Easy Steps For Lower AT&T Uverse Deals For Existing Customers: A 2022 Guide

Do rivals like Comcast XFINITY send you monthly promos in the mail as well? Is your AT&T U-verse promotion about to end? You won’t get a call from AT&T Uverse customer retention. Do you currently pay list price for services like Internet, TV, or phone? Change that right now!

Here are 5 easy steps for lower AT&T Uverse deals for existing customers in an infographic.


I know cable is technically a luxury and not a necessity.  But, honestly, sometimes we really want to catch an episode of Thrones of Game of on HBO or some college football or this season of ABC’s The Bachelor.  Though, some may put cable after food, water, and shelter.  Given cable isn’t a necessity, it’s easier to tell your cable provider you don’t need them and to cut your service.

Once your trial period expires, you are aware that a price increase will occur this year and every year after that. To entice new users, all cable providers forgo substantial promotional discounts.

AT&T Uverse new customer offers are the best deals offered.  It’s the same case at all cable providers and cellular companies.  But, it doesn’t mean we can’t keep asking for discounts every year going forward.  AT&T promotions for current clients in 2019 change regularly with the more common ones being Internet speed discounts and premium channel promotions.

The dreaded prospect of spending an hour on hold while speaking to a helpless customer care representative is annoying. Before I learned how to find the proper person, it happened to me repeatedly. the individual who can negotiate a bargain and lower your cable cost.

High cable bills are a problem for everyone.

I’ve gone to several parties where people sit around and complain about their bills.  Negotiating cable bills has turned into a business for some.  BillFixers, will call AT&T, Verizon, ADT, or Comcast will reduce existing customers’ bills. In return, the cable Up to 50% of your savings will be used for bill negotiation services. the first year.

Not everyone is an adept negotiator by nature. Use BillFixers if you want to save some time and want to. They provide a no-downpayment policy and charge you nothing unless they save you money. They have an incentive to reduce your current AT&T bills as much as they can. To find out more, click on their logo.

I, however, carry out the task myself. I like the negotiating because I have over 20 years of sales experience. I retain all 100% of the savings for me. I set my calendar every year, and I often hang up the phone after 30 minutes. If you can simply save $20 to $30 every month for a year, you will have saved $360 in just 30 minutes. $720/hour! You see what I mean. Really good! I take up this challenge for my friends and family because I enjoy it.

Today, I’m going to share my easy techniques.  I’m going to share 5 easy steps for lower AT&T Uverse deals for current clients and immediately save you hundreds of dollars, annually!

AT&T is always working to reduce their promotional churn rates. The percentage of consumers that abandon U-verse after the one- or two-year incentive expires is known as the promotional churn. In major cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York, this is particularly competitive. The post-promotional cable price increase may be as much as $30 to $80 per month more! That might be $1,000 annually! Oh, the things I could buy with that.

When you receive your first off-promotion bill, it’s shocking.

If you have auto-debit or ACH set up and discover the larger fee later, it is even worse. The majority of cable customers believe they must continue to pay the higher monthly subscription rates. When a competitor sends them their next mail-in promotion, many locals simply switch cable companies.

In many cases, the easiest way to reduce your cable costs to just call the phone number on the Comcast or Time Warner mailed. Though, most representatives will tell you tales like:

  • Our technician will arrive and leave.
  • Sure, every piece of equipment we have works with your alarm system.
  • Our technician has a four-hour service call scheduled, which will be sufficient.
  • Compared to your wired cable box, our new wireless cable boxes are excellent and convenient to plug into your television.

The majority of installations don’t go as smoothly, in actuality! Do you recall when the AT&T installation technician first visited? No matter who you use, it hurts! I’ve heard the following issues from my family and friends:

  • The TV is too far from the signal and requires a wifi booster, extender, or repeater. If you need a Wi-Fi booster, try buying your own wireless signal booster at Best Buy and saving money by using one of the greatest sites for online coupons or searching free Craigslist-like websites or discount modems.
  • Hard lined television hookups require an extra fee.
  • The technician must contact a different professional that handles home security alarms.
  • To activate your new internet service, the technician needs to call home-base for an additional 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Your new network name has a 20-character, randomly generated password.

