you’ll pay $460 to powder coat four wheels.

For rim widths ranging from 13 to 26, powder coating businesses charge between $250 to $520 for a base coat. For 26+ wheels, the cost is variable and runs at $125 per wheel.

Whether you powder coat your own wheels or hire a firm to do it for you will also affect how much it costs. DIY expenses for the entire process could reach $2,000 or more. If you’re mailing your wheels to a business, shipping fees are another thing to take into account.

What is the typical price for powder coating wheels?

According to , the average cost of powder coating rims costs around $500. The price includes stripping, cleaning, degreasing, making all threads, and coating the parts. You must also factor in the cost of shipping both ways to the powder coating specialist.

You will pay more based on the size of the item you want powder coated. For example, a standard car on the road has wheels between 14 inches to 19 inches. But, more often, owners of sportscars are getting their wider and larger wheels powder-coated, which cost more money. For example, a uses a 21″ rim, and have rims between 18-22” in diameter. 

The costs listed are an average; nevertheless, they will change depending on the project. For instance, compared to a typical car, the standard front Harley wheel only has a 16-inch rim size. Due to its size, a motorbike rim can typically be powder coated for less money than a conventional car, and you simply need to have the rims repaired.

What are the Powder Coating Pricing Factors?

The size, width, design, and type of the item are some powder coat pricing variables. While some powder coat experts offer a set fee, others bill by the square foot. The expert will charge a nominal fee and a typical hourly work rate because some products, like a dipstick, are little. The item still needs prep work like sandblasting or burn-off, and depending on the color—for example, red—it may also need a second coat.

The cost of powder coating wheels is significantly influenced by the state of the wheels. Also, there will be additional fees for any damage, color matching, custom recoloring, polishing, straightening, welding, cracks, scratches, and scuffs.

How Much Does Powder Coating Rims Cost?

The cost of powder painting rims varies according on the size of the wheel. According to wheel size, the table below provides an approximate cost for powder coating wheels.

Wheel Size Price 4 Rims
13 inches $70  $280 
14 inches $75  $300 
15 inches $85  $340 
16 inches $95  $380 
17 inches $100  $400 
18 inches $105  $420 
19 inches $110  $440 
20 inches $110  $440 
21 inches $115  $460 
22 inches $120  $480 
23 inches $125  $500 
24 inches $125  $500 
25 inches $130  $520 
26 inches $130  $520 

Let’s say you want four 25-inch wheels powder coated; the price is $130 per wheel. This indicates that the overall cost of the job will be $520. It will cost $260 to powder coat two identical rims. These prices are merely estimates that might change depending on the powder coating shop.

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Do Custom Powder Coating Solutions Cost More?

Specialized colors, two-tone, adding an anti-corrosive primer, or adding a clear lacquer increase the price of custom powder coated rims.

Due to a 2-step coating procedure, powder coating experts like Bonehead charge an additional 50% for colors like anodized, transparent, clear coatings, and candy colors. A 25% premium is also applied when an anti-corrosive primer treatment is added as a base coat or clear topcoat for additional protection on each rim.

For choices, see the Powder Coating Colors for Rims section below.

How Much Does Local Powder Coating Cost?

Local powder coating prices will differ from one location to another. Contacting nearby powder coating businesses for a quote is the safest way to get the precise pricing. Just type in “powder coating firms near me” on your search engine. Google will provide a list of nearby businesses where you can compare rates without paying anything.

In general, the local businesses will charge you between $60 and $80 each wheel. The benefit of selecting local providers is that you may send your wheels to and from the powder coating businesses for less money on shipping.

How To Find Powder Coating Shops Near Me?

Finding powder coating businesses around can be done in a number different ways.

Local Pages

Start with . Search results on Local Pages will give a list of powder coating companies in your area, along with their name and contact information. Once you get the details, select a convenient place for you and contact the company about their pricing and services.

Powder Coating Institute

Search the to get a list of custom coaters nearby. You can search for custom coaters by name or location. The service is great if you want to get the highest quality services. But as you expect, you’ll have to pay to play!

