Fix: Twitter Blue Is Not Showing Up

With the Twitter Blue subscription service, you can obtain colorful icons and custom color schemes.

You are provided with a bookmark option so that you can save and compile tweets. Your tweets can be revoked.

By sending a request to be taken into consideration as a verified user, it confirms your identity on Twitter, requiring that you have an active Twitter account and have a prominent presence.

There should be a Twitter Blue tab when you press on your profile image in the app.

The app isn’t anywhere to be found, even after you’ve updated to the most recent version. For many, the tab is not present.

Learn the cause of Twitter Blue’s absence from the app in this article, along with a solution.

Why is Twitter Blue Not Showing Up?

Because Twitter Blue is not currently accessible in your nation or region, it is not displayed.

Only a few countries can access Twitter Blue, according to the Twitter Help Center.

The US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries are included.

The full list of countries you can find here: .

You cannot subscribe to Twitter Blue if you don’t reside in those nations.

Remember that subscribers receive new features as soon as they become available.

As a result, not all features will roll out simultaneously on and the mobile app.

How to Fix Twitter Blue not Showing Up?

Upgrade the Twitter app to the most recent version to address Twitter Blue not appearing.

If Twitter Blue is still hidden after updating the app to the most recent version, it has not yet been made available in your area.

By clicking on, you may access the Twitter Help Center to find out which nations offer Twitter Blue.

You must wait until the feature is made available in your country if you do not reside in one of those nations.

There are commonly asked questions regarding Twitter Blue in the support centers, including information on cost, features, and other issues.

This is so that Twitter Blue’s testing may continue.

There is no word yet on when Twitter will make it available worldwide.

However, you can use a VPN to access Twitter Blue in the nations where it is offered.

You must continue using the app’s free, feature-bare version for the time being.

Twitter has a bug or a fault if Twitter blue is rolled out in your area but is still not visible.

Wait until the Twitter team fixes the bug in this situation.

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