Reasons not to switch cable providers

  • All of your previously recorded television will be deleted.
  • All your scheduled tv recordings need to be reprogrammed throughout the year and for each season
  • The WiFi network password needs to be updated on all of your wireless devices (phone, computer, table).)
  • Your wireless printer, Blu-ray player, flat-screen TV, stereo receiver, Apple TV, Amazon FireTV, Nest thermostat, and other accessories need to be reprogrammed with the new router and modem.
  • Due to the fact that the cable is buried in the ground, Uverse vs. Dish tends to be more dependable during storms. Snow won’t be able to cover my dish, thus I don’t have to worry.
  • Dish is the same as Uverse compared. DirecTV. I want trustworthy television during a storm.
  • Uverse is typically much faster than DSL.

There is a lot simpler method! Ask! Ask? Absolutely, give AT&T a call and request a discount for current AT&T U-verse subscribers.

In the past, businesses like Time Warner Cable would try to entice you with a less-than-generous promotion right before yours ran out. In contrast to Time Warner Cable, AT&T will not attempt to retain a customer until after you have tried to cancel. Your transfer will be made to a customer retention agent, whose primary responsibility is to keep you from leaving. The customer retention specialist for AT&T Uverse deals with the following issues:

  • unhappy clients due to subpar service and billing
  • slander customers for experiencing problems at a sporting event. They need guarantees that this won’t happen again, not just a lower monthly rate.
  • Consumers who enrolled with a rival and are discontinuing their service
  • subscribers who are exploring the possibility of offering current U-verse customers a better bargain

The cancelation team is prepared to handle any serious situation. Avoid losing a paying customer at all costs! The call that causes the most alarm is one in which the subscriber specifically mentions a current promotion and threatens to switch right away. The following is what the client is seeking:

  • Lower monthly bill
  • Improved services
  • Saving money as well as acquiring new services

Included services are:

  • Free premium channels
  • For extra rooms, add more HD cable boxes.
  • improved Internet service and speed
  • So that they can move or reposition a television in a room, upgrade to wireless TV boxes. How about using a television in your lawn to watch the big game?!
  • a new router with improved signal strength and range

When you signed up as a customer, AT&T offered you a deal that must be recovered. A few years pass before costs like the price of the installer and newly installed equipment are recovered. Since the cable has already been installed, they view you as a sunk expense. They will consider their investment a loss if you depart too quickly.

Cutting your monthly fee or upgrading your services is more cost-effective for the AT&T retention employee than losing you as a lifelong customer. Even so, a number of things may influence how much you are willing to negotiate on the price. What aspects does AT&T take into account before extending a discount?

  • Competition in your area The more competition there is in a metro area, the more negotiating power you will have.
  • Previous payment history (on-time payments and good customer service are more valuable)
  • How seriously are you taking the decision to switch cable providers?
  • Not every representative is created equally. Some retention representatives could be more giving than others. Actually, it’s a negotiation.

See our guide on ways to get cheap or limitless Internet service at home.

Should you call before your cable promotion expires?

Why not give AT&T a call on the day your promotion expires? Should you contact for a better bargain once your offer expires if you can cancel your services right away?

It varies, which is surprising!

The retention agents typically inform me that I must call AFTER my promotion or contract expires. Surprisingly, I misplaced track of the precise day my contract expired this year. Your contract doesn’t expire for another month, the lovely AT&T retention representative informed me when I called. So why do you inquire, I wonder? I mentioned that a relative recently upgraded to Comcast Xfinity in my neighborhood for a significantly reduced cost and faster service. Let me see if we can do anything for you today, he continued. He did! He increased my Internet speed and reduced my bill by $34 per month. This new agreement is secured for a further 12 months. I also received six months of Showtime from him.

Yet, considering the past, I believe I was fortunate to have the appropriate agent this year. It was a very simple and enjoyable process.

When a relative called AT&T the month before, they advised her to call back once her contract had ended. When her contract was up, she called in the late hours of the night and was sent to an offshore agent who didn’t care that she was considering Comcast XFINITY and Dish Network. As AT&T didn’t care to keep her as a customer, she called Comcast that evening and switched. The strange thing is that AT&T started contacting her frequently and presenting significantly better deals once XFINITY informed them a few weeks later that the number was being moved to Comcast. even worse than her last offer. Past due! In choosing Comcast XFINITY over AT&T U-verse, she didn’t turn back.

