Home Depot Price Match & Price Adjustment Policy – Plus 10%?

The Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States. It has that carry all manner of tools, building supplies, home appliances, and more for DIY and professionals like excavating contractors.

The firm makes every effort to maintain its competitive advantage. The Home Depot price match and price adjustment program is one strategy to keep consumers pleased.

You may not $10,000 in a year’s savings, but you can save big on your next home improvement project by taking advantage of the Home Depot’s low price guarantee.

So, what is Home Depot’s policy on price matching and adjustments?

Short Answer: Home Depot will match any retailer’s pricing as long as the product is identical and in stock at both locations. So if you find an identical item at a lower price in a competitor’s store, ad, or website, they’ll match it. Home Depot, on the other hand, will not only equal the price, but will not beat it by 10%.

You only need to bring documentation that the item is selling for less elsewhere, such as a printout of the advertisement or a photo of the item. Customers also receive a 30-day price match guarantee.

Further information on the Home Depot price match policy and how it works may be found below.

Does Home Depot Do Price Match? 

Absolutely, Home Depot will match any competitor’s price for in-store and online purchases. If an item is available at a lesser price elsewhere and is similar in every way, including brand, size, color, model number, and more, the policy will price match it. However, the product must be available in both stores.

It is up to you to bear the burden of proof. To prove that a similar item is selling for a lesser price at a competitor’s store or online, bring a photo, a receipt, an ad copy, or any other document. In addition, Home Depot offers a 30-day price match guarantee.

It also provides a simple and flexible price matching service for online shopping; they will match any online retailer’s price.

In a Home Depot store, here’s how to get a price match:

  • Obtain Evidence It’s Cheaper: Look for proof in the form of a competitor’s ad, webpage, receipt, or printout for a similar product that’s cheaper.
  • Visit the Customer Service Desk: With your proof in hand, visit your and go to the customer service desk near the front of the store.
  • Provide the Proof: To receive your merchandise discount, provide all of the needed information.
  • Relax and Wait: The Home Depot associate will verify, if necessary, that the item is cheaper elsewhere and in stock. They may call to confirm the competing item is in stock. Unless it’s a Home renovation store that is open 24 hours a day, they may be closed if you’re too early or later in the day. Once confirmed, you’ll get the product discounted or a refund if it’s a prior purchase.

Does Home Depot Price Match Plus 10 Percent?

Home Depot used to price match plus 10% for years. However, they abolished the 10% price beat from their price matching policy in 2020.

Nonetheless, certain Home Depot locations, particularly in Canada, continue to provide a 10% additional discount. It’s also never a bad idea to inquire about or try to negotiate a lesser price. When you bring your evidence in, ask whether your local retailer will still price match plus 10%.

Does Home Depot Price Match Appliances?

No, Home Depot does not match competitor’s prices on appliances. The reason for this is that most home appliances are sold at discounted prices at membership-based warehouse retailers.

Since Home Depot doesn’t price match already discounted deals, its store won’t price match home appliances, like freezers, old refrigerators, home humidifiers, and more. But, maybe you can negotiate a discount for a free appliance removal or an a refrigerator extension cord vs. around $25 for haul away service.

Does Home Depot Price Match Online Prices? 

Indeed, while purchasing on the HomeDepot.com website, Home Depot pricing match internet prices. They will, however, take into account transportation charges, and the items cannot be purchased through a third-party vendor.

The item must be currently in stock on the competitor’s website and ready to ship right away to your address. Also, keep in mind that they’ll match the cheaper price, but not by 10%.

Here’s how Home Depot’s online price match works:

  • Locate a Lower Price: Look at competitor websites to see if there are any products available at a lower price than what HomeDepot.com has.
  • Contact Customer Support: To contact customer support, use the website’s live chat feature.
  • Describe the Product: Let them know about the product and the price difference. Supply any details, like the competitor’s webpage or any other info that the employee may ask for a discount and Make money quickly.
  • Provide Time for Verification: Give them time to double-check the price if necessary. If everything checks out, you’ll have the product price matched.

Does Home Depot Price Match Other Home Depots?

Yes, Home Depot shops will price match online purchases made at HomeDepot.com, but not in-store sales. It is up to the store manager at each individual Home Depot location to determine whether or not to price match other Home Depot locations.

Does Home Depot Price Match Costco?

