Does Target Accept Venmo? (Online or In-Store?) Cashback?

Venmo has made a name in the mobile and digital payment scene as a fast and safe social payment option. It not only makes it easier to purchase items online and in-store but also enables peers to split shared bills like rent, utilities, groceries, road trips, and picnics through social feeds. That has made it popular among Gen Z and millennials. More than 70 million people use the .

While Target supports practically all regular payment methods, many people are curious if it allows newer digital wallets and contactless payment options such as Venmo.

Let’s get straight to it and start with a little refresher.

As the world’s economy continues to move away from cash, digital and mobile wallets such as Venmo appear to have matured quicker than most businesses’ payment systems can adapt.

It started with Chip-enabled debit/credit cards that made it possible to make payments without the need to carry cash or look for Wells Fargo, Chase, and other bank’s $10 banknotes are dispensed through ATMs.. We’re now in the Internet age where cutting-edge financial technology has given us online and mobile payment methods like PayPal and contactless mobile payment solutions like Venmo, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

Furthermore, technological advancements have enabled all of these payment methods to seamlessly integrate and work together on our mobile devices. Hence, instead of having to go to the bank, you may link your checking account, debit/credit cards, prepaid cards, and gift cards to your mobile wallets and make payments immediately from your phone.

Again, mobile and digital wallets add an extra security buffer to our hard-earned cash. Once linked, you can without a PIN, use your debit card, which helps reduce PINless debit card fraud, where someone can try to take advantage of a stolen debit card.

Venmo and other mobile payment apps have grown in popularity as a result of its ease and added security. As a result, tech-savvy Millennials and Generation Z want to know if large businesses like Walmart and Target accept Venmo.

Is Venmo accepted at Target?

Target allows Venmo as a form of payment for both in-store and online transactions. Users can use their Venmo balance, connected cards, or bank accounts to pay for goods and receive 5% cash back.

Venmo is accepted at Target’s self-checkout and cashier’s registers. Use the Venmo app, scan a QR code at the checkout counter, and confirm the purchase to approve payment.

Target also accepts Venmo as a payment method on . Since PayPal owns Venmo, you’ll need to select the PayPal button to be redirected to the PayPal website. From there, select Venmo to pay with your Venmo balance or linked cards. You can also link your Venmo Wallet ID code at the online checkout page or link your Venmo credit card to the Target mobile app for a more streamlined checkout experience.

Venmo cannot be used to pay for items offered by third-party Target Plus Partners on Venmo and other mobile wallets are not accepted by the majority of third-party marketplace sellers.

That notwithstanding, Target is a great place to shop with your Venmo wallet. It’s ranked as the eighth largest national retailer in the United States, with more than across the country. 

Like Walmart and Kroger, Target offers a wide range of merchandise from the Foods to buy on a budget that are the cheapest and wonton wrappers to shakes & protein powder to filtered water

You’ll also find liquor stores inside that carry a wide range of beers, wines, and spirits from top brands. With a bit of poking around, you’re pretty sure to land great deals on college scantron sheets or even cheap diapers.

Can you Use Venmo at Target?

Yes, Venmo is accepted at Target. Venmo is accepted for both online and in-store purchases at the stores. Use the Venmo app and scan a QR code at the self-checkout counter or cashier’s register to utilize Venmo at Target. The total of your purchase will be deducted from your Venmo balance or your linked debit or credit cards.

If the cashier requests a Venmo QR code, hit the Show to Pay button in your Venmo app to produce and provide a QR code that the cashier can scan to complete the transaction.

Venmo is similarly simple to use on, but you must use your chosen mobile browser rather than a desktop or laptop. Tap the PayPal button on the checkout page. You’ll be taken to PayPal’s website. Choose Venmo to pay with your Venmo-linked cards or balance from there.

You may now link your Venmo Wallet ID code to your Target Mobile app for seamless in-app transactions or link your credit card to your Target Mobile app for a streamlined experience.

Venmo is accepted by Target online only for things sold and shipped by Target. Venmo cannot be used to pay for items purchased from third parties through Target Partners on

How to Use Venmo at Target in Store?

Venmo uses QR codes to allow customers to make contactless in-store purchases at Target and other stores. First, you’ll need to download and install the . Then set up your account by creating a secure password and verifying your phone number and email address. 