Of course, I informed them that changing cable providers sounds simpler than it actually is. After making the switch to Comcast, there were five different technician visits spread out over a few months. There were a variety of issues, from an installation who refused to complete all the wiring to the need for outside assistance with their ADT and Brinks Alarm system.

Your time must be valuable in some way. Consider four or five distinct installation visits. One to eight hours, plus any pre-wait time, can be added to each visit. In addition, there is the time spent calling the cable company’s customer care to reschedule or correct the continuing new installation. Sometimes a small amount of money saved isn’t worth the hassles. That depends on whether money or time inspires you more.?

Pay to Negotiate The Best AT&T U-verse Deals

Some people are just naturally bad negotiators.  There are services you can hire to negotiate your Internet, tv, and cable bill. The negotiation services are practical advice for living frugally that can significantly speed up money savings.

We recommend .  Since 2014, their expert staff will negotiate with your providers to lower your monthly bills.  BillFixers has a 95% success rate and has saved customers over $3,000,000 since inception.

Benefits and prices of BillFixers

  • Each client of Save Money Quick saves, on average, $300 annually on monthly payments.
  • Save time by avoiding waiting on hold for minutes or hours at a time with each customer service agent. Everything will be handled by them.
  • If they are unable to reduce your monthly payments, there is no cost to you. For just the first year, they charged you a fee that was divided with your savings. You keep the other 50% and keep the remaining 50% every year after that.

Publications including NBC News, USA Today, Bloomberg, and The New York Times have all covered BillFixers.

They will lower your cable bill for AT&T Uverse, Comcast XFinity, DirecTV, Charter, Time Warner Cable, Dish, Aol, Optimum, and more.  BillFixers will also lower your monthly mobile phone bill and alarm services for Verizon, Frontier Communications, RCN, Spring, and ADT to haggle for a reduced price.

Their efforts to negotiate bills with other providers are ongoing.

for you.

5 easy steps for Lower AT&T Uverse Deals for Existing Customers

The easy steps will quickly save hundreds of dollars. These are the first steps on how to save $10,000 annually by lowering your monthly utility bills.

1. Prepare For The Call

Do some advance research. When requesting a monthly rate decrease for AT&T promotions for current customers in 2019, you must be prepared.

  • Observe your mail box. Keep an eye out for their bulk mail-in specials or ATT Uverse promotions in coupon books like ValuPak. Observe rival offers in comparison to AT&T incentives.
  • Find the competitors in your area! I like to use the to see who’s in my area.
  • Check all the cable company websites for current deals. Visit the websites for current promotions for the providers in your area.  Cable companies are constantly changing their deals, just like wireless phone carries.  They are trying to tempt AT&T Uverse new customer offers to join.  Compare AT&T U-verse vs Comcast Xfinity vs Times Warner Cable:
  • Compare your cable bills to those of your friends and neighbors. The majority of people like whining about how expensive cable television and internet are on a monthly basis. Your negotiating position will be stronger the more information you have before making the call.
  • Prepare well organized notes. Have notes or have the webpages of the AT&T local competitors available before you make the call.  You need to provide specific details and pricing to the retention representative.  Take good notes so the AT&T retention rep can easily see and understand the same promotion you are citing.
  • Keep a pen close by to make notes. When you discuss the price, make notes of the figures and details.
  • Set a goal. Do you want your monthly bill to be less? Do you desire improved services like faster Internet? the two?
  • Your bill should be in front of you. That demonstrates to the customer service agent that you are carefully examining each line item on your AT&T cable account.

Keep in mind that the final agreement will call for a one-year commitment starting on the date decided.