Google Search

Google the phrase “Powder coating near me” You’ll receive a list of businesses that offer services in your area, along with information on how to reach them, where to find them, and tools for comparing prices on their websites.

What’s the Cost to Powder Coat a Bumper?

When someone approaches your car from the front, they will first notice the bumper. That must appear fantastic! Bumper powder coating covers any blemishes and shields your bumper from wear and tear from road debris. The paint is sprayed onto the bumper and heated to ensure optimal adhesion to the materials.

As you would expect, the price will differ from place to place. For instance, powder coating price is around $175 and up to $250 for large off-road bumpers.

What’s the Cost to Powder Coat Motorcycle Wheels?

Prices for motorcycle powder coating vary depending on whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. Moreover, costs differ from one powder coating establishment to the next. A base coat typically costs between $250 and $550. If you prefer a translucent or candy finish, be prepared to pay 50% extra.

You may powder coat two motorcycle wheels for $300 to $500.

How Much to Powder Coat Motorcycle Frame?

The price of powder painting a motorcycle frame will vary depending on the color you choose and the work that needs to be done to the frame. The prices you pay will also be influenced by where you live.

For instance, powder coating an ATV (4-wheeler) or sports bike frame costs between $250 and $300, and powder coating a Harley frame costs between $300 and $350. The swing arm frame costs anywhere from $125 to $175. Powder coating a motorcycle frame typically costs between $250 and $350.

Your final cost will also depend on the color you select. Exotic hues are more expensive, so if you want to go all out with the color, be prepared to spend extra money. Don’t be shocked if you have to pay more than $550 for a unique color finish.

What are the Powder Coat Finish Option Colors for Rims?

Black, bronze, black, blue, candy gold, copper, chrome, fluorescent, glitter, gloss black, gold, gunmetal, grey, hyper silver, matt black powder coat wheels, metallic, pink, purple, rainbow, red, rose gold, satin black, silver, translucent, turquoise, wood grain, vein, white, and 2-tone are the most popular powder coating colors for rims.

The appropriate color may highlight your car and draw attention to noteworthy elements on it. Any imperfections can be concealed well by metallic and darker hues. But, picking the appropriate color might influence a used car’s trade-in value and sale price.

How to DIY Powder Coating with an Oven?

If you have a powder coating kit for your home, you can make your own powder coat oven and complete the project yourself. As no liquid is used throughout the process, it is typically referred to as dry paint.

Thus, you can powder coat your wheel at home using a curing oven or a kitchen oven that you don’t plan to use for cooking food anymore. Smaller items can also be cured with a toaster oven like utensils or a dip stock. Learn how to obtain a free appliance from the government or charities for low-income families.

Learn how to powder coat wheels at home using an oven by watching this DIY powder coating video.

What’s the Difference Between Powder Coating vs. Plasti Dip?

Powder coating is a process that combines a mixture of melted and crushed resin, flow modifiers, leveling agents, and pigments to create a fine powder. Using an electrostatic gun, the powder is then coated to the workpieces to provide a protective finish. The powder cures when heated in a ceramic oven, forging a solid chemical connection.

Contrarily, Plasti Dip employs a elastic, flexible dry air specialized rubber coating to shield objects from harmful elements. It is applied similarly to spray painting.

What’s the Difference Between Electrostatic Painting vs. Powder Coating?

Liquid paint is used in the electrostatic painting. The paint can be used right away because it dries on the object by itself. To create a chemical connection and provide a protective finish on the object, powder coating uses a powder that must be cured at high temperatures with an oven.

What’s the Difference Between Powder Coating vs. Anodizing? 

An inorganic finish is anodizing. It works better with aluminum, is tougher, can’t peel off, and is perfect for high-traffic areas. Because it is a component of the metal, it cannot come off whether damaged physically or with abrasive cleansers.

On the other hand, powder coating is an organic finish. Powder-coated surfaces cannot withstand such a level of abuse, in contrast to inorganic finishes like anodizing or plating that have superior hardness and scratch resistance qualities. They can come off because they are not made of metal.

