Fix: Hinge Not Sending Messages

Hinge is an online dating service for singles looking to meet new people and form friendships.

The Hinge app asserts to be the only one to facilitate long-term relationships between users.

Do you have a problem with the Hinge app not sending you messages?

You are not alone, so don’t worry. Several others are unable to send messages.

In this article, we’ll discuss the causes of Hinge’s message delivery issues and offer solutions.

Why is Hinge Not Sending Messages?

If Hinge isn’t sending messages, there are a number of potential causes, including:

  • Hinge’s app may be experiencing a technical problem or its server may be down.
  • You have activated your smartphone’s low data mode.
  • You haven’t recently updated the Hinge app.
  • You have been blocked by a particular recipient.
  • You haven’t recently cleaned the Hinge app’s cache.
  • Your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection is malfunctioning.

How to Fix Hinge Not Sending Messages?

Fix 1: Check For Stable Internet Connection

An inconsistent internet connection is one of the most frequent causes of Hinge’s message delivery issues.

To determine whether the problem is with your connection, try switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data. We advise you to get in touch with your service provider for more information if your experience is different.

Hence, verify the speed of your internet. Check your router if you’re using wifi or turn on and off your mobile data.

Furthermore, try switching from wifi to mobile network or from mobile network to wifi.

Fix 2: Try Closing and Reopening Hinge App 

Sometimes, reopening the Hinge app after closing it fixed the problem.

In order to reopen the Hinge app, first close it. Your problem will be solved, and Washstation Hinge will function properly.

Try other remedies if the Hinge app is still having trouble sending messages.

Fix 3: Try To Send Message to Other Person

If you are unable to send a message to the person you are messaging, it’s possible that they have blocked you on Hinge.

Just try sending a message to someone else to check if you can send it or not.

If you can message someone, they might have blocked you on Hinge.

Try alternative fixes if you can’t transmit anything at all.

Fix 4: Wait for 12 to 48 Hours

If Hinge isn’t delivering messages, there’s a good probability the app’s server is down or there is a technical problem, which the Hinge team is already aware of and trying to fix.

You have no choice but to wait until the problem is fixed on the Hinge team’s end or the Hinge server is operational in this situation.

There are numerous ways to determine whether the Hinge server is down or whether Washstation has a fault or issue.

The first step is to navigate to downdetector>> Search for Hinge>> determine whether or not the graph contains a spike.

The Hinge server may be down or there may be a glitch if there is a spike.

Another option is to simply conduct a Twitter Hinge down search. You can see the most recent tweets about the subject.

Fix 5: Log Out and Login into Hinge App

Log out of the app and back in again to resolve the issue of Hinge not delivering messages. Hinge App will function properly after this fixes the problem.

Try alternative remedies if Hinge is still not sending messages.

Fix 6: Clear Hinge App Cache

Most of time, when there is some issue with Hinge app, will resolve the issue. 

Delete the Hinge App cache to do so.,

Users of Android devices should navigate to settings, look for the Hinge App, and then click on it. It will be cleared the Hinge App cache.

For iPhone users, go to the iPhone settings, select General, then locate and select the Hinge app. Next, tap the iPhone Storage button, select the Offload App button, and then install the Hinge app once more.

After clearing the cache, verify whether Hinge is still sending messages.

Fix 7: Update Hinge App to Latest Version

Always keep your Hinge app updated to the most recent version because sometimes older versions do not function properly.

Your Hinge app might not function properly if it is out of date.

Additionally, updating the Hinge app to the most recent version will resolve all previously reported bugs.

If you’d like, you can set up the program to automatically update itself, which will keep it constantly up to date and bug-free.

Fix 8: Uninstall and Reinstall Hinge App

Uninstall the Hinge app, then reinstall it to fix the messaging issue. The Hinge app can occasionally be uninstalled and reinstalled to remedy problems.

Thus, uninstall the program from your phone first, then reinstall it, and check to see if Hinge messages are functioning properly.

Attempt to send a message after signing into the Hinge app.

Try alternative remedies if Hinge messages are still not sending.

Fix 9: Restart Your Device

Occasionally, there may be a problem with your device rather than the Hinge app if the preceding option does not work. Therefore, quit the Hinge app and restart your gadget.

The device’s restart will make the Hinge App functional.

Fix 10: Contact Hinge Support Team

If Hinge is still not sending messages after applying the aforementioned solutions, get in touch with Hinge support.

To the Hinge support staff, clearly describe your problem. then adhere to the Hinge team’s instructions.

They will assist you in resolving your Hinge app-related problem.

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