Connect your Venmo account to your bank accounts or debit/credit cards. The Venmo app is set up to scan QR codes right out of the box. If this is your first time using the app, hit the Scan button at the bottom of the home screen and follow the on-screen instructions to authorize your camera to scan QR codes.

Making contactless payments at Target using Venmo is simple once you’ve set up your account. Next go to the self-checkout station or cash register to purchase the things you want. Lastly, launch the Venmo app and inform the cashier that you are using Venmo to pay.

At Target, there are two options for making a contactless payment with Venmo:

Scan the Target’s QR Code

Your items will be scanned and a QR code will be displayed by the cashier or self-checkout machine. Simply press the Scan button on your smartphone and point your camera at the QR code to scan it and complete the transaction. After that, you’ll be asked to confirm your purchase. The money will be taken from your Venmo balance or a preferred connected card to pay for the purchase once it has been confirmed.

Target will Scan Your QR Code

You may be asked to show a Venmo QR code by the self-checkout machine or the cashier. To generate a QR code, open the Venmo app and tap the Show to Pay button. Hold the code up for the cashier or self-checkout machine to read and complete the transaction. After scanning the QR code, confirm the payment to complete the transaction.

Normally, money will be withdrawn from your Venmo balance to cover purchases, but you can change this on your Venmo wallet before you or the cashier scans the QR code to another preferred payment method.

In-store purchases at Target can also be made with your physical Venmo debit or credit card. With a Venmo debit card, you may get cash back and earn incentives on debit purchases. At the same time, for a limited time, the Venmo credit card offers cash back of up to 3% each month and up to 6% on selected buying categories.

Note from Frugal Reality: You must be able to send and receive SMS/text messages via shortcodes in order to utilize Venmo. Venmo is only available in the United States and can only be used with US bank accounts and phone numbers.

How to Use Venmo at Target Online? 

Purchases can be made using your Venmo wallet via Target’s internet mobile site, the Target mobile app, or the Venmo mobile app. The following is how it works:

Your mobile browsers

Venmo online purchases operate with approved PayPal merchant websites and browsers on your mobile phone. Venmo is mostly supported by Google Chrome on Android and Safari on iPhone. can be accessed from your mobile phone. Choose PayPal as your payment method on the checkout page. You’ll be taken to the PayPal website, where you may complete the transaction by selecting Venmo as your payment method. To make purchases directly with your Venmo Wallet, link your Venmo Wallet ID code to the checkout page.

Make use of the Venmo app.

You must opt-in for Venmo online transactions in order to utilize the Venmo app for online purchases. Take the following steps:

  • Navigate to the Purchasing area of the options menu.
  • Choose Allow Mobile Web Purchasing or Link Browsers from the drop-down menu.
  • Shop on’s mobile site with your smartphone.
  • To finish the transaction, go to the checkout screen and tap the Venmo button.

You can also use your Venmo credit card or account to make in-app payments using your balance or connected accounts by connecting your Venmo credit card or account to your Target Mobile app.

Can I Get Cash Back from Venmo at Target?

Venmo does offer cash back at Target, but you must use your Venmo Mastercard debit card to do it. When you pay using your Venmo debit or credit card at select merchants, such as Target, you can also receive cash back benefits.

Although Target isn’t among the the shops that offer you the most money back, you can still get up to $40 cash back when you pay with a debit card. And the good thing is that Target doesn’t charge any cash back fees. Like many places where you can get $5 or $10 back in cash or Gas stations in the area that give cash back, you’re only required to buy anything with no minimum purchase. For instance, you can buy a newspaper or a For a teacher, a rolling tote on wheels to be eligible for cash back at a Target store.

So just grab anything and proceed to the cash register or self-checkout counter. Swipe your card and overwrite the purchase total with the cash back amount you need. For example, buy discount meat and a few other items for $50. If you need to get $40 cash back, you’ll pay a total of $90.

Your payment will be executed as a single transaction on your Venmo balance or Venmo-linked bank account. The cashier or self-checkout machine will then give you your $40 cash back along with a $90 ticket.

Target only allows $40 per transaction, while Venmos has a daily withdrawal limit of $400. To reach the maximum Venmo limit, you’ll have to make up to ten different transactions. This is inconvenient when you require a huge sum of money. Nonetheless, it saves you money by avoiding expensive out-of-network ATM costs in exchange for smaller cash back amounts.