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What are popular cars that get powder coating?

We discovered through our research that many Harley, Tesla, and BMW owners receive personalized powder coating. Due to the cost and weight of the material, powder coatings are more frequently used on rims, engine components, the undercarriage, and brake calipers than on body panels.

What are the Most Common Things to Powder Coat?

Brake calipers, wheels, rims, bicycle frames, and truck rims are among the most often powder-coated items. The following things are powder-coated most frequently:

  • Rims and wheels make things more durable and guard against chipping and flaking damage.
  • Brake calipers give your car a distinctive look.
  • Refrigerators – Used to finish refrigerator front and side panels for durability and aesthetics
  • bicycle frames to fend off rust and improve toughness
  • Gates guard against corrosion and fading
  • withstand the external environment and weather conditions
  • Football helmets offer protection from rust and chipping in addition to providing UV and impact resistance.
  • ATVs provide UV and moisture protection for the frames.
  • Fire extinguisher Resistance to rust and corrosion
  • Radiator Protect against rust from moisture brought on by temperature changes.
  • Basketball rims Long-term scratch, rust, and UV resistance
  • Bumpers Guard bumpers against dents, rough terrain, and off-roading

What are the Different Types of Powder Coatings?

Your products will have a beautiful, strong, and long-lasting finish thanks to powder coating. In the oven, the coating melts and forms cross-linked compounds that make the surface scratch-resistant. Although it can be applied to wood, powder coating is most frequently used on metal, which includes automobile reconditioning, appliances, trailers, bicycle and motorcycle parts, industrial items, medical equipment, and building materials.

The three main types of powder coatings are as follows:

  • Epoxies are frequently used and provide a very smooth surface with one of the greatest surfaces for resistance to corrosion and chemicals. If exposed to the elements outside, it can chalk and fade in the sun.
  • The most popular coating is polyester, which offers good value for the money. Polyesters have excellent flexibility and good chemical and impact resistance. The wide range of colors, special effects, and gloss levels available with polyester powder coatings is a significant benefit.
  • Superior quality compared to using a regular polyester is provided by super durable polyesters. Due to their color, glossy finish, tolerance to humidity, and corrosion resistance, they are intended to last an additional 5–10 years longer.
  • Epoxy-Polyester Hybrids The blend of polyester and epoxy is resistant to weather deterioration. Compared to pure epoxy, it is more affordable and improves chemical and corrosion resistance.
  • Teflon is made for small, high-quality batch production runs as well as individual items. A Teflon finish can withstand abrasion, corrosion, mechanical harm, and chemical attack with the right baking and preparation.

Above chrome and galvanized steel, powder coating is most frequently used on stainless steel.

Powder Coat Wheels Cost Summary

Powder coating wheels can give them an attractive custom look and protect them from destructive elements. Some consider maintaining your wheels with regular car maintenance like renting a carpet cleaner from Walmart for your rugs, buying the best carpet extractor for auto detailing to remove salt after a long Midwest winter,  replacing used car batteries with the optimum deep-cycle battery, regularly Free tire inflation is available., and Replace your engine and cabin air filters.,

The price of powder coating wheels varies according to your location, the size and depth of your wheels, the work that needs to be done on the wheel, and the color finish that you choose. From $250 and $550 is what you may anticipate paying.

Try looking through Local Pages, the Power Coat Industry’s Membership Directory, or a Google search for powder coat firms near me to find power coating businesses in your region. Once you’ve located a suitable location, use the information on the page to get more information about their powder coating offerings and prices.

Using a curing oven, a kitchen oven that isn’t in use, or a toaster oven for smaller goods, you may also DIY your own powder coating project at home. If you already have a home powder coating system, the cost of DIY can be as low as $1,000 for four rims.

A a car from a dealer with fewer scratches on the bumper and wheels will pay more money. When being given a free VIN check and visiting , you’ll be able to select a better vehicle condition that will pay you more money.

Choose the strategy that will save you the most money after weighing your options.

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