Fix: Yuzu Pokemon Scarlet Black Screen

The first game in a new generation of Pokemon titles on the Nintendo Switch is called Yuzu Pokemon Scarlet.

Paldea, a large, brand-new region inspired by Mediterranean Spain, is where Pokemon Scarlet is set.

More freedom to explore the adventure and new fascinating elements are provided by Yuzu Pokemon Scarlet.

The new monsters and pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet include Armarouge (Fire Warrior), Quaxly (Water Duckling), Sprigatito (Grass Cat), Fuecoco (Fire Croc), and many more.

Users might be having a variety of problems because it is a new release. This post will go over the common Pokemon Scarlet Black Screen problem and possible solutions.

Why Is Yuzu Pokemon Scarlet Having Black Screen?

A black screen problem is seen in Yuzu Pokemon Scarlet. because the game’s graphical flaws lead the screen to turn black.

The game is incompatible with Yuzu because the Yuzu Emulator does not yet support it.

A fix for Pokemon Scarlet’s black screen has not yet been implemented by Yuzu.

On Reddit, few users also mentioned the same problem:

When I start up Scarlet and create a character, all I see is a black screen until I stand up and start moving around. But dialogue and cues continue to appear. I attempted to install firmware 15, but it doesn’t seem to have made a difference. Upon load, Ryujinx simply crashes. Any thoughts?

After choosing a character, Pokemon Scarlet Yuzu displays a black screen. (Some UI components are still visible.) Character selection goes smoothly, followed by a black screen (albeit music is still playing and other HUD elements are still visible).)

When the game first starts, everything is dark except from the user interface, and while I can still walk around and interact with the environment, I am unable to see anything. Does anyone know why this is occurring or how to solve it? I own the game in both NSP and XCI formats.

How To Fix Yuzu Pokemon Scarlet Black Screen?

Play the game using the most recent version of Ryujinx, which supports Pokemon Scarlet, and change the API settings to fix the Yuzu Pokemon Scarlet black screen.

Fix 1: Change The Settings Of The API

To fix the issue of a Black Screen, update the settings for API and Deceives under Graphic Properties. To achieve this, follow the instructions below:

Right-click Yuzu and select Properties in Step 1.

Step 2: Select Compatibility from the top menu.

Step 3: Go to Settings and choose Run this program as an administrator and Disable fullscreen optimizations. Click “Apply” then “OK.”

Step 4: Launch the Yuzu app, select Emulation from the top menu, and then select Configure.

Step 5: Choose Graphic from the left menu and test both Vulkan and OpenGL API settings. Try switching devices and clicking OK if you think one of the options will work better for you.

Fix 2: Download & Use The Ryujinx Emulator

To download it and fix the black screen issue with Pokemon Scarlets, use the Ryujinx emulator instead of Yuju by following the procedures listed below:

Step 1: Ryujinx Emulator must be downloaded in its most recent iteration in order for Pokemon Scarlet to work.

Ryujinx’s most recent version can be downloaded here:

Step 2: From the top menu, select Options, followed by settings.

Step 3: Choose Vulkan as the graphic backend by clicking on Graphics.

Step 3: Next, click System, and in the Hack section, deselect Increase Drama Size To 6GB.

Step 5: Click Apply and Save.

Now that the black screen issue has been resolved, Ryujinx users can simply play Pokemon Scarlet.

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