The good news is that Target provides ATMs at the customer care desk where you may withdraw huge sums of money all at once. Check for the MasterCard, MoneyPass, Pulse, and Cirrus brands on the ATM and withdraw money using your Venmo debit card. Fees of $2.5 to $4 may be charged for ATM withdrawals.

Again, Venmo has a fantastic that kicked off in 2019 with exciting limited-time offers like 5% cash back at Target, 4% cash back at Sam’s Club is a membership club that caters to, and 5% cash back at Wendy’s when you pay with a Venmo. 

You’re automatically enrolled into the rewards program when you get your Venmo debit card, and you start earning cash back with on eligible purchases with select merchants. The cash back amount you get varies, but you’ll see the eligible amount in each offer before making the purchase.

The also allows you to earn up to 3% cash back every month with an occasional limited-time cash back rate of up to 6% of eligible purchases. 

The Frugal Reality Takeaway: You can get up to $40 in cash back from your Venmo Mastercard debit card. When you shop with your Venmo debit or credit card, you can also earn cash back on qualified purchases from certain retailers through the Venmo rewards program.

How to Transfer Money from Target Money Card to Venmo?

Venmo allows you to add multiple payment methods, including prepaid cards, American Express gift cards are available., MasterCard, Discover, and Visa. In addition, the Target RedCard is a Mastercard, which means you can add Target debit/credit cards and reloadable gift cards to your Venmo wallet too.

You can transfer money from your Target money card to Venmo once you’ve successfully added your Target RedCard or gift cards. Follow these steps to add a prepaid debit or gift card to Venmo:

  • Launch the Venmo app and press the three horizontal lines in the top-left corner of the screen to access the menu.
  • Tap Settings 
  • Tap Payment methods under Preferences.
  • At the bottom of the Payment Methods Menu, tap Add Bank or Card.
  • In the pop-up menu, select card.
  • Enter the information for your Target card, including the card number, expiration date, security code, and zip code.
  • Add your Target Money Card to your Venmo Wallet by tapping Add.

Venmo warns on its website that cards may be declined by Venmo or the card issuer due to a lack of funds or fraud prevention concerns. You will be able to transfer money from your Walmart MoneyCard to Venmo if your card adds successfully.

Can I Split a Payment on Target Online? allows you to split payments, but only between Target gift cards and one additional payment option. You can, for example, use a credit card or a Target debit card to pay for up to ten Target gift cards. Using your Target gift cards first, then your debit or credit card, is the best way to go.

But, Target does not allow you to divide purchases between two credit or debit cards while shopping online. Only one credit or debit card payment is accepted per order on You can’t divide payment between a Target Mastercard and a Target Debit card, for example.

So, let’s pretend you have two $50 gift cards. If your total purchase is $150, you can split it between the two gift cards and another form of payment. Pay with the two gift cards first, then cover the remaining $50 with a different payment card, such as a Target Debit card.

Frugal Reality Takeaway: You can split purchases at using up to ten Target gift cards and one debit/credit card. You will not be able to split payments between two credit, debit, or prepaid cards because the site only allows one debit or credit card per order.

Can I Split a Payment at the Target Self-Checkout?

At the Target Self-Checkout counter, you can split your payment. Several credit cards can be processed at Target’s checkout registers in a single transaction.

Let’s say you have a Target gift card, a Reliacard, EBT card, or Bluebird card whose balance only covers part of the order. The self-checkout machine will deduct the balance from your EBT or gift card first and then allow you to cover the remaining balance with an alternative payment method, like an unexpired debit card or credit card.

What’s the Difference Between Venmo and PayPal?

Venmo is a PayPal subsidiary. While both are digital payment wallets that allow you to send and receive money, they have some key differences, such as:

  • Venmo is only accessible via mobile devices. Venmo payments are only available on mobile browsers or through the Venmo app. PayPal is compatible with both mobile devices and PCs. Both online and using the PayPal app, payments can be made.
  • PayPal is available worldwide, however Venmo is exclusively available in the United States for sending and receiving money.
  • Unless you provide additional personal information, Venmo has a weekly transaction limit of $299.99. Weekly transaction limitations are not imposed by PayPal, but there may be a $10,000 per transaction limit.
  • Venmo is great for friend-to-friend money transfers, but PayPal is best for personal and business applications.

What are the Target Accepted Payment Methods?

