Does Walmart Do Money Orders? (Fees, Limit, Cash, Sell)

Walmart is the world’s largest retailer, with in the US, and famous for its rollback prices. It offers valuable goods and services, including groceries, new and used electronics, apparel, cheesecloths, 00 flour, and home goods.

It appears there is no end in sight, with its revenues jumping to a . In addition, Walmart has innovated and offers services like developing film for throwaway cameras, in-store healthcare, cheap oil changes, expanded pickup and delivery services, and recycle used glasses.

With its many financial services, like cashing personal checks, you may want to slip in an extra errand to send money to someone far away via money order.

Does Walmart accept money orders, then?

Short answer: Yes, Walmart does sell money orders and will cash money orders issued at Walmart in-store. It’s easy to send money orders via MoneyGram at its Desk for Walmart Money Services.

If you are thinking about using a Walmart money order, read our thorough instructions before you go to your local Walmart so you are aware of all the details of the procedure and the restrictions that apply. Let’s get going.

Does Walmart Sell Money Orders?

Yes, Walmart offers money orders to its customers in-store at its Money Center. A is required when buying a money order over $1,000.

Money orders up to $3,000 are available at Walmart for less than $1, though prices can vary depending on the store.

Use the or to find a nearby Money Center in your area.

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What Is a Walmart Money Order?

Similar to a prepaid check, a Walmart money order is used as payment. By pledging cash at the money center located inside the store, you can purchase a money order. Also, you can pay a nominal fee to cash a money order that was issued by Walmart.

Because the funds are prepaid, a money order is safer to accept than a personal check or a third-party check be cashed.

What is the Walmart Money Order Limit?

Walmart has a $3,000 daily money order cap. Walmart offers individual money orders for up to $1,000 per, however several orders are necessary to purchase amounts more than $1,000. To meet the daily limit, for instance, you would need to obtain three money orders totaling $1,000 each.

What is the Walmart Money Order Fee?

The average cost of a Walmart money order is $1 or less, with an average fee of $0.88. However, rates may differ based on your region, so inquire about the charge structure at your neighborhood Walmart Money Center.

Walmart offers affordable money orders at local retailers. with competitive pricing. It’s one of the most affordable Low-cost money transfer services are offered by Walmart.. By comparison, USPS charges $1.25 for money orders up to $500 and $1.75 for up to $1,000. In addition, most retail banks charge up to $5 per money order.

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Does Walmart Cash Money Orders?

Walmart does indeed accept money orders. Walmart will only purchase money orders that have been issued by Walmart and processed by MoneyGram for a nominal fee.

But, Western Union money orders sent outside of Walmart’s network are not honored.

In addition, Walmart offers late-night check-cashing services and can cash the following items:

The Money Center cashes checks and money orders up to $1,000 and costs $4, while larger amounts can cost $8. Bring a government photo ID because Walmart isn’t a location that accepts checks without a photo ID.

Consider buying a to avoid paying check cashing fees. In addition, there is no check cashing fees when reloading your Walmart MoneyCard.

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How To Get a Money Order at Walmart?

It’s simple to buy a money order at Walmart.

Visit Local Walmart Money Center

Visit your nearest Walmart and go to the customer service desk or in-store Money Center. The financial desks are located near the front door by the machine key copy duplicate, display for carpet cleaner rentals, and Most Walmart locations have Coinstar kiosks..

Bring Money

You can pay for your Walmart money order with cash, debit card, or PayPal. In addition, Walmart charges a money order fee of less than $1 at most stores. Unfortunately, Apple Pay is not accepted at Walmart. or Google Pay.


When purchasing a Walmart money order for $1,000 or less, no identification is necessary. For orders exceeding $1,000, you’ll need a valid photo ID from the government.

How Do You Track a Money Order from Walmart?

Even if you don’t have an account, you can track a Walmart money order from MoneyGram online.

Go to the and enter your money order number and amount.

As an alternative, you can phone 800-542-3590 and use its automated service, providing the precise cash amount and money order number.

But, provide your ticket to the Walmart customer care counter if you misplaced your MoneyGram money order.

See the on lost money orders.

How To Fill Out Walmart Money Order?

The processes to complete a Walmart money order in-store are as follows:

  • ADD MONEY TO THE ORDER OF” Line – Enter the recipient’s name.
  • SIGNER, PURCHASER FOR DRAWER” Line – Enter your name and signature.
  • ADDRESS” Line – Enter your address (not the recipient’s).
  • Remove the detachable stub, which serves as your money order’s receipt.

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What are the Walmart Money Order Hours?

Money orders are accepted at Walmart Money Centers from roughly 8 am to 8 pm, Monday through Saturday, and from 10 am to 6 pm, Sunday. The Money Center is open throughout the same hours as Walmart stores.

The Money Center also offers other money services, including check cashing, money transfers, Walmart gift cards for sale, bill payments, and at Walmart, cash out from Netspend cards.

To be sure, you might wish to confirm the open and closing times with your neighborhood Walmart Money Center.

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Can I Buy a Money Order with a Walmart Gift Card?

Gift cards are typically not accepted as payment by money order businesses. Yet, several locations still do, including Walmart, a few Western Union offices, and USPS.

If a Walmart gift card has a pin and can be used as a debit card, you can use it to purchase a money order. The Walmart money order charge is often less than $1 and is capped at $1,000 per order.

You can only buy Walmart gift cards from Walmart in-store, online, and at Sam’s Club. But, surprisingly, you can use Walmart gift cards at locations of Sams Club petrol stations.

Walmart offers physical gift cards for up to $5,000 in-store, online for $10 to $1,000, and as e-gift cards for amounts ranging from $5 to $200.

You cannot Lowe’s sells Walmart gift cards, Food Lion, Sheetz, Publix, Walgreens, Safeway, or CVS.

Does Walmart Do Money Orders Summary

Money orders are available at Walmart Money Centers through MoneyGram. Walmart has a daily money order limit of $3,000, with individual money orders of $1,000 maximum. In addition, most supercenters only charge an 88 cent fee to purchase a money order.

Because of this competitive pricing, Walmart continues to be a destination for affordable products restocked daily like Fire Sticks and alcohol, or services like the Affirm’s buy now, pay later program for layaway.

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