Fix: Facebook Marketplace Messages Disappeared

Your communications on Facebook Marketplace vanished?

A site where people may shop, buy, and sell goods is Facebook Marketplace. Setting up a profile and listed things is simple.

Users can search for items for sale nearby, explore through various categories, and select products that can be delivered.

You can set up your selling items on the market or you can promote your store and goods.

You may quickly get in touch with your buyers and vendors via Facebook Messenger.

Many consumers have complained on forums that their Facebook marketplace messages have vanished.

This article will cover the cause of the Facebook Marketplace message’s disappearance as well as possible fixes.

Why Facebook Marketplace Messages Disappeared?

There are many possible explanations for the disappearance of the Facebook Marketplace messages.:

Perhaps the Marketplace talk has relocated. After designating your item as sold, you probably put it in the archived area by accident.

Due to bugs, the server may occasionally go down and prevent you from seeing messages in the marketplace.

Messenger has had numerous updates, however some settings prevented it from backing up your data.

It may occasionally be brought on by an app’s technical difficulties.

How To Fix Facebook Marketplace Messages Disappeared?

Look for an archived chat area, view marketplace messages on Facebook, and update the Facebook/Messenger app to the most recent version to fix Facebook Marketplace Messages Disappeared.

Wait until the problem is fixed by the support team if there is a malfunction or glitch in the Facebook Messenger app.

Fix 1: Clear Cache Files Of Facebook And Messenger

Most of the time, when there is some issue with a Messenger app, will resolve the issue. 

Clearing the cache in the Messenger App,

The cache for the Messenger App will be erased for Android users who go to settings, find the Messenger App, and click on it.

For iPhone users, open the iPhone settings app, select General, then find and select the Messenger app. Next, tap the iPhone Storage button, select the Offload App option, and then install the Messenger app once more.

Open the Messenger app now, log in, and check to see if you can see messages from the marketplace there.

Fix 2: View Marketplace Message From Facebook

As an alternative to the messenger app, you can view market messages on Facebook.

Verify Facebook to see if the marketplace messages are available.

How to View a Facebook Marketplace Message:

  • Click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the Facebook App once it is open.
  • Select the profile icon on Marketplace by clicking there.
  • To view messages on buying and selling, select Inbox. You’ll see your communications from the marketplace here.

Fix 3: Allow Message Requests From Others

You may have enabled the don’t receive requests setting.

First, allow the Messenger app’s ability to send messages.

  • Fire up Facebook Messenger
  • Click the icon for your profile.
  • Click message delivery after choosing Privacy & Safety, and you will see Others on Facebook.
  • Message Requests, choose
  • Close messenger and then reopen it.

Fix 4: Delete & Reinstall Messenger And Facebook

Installing and reinstalling the Facebook/Messenger software can sometimes fix problems.

Before downloading them again from the Play Market or App Store, first remove both apps.

Check to see if the issue has been resolved by attempting to log in again using your login information.

Fix 5: Check Your Archived Chat

There’s a potential that you’ve archived every message from the marketplace in the Messenger app.

You cannot view them by selecting the archived conversation option because of this.

How to view old conversations in the Messenger app:

  • Open Messenger app
  • Click the profile icon.
  • After descending, select “Archived Talk”
  • If you have archived your chats, you can now view them all.

Fix 6: Update Messenger and Facebook to Latest Version

All previous app bugs that were known to the Facebook/ Messenger support team will be fixed once the app is updated to the most recent version.

Always use the most recent version of the Facebook/Messenger software because occasionally the older version has bugs.

It might not function properly if your version of the Facebook/Messenger app is out of date.

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