2. Calling the AT&T Uverse Customer Retention Representative

  • Be kind and explain your story.  Many people do not feel comfortable asking for a discount.  I’d recommend making the call in a quiet and non stressful place.  The negotiations should be rather quick but wait times can vary depending on the day and time of the week.
  • Before the call, prepare yourself mentally. Do not be afraid to bargain for a price reduction, but also refrain from being combative and aggressive. Be cordial and even-tempered. You want to be liked by the AT&T retention representative. You want them to support keeping you as a client.
  • The busiest days of the week are typically Mondays and Saturdays. Calls are more frequent in the morning, so avoid making them too early. Customer care staff field longer calls in the morning to address issues that sprang up while they were closed the previous night. The waiting times increase as the calls get longer.
  • The best phone number to call for AT&T customer service is 1-800-288-2020. The phone number associated with the account must first be verified. The computer will inquire about the call’s purpose once you input and validate your information.

Explaining Your High Bill Problem

Be absolutely nice and polite at all times. The reason why your AT&T bill is so expensive is not their fault. What you should say is this:

You: When does my AT&T contract expire?

AT&T: I’ll check. I see that it has since expired. Could you please explain your question?

You can now read all of the advertisements that are sent to your home or their cable tv deals online.

You: Comcast keeps contacting me with offers to switch to their Triple Play bundle deals. In comparison to what I currently pay, the Comcast pricing bundle is $XX less per month, and the Internet speed is significantly faster. Before I called Comcast, I wanted to call you first to make sure my contract had expired. Can you help me in any way to lower my monthly bill?


You: I’ve been given an offer for new customers to get XFINITY deals, and I wanted to call AT&T first to see if you could match the deal. Comparing my bill to Comcast, it is way too expensive. I am unable to continue making my present payment while looking for alternatives.

The AT&T representative will then begin going over your bill and looking over their current special offers. They’ll most likely return with a $20–$30 discount. Don’t make a quick decision. Tell them that you still cost more than the Comcast Xfinity and Time Warner Cable promotion by XX dollars. The salesperson will probably refute with a little bit more savings. Tell them that the cost is the problem even though you are an ardent AT&T customer who always pays your bills on time.

3. Ask for a Little More

Request greater services rather than further cost reductions. Push for extra features like a faster Internet connection when it appears that they are stuck on price.

  • Compare the speed Comcast is offering to the speed you are now receiving from your AT&T Uverse modem. Since increasing your internet speed doesn’t cost them anything, it is a soft good. Within one hour, they turn a switch, and you get faster mbps.
  • AT&T can offer you 3 or 6 months of premium packages like HBO or Showtime as an added bonus. Also, if you have an extra television in the house, you may be able to get a free television receiver box from them.
  • Keep your negotiations open-minded. The offers could change based on local competitors and AT&T’s current promotions.
  • promotions for current clients. Get out from the representative what deals they are offering current Uverse subscribers this month. They frequently provide free premium channels for three to six months or an increase in Internet speed. If you don’t want to continue paying, be sure to mark your calendar for the end of the promotional period.

Before hanging up, review your bill. Remember that your taxes (as a proportion of your bill) decrease when your monthly basic bill does. Personally, I always appreciate it when the salesperson tells me the updated price, including taxes. Please also add a line-by-line summary of the services I offer.

What’s included with my cable service?

  • (Package) Cable channels)
  • Current-generation router (link to router speeds)
  • DVR storage capacity
  • (Link for speeds) Internet speed)
  • Total (wired and wireless) cable boxes)
  • unlimited local and international calling, call waiting, etc.
  • Installation fees in addition (and other unstated costs)

4. Before You Hang Up the Phone

Examine your new contract. Request a repeat of the whole package and price from the salesperson. Make sure you both comprehend the agreement you are making for the upcoming year. Get the name and extension number of the AT&T retention staff member as well, just in case. If your subsequent bill is incorrect, you will be able to get in touch with them directly or have their name as a reference thanks to this.

5. After Hanging Up the Phone

Mark your calendar.  Mark your calendar for exactly one year later!  I set my electronic calendar to remind me the week before my promotion expires.  Then I start the process all over again before my contract lapses and my bill goes skyrocketing higher.  Of course, if they aren’t cooperative next year, you can always just switch to Comcast Xfinity!  I use my electronic calendar for constant quarterly and yearly reminders like purchasing Wet and Forget on sale at Costco every spring to To avoid obstructions, clean the bathroom drain trap..

Tips on How to Lower Your AT&T Uverse Utility Bill

Uncooperative representative.

