Fix: Instagram Monetization Option Not Showing

With more than 2 billion active users, Instagram is one of the most widely used social media sites.

The large audience provided producers and influencers with a path to financial success. Using the Instagram monetization program can help you make money.

Simply enable monetization for each post each time you upload it is all that is required.

Monetization can be enabled separately, but it occasionally vanishes.

Many users are having problems with Instagram’s monetization options not appearing for them.

This tutorial will cover the causes of and solutions for the Monitization option not appearing on Instagram.

Why Is Instagram Monetization Option Not Showing?

Your Instagram monetization option may not be available for a number of reasons, some of which are listed below.

If your profile meets Instagram’s eligibility requirements, you can monetize all of your posts.

All comments on your post must adhere to Instagram’s terms and conditions, including the community rules and the ban on sexual, violent, vulgar, or hateful content.

Your material must also adhere to the Partner Monetization Rules and the Content Monetization Policies, even after you have followed the terms and conditions.

Instagram does not pay you; instead, businesses and advertisers pay to push their advertising on your post.

You cannot obtain the option to monetize your work if they deem it to be sensitive.

Here are several restricted forms where it may be challenging for you to gain the option to monetize your content:

1. Static Image Poll

The state prohibits the commercialization of blogs that include photographs with little to no moonlight or movement.

2. Static Videos

Videos that are static and have little to no movement or options are also ineligible for monetization.

3. Embedded Ads

Your material is not acceptable if it already includes embedded adverts or supports any other brands.

4. Looping Videos

This includes GIFs and content with different lengths if your content repeats the same piece.

5. Text Montages

Your work is not eligible for monetization if it has stilted or moving visuals, particularly when there is superimposed text.

The following are additional forbidden actions in addition to the prohibited formats:

6. Soliciting Engagement

If the viewers in any way ask for your content to make up for the exchange of lethal behavior, this can take the form of:

  • Sexual behavior 
  • Display graphic content 
  • Consuming Inedible substances 
  • abuse of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco.

7. Engagement Baits 

If you are encouraging readers to click on any links, participate in liking or commenting on the piece, etc.

A great deal more things, such as false information, deceptive medical advice, fraudulent content, hotly contested social topics, religious or political content, sensual content depicting fatalities, accidents, property destruction, emotional abuse, mental anguish, and many other things, might hinder monetization.

How To Fix Monetization Option Not Showing on Instagram?

Only by carefully adhering to the terms and conditions, monetization policies, and partner monetization policies will your content become eligible for monetization.

If your content does not meet these requirements, you can modify and edit it so that it does. Once it complies with the rules and regulations, the option will be readily available.

However, you can still make a complaint in the help center if you are having trouble with the monetization option. The steps to file a complaint are as follows:

How to complain to Instagram Support Team or get in touch with them:

Open the Instagram app on your phone in step one.

Step 2: Click the profile photo

3. Access settings.

Step 4: Choose the monetization option after selecting help.

Step 5: Choose the option to contact help.

Step 6: Verify the email address you supplied is correct, and then choose the category in which you need assistance, such as monetization.

Step 7: At this point, complete the necessary fields and press the submit button.

Step 8: Instagram will reply to the email you supplied shortly.


I hope this article answers all of your questions about the lack of an Instagram monetization option.

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