Does Rite Aid do Money Orders? (Fees, Limits, Track, etc.)

You may have various reasons to get a money order. Perhaps you need to pay rent or a utility bill or want to send money securely to someone else.

Consider a place like Rite Aid that offers services like check cashing, with a debit card, cash back, books that sell stamps, does passport photos, ATM, takes Apple Pay and Google Pay, and accepts EBT and WIC cards.

CVS is the largest drugstore chain in the US, with across 17 states. Customers visit the store for products and services like prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, self-checkout, beauty products, postcards, sell alcohol, smashed ice in bags, grocery items like flour and protein shakes, and a generous return policy.

Does Rite Aid accept money orders, then?

Brief response: Western Union money orders are sold by Rite Aid. Each money order costs $0.99, has a $500 maximum, and a $2,999 daily cap.

Does Rite Aid Sell Money Orders?

Yes, Western Union money orders are available at Rite Aid. All Rite Aid shops provide money order purchases throughout regular business hours. To purchase one, merely stop by the customer service counter.

A Rite Aid money order costs $0.99 and has a maximum order value of $500. Payment methods are limited to debit and credit cards only. To avoid fraud, Rite Aid only accepts cash when purchasing a money order.

Use the to find a nearby Rite Aid to buy a money order.

You can locate the following services using the Rite Aid store locator:

By entering your zip code or city and state, you may focus your search.

Does Rite Aid Cash Money Orders?

No, Rite Aid does not cash money orders even if purchased from a Rite Aid store. However, money orders bought at Rite Aid can be cashed at any , banks, credit unions, and 24-hour check-cashing stores.

Most grocery stores don’t cash money orders for customers, including Safeway, Publix, and Kroger.

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What’s the Rite Aid Money Order Fee?

Every money order from Rite Aid costs $0.90. There is a cap of $500 for each, though. Up to six money orders may be ordered each day at a charge of 90 cents each.

You’ll need to buy four Rite Aid money orders for 90 cents each if you need $2,000 to purchasing secondhand furniture or used electronics on sites like Craigslist.

The cost for a Rite Aid money order is higher than other locations in the area that sell money orders. For example, a Kroger money order costs only 69 cents, and a Costs of 711 money orders only 65 cents.

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What’s the Rite Aid Money Order Limit?

The maximum amount for a single Rite Aid money order is $500, while the maximum amount for several orders is $2,999. The only option to purchase more money orders than the Rite Aid’s $500 cap is to do so separately.

Each money order you buy can’t be for more than $500, and you can only buy a total of six of them each day. Fees for six orders would be $5.60.

If you need to buy more than six money orders, or if you need to purchase a money order for more than $500, you will need to complete multiple transactions.

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How To Get a Money Order at Rite Aid?

During regular business hours, you can purchase a Western Union money order at any Rite Aid counter.

To purchase a money order if you are paying a bill, you will need your address, the name of the recipient, and the account number. At the bottom, the buyer’s signature is also necessary.

What to do at Rite Aid to obtain a money order:

Visit the Customer Service Desk

Find the Rite Aid location closest to you. After that, proceed to the customer care counter and request to buy a money order.

Bring Payment

You’ll be required to make a cash-only payment to buy a Rite Aid money order. The stores will not accept credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay, personal checks, and more to pay for it.


To purchase a money order at Rite Aid, bring a legitimate form of identification. You may be required to present identification having the same name as the money order, such as a passport, driver’s license, state identity card, or military identification card.

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How to Track a Money Order from Rite Aid?

Money orders, which are frequently bought with cash, are not connected to your bank account like personal checks are. As a result, if you pay in cash, it is difficult to monitor a money order in your account’s transaction history.

However, because Rite Aid is the issuer, you can track money order transactions by submitting a request to them, calling 1-800-999-9660, or filling out an at Western Union. You’ll need to pay up to $15 in administrative expenses.

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What is the Rite Aid Money Order Hours?

The hours for Rite Aid money orders are the same as those for regular store hours. Monday through Saturday, 7 am to 10 pm, and Sunday, 8 am to 6 pm, are the typical store hours for Rite Aid.

However, use the to find a Rite Aid near me, a 24-hour convenience store.

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Rite Aid Does Money Orders Summary

offers up to $500 worth of money orders via Western Union at the customer service counter. To pay for the money order and the 90-cent fee, you will need to bring some form of identification as well as cash.

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