No, Home Depot doesn’t price match Costco. That’s because Costco is a wholesale club that is exclusively open to members. that sells items in bulk quantities to club members at deeply discounted prices. 

Home Depot will not match Costco or any other retailer that requires membership, such as Sams Club, because it does not price match already reduced deals.

Does Home Depot Price Match Lowe’s? 

Yes, Home Depot Lowe’s products is comparable in price.. Lowe’s is the second-largest home improvement retailer and a fierce competitor. To compete, Home Depot will price-match any identical items selling at a cheaper price at Lowe’s stores and Lowes.com website.

That’s because Home Depot is a type of store that has the best price match policy for high customer satisfaction. Also, in places like Canada, Home Depot will beat the price by 10%. But, they won’t match special offers, like Senior discounts at Lowe’s.

Does Home Depot Price Match Target?

Yes, Home Depot price matches Target. According to Home Depot price match and price adjustment policy, they’ll price match any identical item in stock from any other retailer. 

Every product found in Target qualifies, as long as the items are similar and in stock.

Bring in the weekly ad or your mobile device to exhibit the cheaper products if Target is selling power tools or bathroom supplies at a lower price.

Does Home Depot Match Amazon? 

Absolutely, for online purchases, Home Depot will match Amazon’s pricing. The item you want to price match, on the other hand, must be sold and shipped by Amazon, not a third-party seller.

In addition, the things must be similar in every way. Home Depot will also take into account shipping costs and whether or not the item is available for delivery to your address.

It is up to the store manager at your local Home Depot to decide whether or not to offer a price match with Amazon for in-store purchases.

Does Home Depot Price Match With a Competitor Coupon?

Unfortunately, Home Depot would not match the price of a competitor’s coupon. Coupons are a form of discount that isn’t explicitly stated. Home Depot does not offer price matching on already-discounted items.

Does Home Depot Price Match Black Friday Sale Prices?

Sure, Home Depot will match its competitors’ Black Friday sale prices. While most retailers do not price match on Black Friday discounts, Home Depot does so in order to uphold their lowest price guarantee.

Thus, you can get substantial savings if you find a killer Black Friday deal from one of Home Depot’s top competitors, like Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, Walmart, and Menards.

If you’ve found a good offer, take the ad to your local Home Depot and ask for a price match on Black Friday.

What is Home Depot’s Price Adjustment Policy? 

The Home Depot’s price adjustment policy allows customers to request a price reduction on general merchandise products such as appliances, home laminators, lumber, SodaStream carbonators, faucet water filters, and home décor if the item drops in price within 30-days of purchase. 

For example, if you acquire an item for $100 and the price reduces to $80 within 30 days of purchase, you can request a price adjustment.

Products must be identical, and buyers must produce documentation of the original and updated prices, just as the price match policy. As a result, double-check that the product has the same brand, model, weight, color, amount, and other attributes. To receive a refund, the item must still be in stock at Home Depot.

The Low Price Promise at Home Depot applies to a variety of items, including:

  • Power tools, excluding rentals like carpet cleaner rentals
  • Small and large furniture
  • Rugs
  • Lawnmowers
  • Storage
  • Appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, washers, air conditioners, home humidifiers, and more.
  • Doorknobs, hinges, drawer slides, casters, hooks, and other hardware are examples.

Installation fees, customized products, duplicate prices for key copies, or close-down sale items are not eligible for the Low Price Guarantee.

Though they don’t specifically discuss perennials, shrubs, trees, and succulents of all kinds in their price match policy, Home Depot does have a 1-year guarantee. It also includes holiday trees, Christmas trees, garland, and wreaths.

How Long is the Home Depot’s Price Protection?

Home Depot offers a 30-day price guarantee. That implies you have 30 days from the date of purchase to alter the price if you can show proof that the same item is selling for less. The countdown starts on the date of purchase or delivery.

You’ll need the original receipt as proof that you bought the item at a different price than the current one to claim a Home Depot price match after purchase. Home Depot will not accept price adjustment requests after 30 days have passed.

Does Home Depot Honor a Sale Price After Purchase? 

So, if the price drops, will Home Depot refund me?

Indeed, after a purchase, Home Depot honors the sale price. The business gives price protection within 30 days of the purchase date, according to Home Depot’s price drop policy.

That means you can return your receipt for a refund if something you’ve already purchased goes on sale. They’ll give you the difference between what you paid and what you’re paying now.

