Does Planet Fitness Have Showers, Lockers & Towels? Dress Code?

The United States has approximately , and 64 million Americans belonged to at least one health club in 2019.

Membership may have decreased after the pandemic, but it is anticipated that it will increase once the COVID-19 cases start to slowly decline. In fact, membership grew quickly when Planet Fitness branches were reopened.

is considered one of the biggest gyms in the country, with nationwide. It’s popular because of its cheap membership rates and no-frills approach to fitness.

Considering joining but not sure? Whether Planet Fitness offers top-notch services and amenities like showers, lockers, and towels may be something you’re interested in finding out.

Therefore, it makes sense to inquire if Planet Fitness has towels, lockers, and showers.?

The short answer is that all Planet Fitness gyms provide visitors with showers and lockers. Towels and toiletries are not offered, though. So be sure to bring your own towel if you intend to shower at a Planet Fitness facility.

The rules and facilities offered at Planet Fitness gyms will be covered in our guide.

Does Planet Fitness Have Showers?

Absolutely, all members of Planet Fitness gyms get free access to showers. So it’s ideal for anyone who goes to the gym and wants to freshen up before going to work.

But, Planet Fitness does provide tiny towels for you to use to wipe your face or clean the exercise equipment. The small towels should not, however, be used in place of the large towels that are used to dry off after a shower.

Does Planet Fitness have Private Showers?

No, Planet Fitness doesn’t have private showers at its facilities. However, although private showers are not available, Planet Fitness does have separate shower rooms for men and women with curtains to ensure privacy. In addition, the clubs have a no-frills approach to fitness which allows them to offer the affordable gym memberships.

While having a shower, members can place their shampoo or soap in the cutout space in the shower wall. The showers at Planet Fitness are enormous, probably bigger than the one in your home.

Since Planet Fitness doesn’t provide free toiletries, we advise carrying your own gym bag filled with necessary supplies. We advise including shampoo, soap, flip-flops, deodorant, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a big towel in your Planet Fitness shower kit.

While exercising or taking a shower, you can leave your bag in a free Planet Fitness locker room.

Does Planet Fitness Have Lockers?

Indeed, lockers at Planet Fitness are free. Members can use single-use lockers at Planet Fitness gyms specifically. We all know how crucial it is to protect our gym bags, wallets, and cell phones as gymgoers.

For the locker, you must provide your own lock. Although the Planet Fitness locker policy is fair, any uncut or removed locks that are left after close. There are local Planet Fitness lockers with combination locks, though.

The Planet Fitness locker room guidelines work to make sure that all members can use it comfortably and conveniently in this judgment-free environment. Curiously, the club advises limiting talking in the locker area to prevent discomfort and invasion of privacy.

See the Planet Fitness locker room .

Do You Get Your Own Locker at Planet Fitness?

At Planet Fitness, there are separate locker rooms for men and women, so you do get your own personal locker. When you sign up as a member, each time you visit a Planet Fitness facility nearby, a single-use locker will be assigned to you.

Lockers are not meant to be used for extended periods of time, so keep that in mind. Hence, if they remain after closing or for an extended period of time, the staff has the authority to cut locks.

Bring your own lock and keep your gym bag, electronics, car keys, and wallet safe while exercising. The lockers are spacious enough to fit your toiletries, and your bath towel since Planet Fitness does not provide them.

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What are the Planet Fitness Locker Room Rules?

The Planet Fitness locker room policies work to maintain each facility’s privacy and safety. Although the regulations appear strict, they are essential to uphold order and guarantee security.

You must abide by the Planet Fitness locker room rules as a member, which include:

  • You are responsible for providing your own lock for the single-use locker you have chosen.
  • Only personal items may be stored in lockers.
  • Even if your things are in the locker, always keep an eye on them.
  • If a Planet Fitness manager has a good faith suspicion that you are storing non-essential items, they have the right to open your locker.
  • Taking precautions won’t always stop locker property theft.
  • If you leave your things overnight, staff may cut your lock, access your locker, and hold your possessions as lost property.
  • Personal items that are lost or damaged are not the responsibility of Planet Fitness.
  • It is your obligation to insure your possessions.

For example, Planet Fitness is not responsible if you’re Free mobile phone charging during a workout and it gets stolen.

Planet Fitness is well-known for its no-frills approach to fitness. A Classic tier is the cheapest gym membership that costs as low as $10 with a long a list of the exercise machines at Planet Fitness like a sprinting treadmill and amenities like free unlimited internet.

If you want to upgrade your Planet Fitness membership to the Black Card, you’ll get tanning, bring a friend privilege, massage chairs, , and access to the hydromassage machine for a low-cost local massage offer.

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Does Planet Fitness Have Towels?

Towels for use in the shower are not available at Planet Fitness. There are no extra-large towels for use in showers or other amenities. To clean your face or the gym equipment, some places do offer tiny towels. However, a tiny towel won’t be big enough for a shower in the changing room.

You must always bring your shower essentials, such as a towel, when you visit your 24/7 gym with extended hours.

Does Planet Fitness Have a Dress Code?

Yes, there is a clothing code at Planet Fitness. You must adhere to the fundamental dress code by donning proper attire and athletic shoes. It permits you to disregard the dress code and wear fashionable shirts, slacks, and athletic attire.

What Can’t You Wear at Planet Fitness?

Although there is no strict dress code at Planet Fitness, there are several items that are prohibited under the rules. To prevent any uncomfortable circumstances, members are asked to refrain from dressing in overtly provocative ways inside the facility.

Here are some instances of attire that is not permitted at Planet Fitness:

  • Clothes that could potentially harm equipment or pose a safety risk
  • Clothing that is revealing, improper, offensive, or threatening
  • Work boots, sandals, or shoes with open toes
  • soiled or muddy shoes or clothing

You should refrain from wearing clothing from gyms that are competitors even though it is not specifically prohibited by the dress code policy.

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Does Planet Fitness Have Showers, Lockers & Towels Summary

There is free WiFi at Planet Fitness., showers, and lockers. Its shower rooms and personal lockers are separate for men and women, with curtains in each stall to ensure privacy. However, shower towels are not provided by the facilities. So instead, bring your own bath towel to keep in your free single-use lockers while working out. 

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In addition, Planet Fitness doesn’t offer military discounts, student discounts, senior discounts, or teacher discounts because its fees are already affordable.

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