Be polite and thank them for their time if you encounter a reluctant representative who doesn’t appear interested in keeping your business. After that, call me back right away. I’ve had to call back three times in some instances just to speak with a helpful and friendly retention agent. Try calling back in the middle of the day on a weekday when the domestic call centers are open if your call is transferred offshore and the customer service agent is uncooperative.

Silence is a terrific negotiating tactic.

AT&T may become uneasy if you wait a long time between offers because they will know you won’t accept the first one. Many customer service agents are evaluated based not only on client happiness but also on the typical length of each call. The number of customers sold or maintained and the typical length of each call are used to grade each representative. In the shortest amount of time possible, they aim to make you happy!

Location location location.

Remember that not all locations are created equally. Geographically, some service regions differ from city to city. As comparison to rural farmland, the top Internet speed may be quicker in a metropolis.

No local cable competitors, no problem.

Even if there is only one cable provider in your neighborhood, you can still call ATT Uverse to haggle over a price. Customers now have cable companies to choose from. Alternatives to cable companies include:

  • AppleTV
  • Netflix
  • Hulu Plus
  • Amazon Fire
  • SlingTV
  • All satellite services are viewed as rivals to cable providers.
  • Digital Antennas If you want to reduce your cable bill and access local programming, you can also purchase a digital antenna for yourself. Because of the wide variety of new entertainment platforms, cable companies have become more adaptable. [Antennas link on Amazon]

Nuclear Option

Call them out and rescind! In the Chicago area, I am aware of someone who called AT&T four times but only received a small price reduction each time. She decided to sign up for Comcast after becoming so frustrated. After thereafter, Comcast informed AT&T that they would be transferring the phone number to their system. She received three phone calls in less than two days from AT&T pleading with her to stay. In addition, their offer was substantially better than the four earlier ones. She ultimately decided against ordering Comcast because she already had AT&T’s phone, television, and Internet.

cancel in advance. A few weeks after your contract expires, you can call and arrange to have your service cancelled. Hold tight; AT&T will call you well before the four weeks before your service is terminated.

Common Questions

Existing customers: Is there an ATT Uverse promo code available?

As of this writing, Code Q98-203 offered existing customer Internet speeds up to 100mbps for $40 per month.  Other qualified services and a combined bill must be used for two months. 1TB of monthly data included. Up to $100/month, additional 50GB incur a $10 fee.

When will my device’s 3G connectivity stop working?

A :By February 2022, the 3G shutdown should be complete. This means that you will no longer be able to use AT&T services for your needs if your device isn’t 4G capable or doesn’t have the Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) protocol activated.

Using your AT&T account, how do you sign in and out?

A: You’ll need your username, password, and security code to sign in and out of your AT&T Uverse account.

You can access your account by entering these codes on the sign-in page. On your computer or mobile browser, click your name or the person icon next to the shopping basket icon, and then select Sign out. The Sign out option is located in the More menu if you’re still using the app.

Q: If I forget my ID or password, what happens?

A: There’s a considerable likelihood that you’ll forget your ID or password if you don’t have to log into your app or online account for a certain service for a number of days. Making sure you use the same ID and password for this and other services is one technique to get around it. However, due to safety concerns with this procedure, it is not recommended.

It’s simple to recover your ID or password. You may visit the where the login screen is displayed. You can reset both your ID and your password using the prompts that are located beneath each text box. Once you click on one of them, you must follow the instructions on the following page in order to get an email with a password reset link.

What happens if I forget the wifi connection’s passcode?

A: If your wireless passcode typically stays signed in, you might find it easy to forget it. Simply log into your myAT&T account with your ID and password to repair this (see the last question for instructions if you don’t know your login information). There is a Forgot passcode option that will guide you through the process of changing your passcode.

How can I fix my device if it isn’t functioning properly?

A: There are techniques to quickly address common device or service problems, even while every problem has a different answer and yours might not be resolved by following a set of generic instructions. Restarting your gateway is the first step in resetting your device if it isn’t functioning properly.

Altering your wifi settings, looking for outage notifications, or running a search for troubleshooting equipment will also let you know if there is a problem with the device.


Please share your experiences with customer service with us. Tell me how much cash you were able to save by implementing this plan.

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