Aside from Venmo, Target allows a variety of additional payment methods. As a result, it’s critical to be aware of alternate payment options in case your local Target doesn’t accept Venmo.

The following is a list of payment options for Target purchases made in-store:

  • Cash
  • Target RedCard,
  • Target Debit Card
  • Target Credit Card
  • Target Mastercard
  • Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, or Novus credit cards are accepted.
  • Debit/ATM cards
  • SNAP EBT/WIC cards
  • Gift certificates and gift cards
  • Personal checks
  • Alipay
  • Campus Cash

The following payment options are accepted on and the Target app:

  • Target Debit Card
  • Target Credit Card
  • Target Mastercard
  • Visa, American Express, Discover/Novus, Mastercard Target PCard, and foreign bank credit cards are all accepted.
  • Debit cards from Visa and Mastercard
  • Gift cards
  • Affirm
  • PayPal

Target also accepts Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Venmo, as well as all other contactless payment options. However, it does not accept PayPal.

Venmo FAQs

What is Venmo?

Venmo is a payment processing program that allows pals to make and receive payments. You can use the app to pay for goods and services, split bills, and collect money owing to you.

How does Venmo work?

You must to establish an account with Venmo in order to use it. You can add your debit or credit card information after you’ve registered. Next, by inputting the recipient’s email address or phone number, you can send money to them.

The program will also generate a one-of-a-kind QR code that the recipient may scan to get the payment. Venmo payments are usually handled in a matter of minutes.

Can I use Venmo to pay for goods and services?

Venmo can be used to pay for both goods and services. The app allows you to connect with merchants who accept Venmo as a form of payment in addition to sending payments to friends.

Are there any fees associated with using Venmo?

Venmo does not charge any fees for sending or receiving payments using the app, but payments made with a credit card include a 3% fee.

Can I withdraw money from Venmo?

Yes, Venmo money can be withdrawn. You must first add your bank account details to your account before you may do so. Then, in the applications menu, select the Withdraw option to withdraw funds. Within one to two business days, the cash will be transferred to your bank account.

Is Venmo safe?

Venmo protects users’ information and payments with a variety of security techniques. Password protection, data encryption, and fraud monitoring are some of the safeguards in place. Users can also link their Venmo accounts to Facebook or Google for increased security.

What are the benefits of using Venmo?

Venmo has a number of advantages, including:

  • Ease of Use The app is easy to navigate and can be used on a range of devices. You won’t have to wait for money to get in your bank account because transactions are instantaneous.
  • Venmo has no fees associated with sending or receiving payments.
  • Venmo protects users’ information and payments with a variety of security techniques. It’s a terrific method to divide bills with pals or make online purchases without having to input your credit card information.
  • Venmo lets users to connect their accounts to their Facebook or Google accounts for enhanced protection.

Can I use Venmo if I don’t have a bank account?

No, you’ll need a bank account to withdraw money through Venmo, although you can make payments using a debit or credit card through the app.

What are the differences between Venmo and other payment processing apps?

Venmo differs from other payment processing apps in that it allows users to send payments to friends in addition to a range of other features such as simplicity of use, costs, security, and connection.

Does Target Accept Venmo Summary

Target is a popular shopping destination for millions of Americans, with over 1,800 sites around the country.

Although Target doesn’t cash personal checks, take money orders, or Third-party cheques should be cashed in a nearby location., the retailer takes Venmo and other contactless payment methods like Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. In addition, some Target stores in the area are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. for late-night shopping.

And the good news is that Venmo is accepted in Target stores and online. Thus, if you don’t feel like getting dressed for a supermarket run, you can use your electronic wallet to order products from the comfort of your own home.

Simply scan a QR code at the cash register or self-checkout counter to pay with your Venmo wallet at Target. To make an online purchase, go to the PayPal page and select Venmo from the drop-down menu. For even more convenience, you may link your Venmo wallet or credit card to your Target Mobile app.

When you use your Venmo Mastercard debit card to shop at Target in-store, you can also get cash back. In addition, the rewards program allows you to earn cash back from qualified businesses whenever you use your debit or credit card.

Don’t panic if you run out of EBT funds enjoying coffees at Target Food stamps are accepted at Starbucks kiosks.. Instead, split the bill between your EBT card and another payment option, like cash or credit card. Pay with your EBT card first, and then use your credit or debit card to cover the balance.

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