Fix: Your Time on Facebook Not Showing

Your Facebook activity is not showing up for you, is it?

Some users claimed that their Facebook time was not showing up for them.

You can find out how much time you typically spend each day using the Facebook app on your phone or tablet by checking your Facebook time.

Your time on Facebook starts and ends when you open the app, close it, or open another app on your smartphone.

Some users claimed that they receive a something went wrong error when attempting to access Your time on Facebook.

This article will cover the causes of Your time on Facebook not showing and possible solutions.

Why Is Your Time on Facebook Not Showing?

Due to your unstable internet connection, your time on Facebook does not appear.

When your internet connection is unstable, you may experience the error “something went wrong.”.

There is a issue or glitch in Facebook if you have a reliable internet connection but are unable to view your Facebook usage.

How to Fix Your Time on Facebook Not Showing?

Make sure you have a reliable internet connection and that you are logged into the correct Facebook account in order to fix Your Time on Facebook not appearing.

Navigate to any Facebook page, tap the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines), select Settings & privacy, then select Your time on Facebook to view how much time you’ve spent there.

Facebook occasionally needs some time to update Your time on Facebook.

Therefore, try to check again later.

Wait until Facebook fixes the bug or the Facebook Server is up if you are still unable to see your time on Facebook.

Moreover, ensure sure the Facebook app is updated to the most recent version, as older versions can contain bugs or fail to function.

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