Google Messages Reactions Not Working? Reasons & Solutions

A fantastic feature in Google Messages responds to messages sent from either an iPhone or an Android device.

Peoples can text messages reactions to both Android and iPhone users through Google Messages.

You can add an emoji to messages to make them more dynamic and enjoyable, like a happy face.

Only RCS (Rich Communication Services) users can use emoji reactions; normal SMS does not support them.

By including features like end-to-end encryption, read receipts, typing indicators, high-quality video sharing, stickers, and richer messages with typing indicators, Rich Communication Services, or RCS, aims to modernize SMS.

Reactions in Google Messages not working for you?

Learn why and how to repair Google Messages reactions in this guide.

Why Is Google Messages Reaction Not Working?

You must first link your Google Messages account to your Android smartphone and enable on RCS settings in order to use reactions on Google Messages.

Ensure that the Messages app is updated to the most recent version.

Because updating to the most recent version of the Messages app would fix all the prior bugs that the support team was aware of.

Simply tap and hold the message to add a reaction, then select an emoji from the list that appears.

For PC users, go to the message and hover over it>> Tap Reactions and select one reaction from the list.

Additionally, you can easily switch your reaction by selecting a different one.

Anyone can use emoji to reply to a message in a group chat as well.

To find out who posted the emoji responses, tap the group of them.

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