Google Pay Transaction Limit Per Day

The daily Googe Pay transaction limit is the maximum amount of transactions a user can do each day. Without this restriction, users would be able to make an unlimited number of Google Pay transactions every day, making it easier for fraudsters to abuse the service.

The daily transaction limit is determined for each individual user.

What is the Google Pay Transaction Limit Per Day?

The daily transaction limit for Google Pay users is 1 lakh. Each user is limited to ten transactions per day. Further transactions will be tried automatically the next day if the limit is reached.

With this configuration, it’s best if you split your transactions into three or more throughout the day, ensuring that there are enough transactions left over for repeat payments, which is exactly what we recommend!

Users of Google Pay are limited to ten transactions each day. If a user attempts to complete a transaction that exceeds the daily limit, they will be warned that they are unable to do so.

This is to safeguard users from making expensive and perhaps fraudulent transactions. This is in line with Google Pay’s terms of service.

How to Increase Google Pay Limit?

In Google Pay, there are no options for increasing the daily transaction limit. The bank sets the transaction limits. Customers with GPay can use the app to make transactions worth up to 1 lakh rupees each day.

Can I transfer more than ₹ 1,00,000 per day from Google Pay?

Customers using Google Pay cannot make more than 1 lakh transactions in a single day. If you go over your daily transaction limit, Google Pay will send you a notice telling you to stop.

What if I want to make transactions of more than ₹ 1,00,000 in a calendar day?

If you need to transfer more than ₹ 1 lakh to another bank account, you may opt for other means of transactions such as RTGS or NEFT. 

What are the charges for UPI transactions in Google Pay?

Making UPI transactions with Google Pay is completely free. Users of Google Pay can make ten free transactions every day.


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