Does Target Offer Student Discounts? Get 15% Off Online & In-Store!

College life can be difficult not only in terms of academic difficulty, but also financially.

There’s no denying that college students are experiencing tremendous debt. In fact, according to a , students in the US owed over $1.6 trillion in student debt alone. 

Retailers offer student discounts to offset their debt and help them save money. By offering student discounts, no matter how small, businesses can easily develop a loyal customer base that continues coming back even after their discounts no longer apply. 

Does Target Offer Student Discounts? 

Yes, Target offers student discounts. Upon verifying your student status on your Target account, you’ll get a 15% discount on Target in-store and online purchases of regular-priced items. The discount does not apply to promotions, most on-sale items, or Amazon gift cards, for example.

Target has throughout the country. Students will benefit from the student discount for things like scantrons, groceries like wonton wrappers, clothes, makeup, computers, and school supplies.

How To Get Student Discount at Target? 

Target offers a 15% student discount to qualified students.

To earn the Target student discount, follow these steps:

  • Sign up for a Target Account: with your full name, personal email address, password, and optional mobile phone number.
  • Student Verification: Request by providing the necessary information. You may also be asked to provide Target additional documentation to verify you’re a current student at a university, community college, vocational school, or any postsecondary school.
  • Student Discount Coupon: Once your student discount code has been approved, you can use it to enjoy discounts at Target checkout. Target offers a 15% discount to students on both online and in-store purchases.

How Does Target Student Verification Work?

Target has to do the student verification work. SheerID specializes in verifying and determining your academic status to provide you with timely discounts.

To establish your eligibility, take a photo or scan your student ID card, course schedule, or tuition record.

For Target student verification to work, the following information is required:

  • Your school’s or college’s full name
  • As it appears on your school records, your first and last names
  • Your birthdate
  • Your school or home email address
  • To receive an SMS authorization code, you may be asked to provide a mobile phone number.

Teachers and active or retired military personnel can also get discounts at Target.

For all sorts of Target discounts, the following criteria must be met:

  • Student Discount For students enrolled in any degree-granting college or university.
  • Teacher Discount – Available for teachers in K-12 schools, colleges and universities, daycare centers, and early childhood learning centers.
  • Current duty or former military personnel, plus one dependant or family member, receive a discount.

You can check the Target page for additional questions or contact .

Other stores that accept Sheet ID include DirecTV, Dollar General, Foot Locker, J. Crew, LL Beane, Mattress Firm, Nike, Peloton, SiriusXM, Spotify, T-Mobile, The North Face, Ugg, Vineyard Vines, and Xfinity for student discounts once verified.

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What Things Can I Buy With My Target Student Discount?

The Target student discount lets you buy things online and in-store. Students can save money buying electronics such as Cricut Maker-compatible laptops, DVDs, kitchen appliances including refrigerators, furniture like desk chairs, Twix, books, mattresses, bikes, costume jewelry, jeans, watches, food, blank postcards, Nike products, and more.

In most cases, you cannot use your Target student discount for items on sale or promo codes. For example, you cannot combine the discount with Get one free when you buy one. promotion, Black Friday sales, Cyber Week sales, clearance sales, and closing down sales.

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How Can I Use My Target Student Discount Online?

Using your student discount at Target online is straightforward. Once SheerID approves your account, Target knows to apply the discount to all your purchases. Simply shop at , and the 15% student discount is automatically applied at the checkout.

Target Optical has also partnered with to offer even more discounts to students over 16. You can sign up online or through the UniDays app for the discount.

In addition, offers additional discounts and free shipping. Using the Target RedCard in-store and online gives you a 5% discount on purchases, no annual fee, and an extra 30 days for returns and exchanges.

Students can save even more money by combining their student discount with the RedCard.

How Can I Use My Target Student Discount In-Store?

When you use your Target app or phone number to verify your identity, your Target student discount will be applied automatically in-store. Your student discount coupon for 15% off will be applied to most Target eligible purchases once SheerID has approved your account.

Students can save even more by combining their discounts with the . By joining Target Circle for free, students can access exclusive member coupons, rewards, and a your purchase birthday gift. 

What’s the Target Student Discount for Apple Products?

Instead of the standard 15% student discount, students may receive a 10% discount on Apple devices offered at Target.

In addition, by , you can take advantage of even more Target store discounts. You can receive special offers, including discounts on Apple products at Target such as the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Apple Music subscriptions.

Target Student Discount Code Summary

Students can save 15% at over 1900 Target locations and on purchases. Once your student status has been validated, your account will be ready.

Apple products purchased at Target, on the other hand, often receive a 10% discount rather than the customary 15% discount for students. Fortunately, Target offers a variety of ways to save money, including the Target RedCard and Target Circle Rewards programs.

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