Full Form of BIS

What is the full form of BIS? 

The Bureau of Indian Standards is the full name of the organization.

The Government of India, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, and Food and Public Distribution control the BIS, which is known as India’s national standards body. The Bureau of Indian Standards is in charge of ensuring that actions such as inspecting the quality of goods, identifying, marking, certifying the good quality of items, and other relevant matters are carried out consistently.

  • The bureau’s principal functions of compliance examination and standardization are to improve the nation’s economy by assuring good product quality.

In addition to reducing health risks, ensuring and standardizing product quality also ensures sustainable development, stimulating export and import alternatives, managing variety proliferation, and more.

  • BIS has been focusing on recognizing national concerns or other government projects such as Digital India, Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, ease of doing business, and Make in India through its actions regularity and certification in the most recent development period.
  • Advanced technology, the environment, energy conservation, trade facilitation, climate change, health and safety conditions, and other issues have all been addressed by the bureau.

The Bureau of Indian Standards’ main goal is to make the process as seamless and efficient as possible.

Mandatory certifications under Bureau of Indian standards

The central government has classified a certain products as mandatory certification under parts of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 2016.

Although the Bureau of Indian Standards scheme is voluntary, a few products are required to be certified by BIS.

The products are subject to mandatory certification due to the following concerns.

  • Environment safety, 
  • Nationwide Security,
  • Public interest, 
  • Preventing unfair trade practices
  • Animal, plant, and human health are all protected.

To get the more detailed information regarding the category of products that comes under the mandatory certification scheme, kindly visit the official website of BIS here

A mandated CoC from the BIS via issue of QCO is required for the above-mentioned products.

Necessary requisites to apply for a BIS license as a manufacturer

The central government has made it mandatory for manufacturers to meet a few requirements in order to apply for a Bureau of Indian Standards license.

The maker must meet the following requirements:

  • A manufacturing infrastructure is required by the manufacturer.
  • The BIS license holder must have significant control over the product’s manufacturing and testing processes.
  • The product for which the license is being sought must be of the highest quality.
  • All necessary conditionals as specified in the ISS must be followed by the manufacturer applying for the license.

Process of obtaining the Bureau of Indian standards license

The following is the right procedure for applying for a Bureau of Indian Standards grant in India:

  • First, the applicant must apply for a BIS license by submitting a few required documents along with an application for certification to the appropriate BIS authority.
  • Second, the domestic maker must have the products tested by a BIS-approved lab.
  • Third, the maker is obligated to submit the test reports to the appropriate BIS authority.
  • The test reports will be verified by the BIS authority at this stage. If the licensing officer is satisfied, the application for a license will be moved ahead.
  • An officer from the BIS department will then visit the factory to conduct an inspection. The officer will be suspicious of the factory’s hygiene, equipment, and other circumstances.
  • If the officer is pleased with all of the conditions, the product will receive BIS certification. By completing the right procedure, a grant from the BIS authority can be received within 30 days.

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