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Men have stiff competition from Dolly Khanna’s investment tactics. Today, there is no activity in which a woman does not participate.

In every sector, today’s women demonstrate unexceptional talent and put up a fight. Women have their own set of skills, regardless of the field.

India’s corporate sector is currently developing. Hats off to all the ladies who have excelled in every field.

The stock market and investing were regarded as a man’s domain. Women have demonstrated that running a business is no longer solely a male domain.

Furthermore, through their positions, Indian investors promote entrepreneurship. Dolly Khanna is one such woman who has put money into new ventures. She also encourages and supports young women who want to start their own businesses.


Who is Dolly Khanna?

Dolly Khanna is a Chennai-based renowned investor. She is known to acquire a landmark in the stock market.

Her remarkable performances began in 1996. Dolly Khanna’s equities are managed by her husband, Rajiv Khanna. Manufacturing, textiles, chemical, and sugar stocks dominate this list.

These stocks were where the pair began their voyage. In the stock market, they outperformed.

Dolly Khanna Net Worth

Dolly Khanna is regarded as one of India’s most successful investors. He is thought to be valued about 390 crore rupees.

She has received numerous prizes and plaudits for her achievements and services to India’s business and cultural worlds.

Dolly Khanna: Investment Days

Dolly Khanna is the one who designed her portfolio. Her strategies are pretty impressive.

Her husband, Rajiv Khanna, is an IIT graduate from Madras. He founded Kwality Milk Foods, a frozen yogurt company, in 1986. Kwality Milk Food was sold to Hindustan Unilever in 1995 to raise capital for investment.

In terms of the stock market, the couple is multi-baggers, and their behaviors are endlessly intriguing.

Nilkamal is said to have been acquired by Khannas. Nilkamal is India’s largest office and residential furniture manufacturer. From March 14 to March 17, the stock jumped from Rs. 1930 to Rs. 1966. Stocks have increased by multiple times in recent years.

The duo is known for leveraging small businesses.

Investing Strategy of Dolly Khanna

You always need a strategy, whether it’s for company or investment. A strategy will assist you in moving forward. The tactics assist the investor in being calm and focused.

The transition from zero to hero is relatively painless. Let’s get Khannas to motivate and influence us:

The Peter Lynch’s Advice

Peter Lynch’s recommendation is The buyer should be aware of what they are purchasing. The books One Up On Wall Street and Beating the Street teach you how to invest in everyday items.

Dolly Khanna began investing in fem Bleach after she started using it. Similarly, Rajeev Khanna began investing in Nutrilite after using it.

When you have given your permission to a product, it may now seek acceptance from others. As a result, the company will prosper, and your shares will rise in value.

Buy and Hold- The key strategy

Warren Buffet recommends the Buy and Hold strategy because it works. Multi-bagger gains are possible with the buy and hold strategy.

Rajiv Khanna made a 5-7 lakh investment in Unitech and then utterly forgot about it. He then discovered that his investment had grown to 25 crores.

If you constantly check your stocks, you will become worried and sell the stock. Therefore it’s best if you invest it and let it grow. Stocks will multiply in a methodical and steady manner.

Intuitive process and a positive attribute towards your stocks

It is a more optimistic approach to investment. The Khannas put their money into Rain Industries till it failed. According to the analysis, the stock yielded substantial returns.

The market capitalization was rising. You must invest in the stock market with optimism and calculations.

Risk awareness of the stock you purchase

When purchasing a stock, most investors conduct thorough research. Yet he forgets about it later. The stock market necessitates frequent stock adjustments.

After purchasing, you must monitor the performance of the stocks and the company on a regular basis. The truth is that nobody understands the market. It is impossible to avoid the possibility of additional rectifications.

You cannot guarantee a positive return from any investors. You don’t always receive a good deal. You must use the stop-order investment to control long-term losses because losses are unavoidable.

Dolly Khanna’s Portfolio

Stock Name* Quantity Held* Holding Percent* Holding Value*
KCP Ltd. 3,096,593 2.40% 21.6 Cr
Rain Industries Ltd. 5,623,178 1.67% 65.4 Cr
NOCIL 2,234,455 1.35% 31.5 Cr
Heritage Foods Ltd. 497,790 1.07% 14.0 Cr
* This can change at any time.

What Made Dolly Khanna Successful?

Dolly Khanna has carved out a place in the stock market. The Khannas are one of India’s wealthiest couples, thanks to their astute and strategic investments.

Their in-depth fundamental and technical analysis of stocks and the market are major drivers for their stock purchases and selling decision-making. 

But, the Khanna, like any other successful investor, faced difficulties during the dot-com implosion and the 2008 financial crisis.

Nonetheless, they did not abandon their investments and maintained their faith in the market. The market grew from there, and they became millionaires. In fact, their investment choices are closely scrutinized on Dalal Street.

The pair prefers to put their money into long-term investments. If the stocks reach the target price, they consider selling them for profit.

Rajiv Khanna is a big fan of public data and isn’t a big fan of traditional investment strategies. With his investments, he is more open and unconventional.

Novice investors must develop a resilient mentality and long-term trust in the market in order to profit from their investments.

Dolly Khanna Blog 

If you want to get the latest picks and suggestions of stocks, you can check out Dolly Khanna’s blog –

Since 2015, she has been sharing helpful hints and thoughts. You can also look through her previous writings to get a sense of how she thinks about markets and how she analyzes historical occurrences.

Conclusion: Lessons That Can Be Learned From Khanna’s Investments

Their financial philosophy is based on common sense. Many assume that the stock exchange is easy to comprehend and that it functions similarly to everyday life.

A financial exchange can teach you everything you need to know about life. When you work in the stock market, values like patience, trust, and honesty are important in some way.

It’s pointless to place blame on others when we lose money in the stock market. Victories and losses are, in reality, a part of the stock market, and every investor must go through them before becoming successful.

If you are a novice investor, expect to lose money, some of which may be foolish. Overall, thoroughly research the market before investing and do not rely on many opinions. Trust your instincts and your research.

Never put your trust in an unqualified person because everyone has various views on the stock market. Due to their limited investigation, they may advise you to invest in other investments that may or may not provide a decent return, or to recommend an incorrect stock.

Dolly Khanna’s investment path has taught her to make her own decisions and be responsible for them.

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