Fix: Catan Universe Multiplayer/ Online Not Working

Your favorite game, CATAN, is available in all its forms—the standard board game, the card game, and expansions—so you can play it whenever and wherever you like.

To become the Lord or Lady of Catan, construct thoroughfares and cities, engage in wise trade, etc.!

The Catan Universe game is playable both offline and online.

Play three different theme sets against friends, fans, or varied computer opponents to become immersed in the hectic life of Catan by purchasing the entire card game in-game.

Enjoy the fundamental board game in multiplayer mode with your pals! With a maximum of three players, overcome all the challenges in Arrival on Catan with two of your friends.

Numerous users have complained that Catan Universe’s multiplayer and online functions don’t work for them.

Are you experiencing the same problem with Catan Universe multiplayer not working?

This article will cover the causes of Catan Universe’s multiplayer and online issues as well as solutions.

Why Is Catan Universe Multiplayer/ Online Not Working?

If the multiplayer in Catan Universe isn’t working, there are a number of potential causes:

  • The same expansions are not available to all of the buddies.
  • Not all gamers are playing the most recent version of the game.
  • You have a corrupted app cache.
  • Examine your Automatch filters because the more you have them turned on, the more difficult it will be to discover the opponent.
  • It’s possible that you’re looking for opponents when Catan Universe isn’t as active.
  • The transition of the Catan Universe servers is ongoing.
  • A flaw or defect exists in Catan Universe.

How to Fix Catan Universe Multiplayer/ Online Not Working?

Fix 1: Try to Log Out And Log Back In Again

You can try logging out of the Catan Universe and then logging back in.

In the game’s main menu, tap on your avatar, select Log Out, and then Log Back In.

Check whether the multiplayer in Catan Universe is operational after that.

Try additional remedies if the multiplayer for Catan Universe is still broken.

Fix 2: Clear Catan Universe App Cache

Most of the time, when there is some issue with a Catan Universe app, will resolve the issue. 

Clearing the cache on the Catan Universe App,

Android users can delete the cache for the Catan Universe App by going to settings, looking for it, and clicking on it.

For iPhone users, open the iPhone settings app, select General, then find and select the Catan Universe app. Next, tap the iPhone Storage button, select the Offload App option, and then install the Catan Universe app once more.

After clearing the app’s cache, see if the multiplayer in Catan Universe is operational.

Note: Depending on the software version and phone model, different screens, settings, or procedures may be available to clear the cache.

Fix 3: All Players Must Be Using Same & Latest Version

The game may only be played with other players that have the same and most recent version.

Therefore, make sure Catan Universe is running on the most recent build.

Verify whether an updated version of the game is available before you begin.

Fix 4: All Friends Having Access to Same Expansions

When playing with others, everyone needs to have access to the same expansions.

If they aren’t all using the same expansion, some of them might have to purchase one.

Fix 5: Check Your Automatch Filters

The more criteria you have put on, the harder it will be to find opponents, so start by checking your Automatch filters.

Especially after you’ve set your Friends filter, the algorithm will only look for Catanians on your friend list to begin a match.

Fix 6: Select More or All Scenarios in the Expansion 

Always, if not all, of the extra scenarios from the expansion you are in line for.

The more situations you are waiting for, the quicker you will find your opponents.

Fix 7: Join The Discord Server to Find Opponent

You might be looking for opponents when Catan Universe is a little quieter.

We suggest joining a Discord channel and chatting with Catanians from all over the world to make up for the lack of competition in your time zone.

Discord channel url:  

Fix 8: Check Catan Universe Server Status

There is a potential that the Catan Universe app contains problems or glitches, or that the Catan Universe server is offline if multiplayer or online play is not working.

It’s also conceivable that a server relocation is ongoing.

There are numerous ways to determine whether Catan Universe’s server is down or if the game has a problem or glitch.

The first step is to go to downdetector, search for Catan Universe, and then determine whether or not there is a spike in the graph.

The Catan Universe server is down or there is a bug if there is a spike.

Another option is to simply look Catan Universe down on Twitter. You can see the most recent tweets about the subject.

You are helpless in this situation; all you can do is wait until the Catan Universe team fixes the bug or the server is operational.

Fix 9: Contact Catan Universe Support Team

In the event that nothing seems to be working, you can always contact the Catan Universe support staff by joining a discord channel or through a social media site.

Additionally, you can open a ticket right now here:

They’ll aid in your problem-solving.

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