As a result, if a better deal comes up within 30 days, you can save a few dollars on your purchase.

What Brands are Excluded from Home Depot Price Match Policy?

The Home Depot price match policy does not apply to all products. It’s helpful to know what’s excluded so you don’t waste time looking for price matches on items that aren’t eligible. The following items are not permitted:

  • Custom or special order products, like customs doors, window coverings, or making keys
  • Bulk or wholesale savings are available.
  • Items purchased through a third-party or at a reduced price from an online marketplace such as Amazon
  • Refurbished and reconditioned items in open boxes
  • Products that are exempt from sales tax
  • Rebates, free offers, bundled deals, and one-time-only promos are all examples of one-time-only promotions.
  • Pricing from membership-only retail wholesalers, like Costco, Sam’s Club is a membership club that caters to, and BJ’s.
  • Due to a misprint or typographical error, competitors’ prices are higher.
  • Competitor bid and auctions site pricing on places like eBay or other websites, such as Craigslist

Installation expenses are also less likely to be refunded at Home Depot. Particularly in the case of installations managed by third-party contractors who fill or deliver these orders.

Items like carpets and blinds, which are priced based on measurements, are not eligible for price adjustments.

In addition, Home Depot employees will not grant price reductions owing to a retailer’s inaccuracy or typographical issues.

Will Home Depot Price Adjust Without a Receipt?

No, Home Depot will not without a receipt, price adjustment. To prove you paid a higher price, customers must provide proof of purchase, such as a store receipt or an online invoice.

If you have lost your receipt, you can have Home Depot associates reprint it for you within 30-days if you a credit card was used to pay or debit card. However, they cannot pull up your sales receipt for cash payments, personal checks, or PayPal.

Purchases made with a Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, Business Accounts, or Commercial Revolving Card are stored in the Home Depot system for 365 days, and you can request a replica of the receipt at any time.

The point is that you must show the receipt as confirmation of payment of the initial price. Without the receipt, your price adjustment request will be denied.

Does Home Depot Accept Competitor Coupons?

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not accept coupons from other stores.

However, it may vary from one store to another depending on the leniency of the store manager. That means you may get lucky to find some Home Depot locations that accept coupons from competitor stores, such as online coupons. 

Try it out at your local store to see if they’ll give you a discount. You have nothing to lose if they don’t. So, instead of going to Home Depot, go to a competitor’s store and make your purchase.

Ways To Save Money at Home Depot

Aside from its price match and price adjustment policies, Home Depot offers a few other ways for customers to save money on home improvement purchases. The discounts range from obscure reductions to well-known retail specials.

The following are some of the best methods to save money at Home Depot:

  • Use a credit card that gives you cash back. with rotating categories and save 5%
  • Take advantage of the sales schedule for the season, i.e., discounts on Black Friday or post-holiday sales, like buying hay bales after Halloween.
  • Use cashback apps
  • Purchase Home Depot gift cards at a discount. at resale sites like and save around 4% off the original price.
  • Look for things at the end of the aisles that are on sale.
  • Join in a subscription service and receive a 5% discount and free shipping.
  • Check out the online savings center to see what’s on sale right now.
  • Get $5 off your next $50 in-store purchase when you sign up for Home Depot’s email list.
  • Receive a 10% discount at Home Depot for military personnel on in-store purchases up to $500.
  • Bulk orders save you money.
  • Sign up for the Home Depot and get $5
  • Request discounts and bargain for lower costs.
  • Avoid paying taxes by obtaining a tax exemption.
  • Sign up for Home Depot to receive deals right in your inbox or phone

Home Depot Price Match & Price Adjustment Policy Summary

The Home Depot price match and price adjustment policies can help you save a lot of money on your next home improvement project.

The only thing you have to do now is identify and produce proof that an identical item is selling for less on a competitor’s website or in a different retail location. Home Depot will price match it, and in some cases, you may be eligible for an additional 10% price match discount.

The good news is that the price match policy applies to identical items purchased in-store and online.

As if that wasn’t enough, on eligible items, Home Depot will give you a 30-day price adjustment guarantee. If the price of an item falls below its original price within 30 days, go to your local store to request a refund.

That said, not all items are eligible for the Home Depot price match and price adjustment policy. For instance, they don’t offer price matches on appliances, competitor coupons, or other items sold at a discounted price.

To verify your claim, bring the printout, ad copy, internet page, or the original receipt with you.

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