Does Planet Fitness Have Showers, Lockers & Towels? Dress Code?

The United States has approximately , and 64 million Americans belonged to at least one health club in 2019.

Membership numbers may have dropped in the aftermath of the pandemic, but as COVID-19 cases fade away, membership levels are projected to grow again. In fact, when Planet Fitness reopened its doors, membership quickly grew.

is considered one of the biggest gyms in the country, with nationwide. It’s popular because of its cheap membership rates and no-frills approach to fitness.

Are you debating whether or not to join? You might be asking if Planet Fitness offers high-quality services and amenities such as showers, lockers, and towels.

So, is it reasonable to inquire about showers, lockers, and towels at Planet Fitness?

In a nutshell, Planet Fitness clubs provide customers with showers and lockers at all of its locations. Towels and toiletries, however, are not provided. Make sure to bring your own towel if you plan on showering at a Planet Fitness location.

Our guide will go through the policies and amenities that Planet Fitness offers at its locations.

Does Planet Fitness Have Showers?

Absolutely, Planet Fitness locations provide free showers to all of their members. As a result, it’s ideal for any gym-goer who wants to freshen up before heading to work after a terrific exercise.

Planet Fitness does, however, provide tiny towels for cleaning the training machines or wiping your face. Small towels, on the other hand, are not a substitute for large towels for drying off after a shower.

Does Planet Fitness have Private Showers?

No, Planet Fitness doesn’t have private showers at its facilities. However, although private showers are not available, Planet Fitness does have separate shower rooms for men and women with curtains to ensure privacy. In addition, the clubs have a no-frills approach to fitness which allows them to offer the gym subscriptions at the lowest prices.

Members can place shampoo or soap in the cutout area of the shower wall while showering. Showers at Planet Fitness are enormous, and they’re probably bigger than yours at home.

We recommend bringing your own gym bag with necessary items because Planet Fitness does not provide complimentary amenities. Shampoo, soap, flip flops, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a large towel are recommended for your Planet Fitness shower kit.

While working out or showering, you can leave your stuff in a free Planet Fitness gym locker.

Does Planet Fitness Have Lockers?

Yes, Planet Fitness offers free lockers. Planet Fitness facilities, in particular, provide members with single-use lockers when they visit. We all know how crucial it is to keep our gym bags, wallets, and phones safe when we go to the gym.

For the locker, you must bring your own lock. Planet Fitness has a good locker policy, but any locks left after closing can be cut and taken. However, some Planet Fitness lockers in the area include built-in combination locks.

Planet Fitness locker room guidelines try to make it comfortable and convenient for all members as a judgment-free zone. Surprisingly, the club advises keeping locker room interactions to a minimum to avoid embarrassment and invasion of privacy.

See the Planet Fitness locker room .

Do You Get Your Own Locker at Planet Fitness?

Yes, with separate locker rooms for men and women, you get your own personal locker at Planet Fitness. Every time you visit a Planet Fitness gym near you, you will be issued to one single-use locker once you have registered as a member.

Keep in mind, though, that lockers are not meant to be used for long periods of time. As a result, if locks are left after the close or for an extended period of time, the staff has the right to cut them.

Bring your own lock and keep your gym bag, electronics, car keys, and wallet safe while exercising. The lockers are spacious enough to fit your toiletries, and your bath towel since Planet Fitness does not provide them.

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What are the Planet Fitness Locker Room Rules?

The Planet Fitness locker room guidelines aim to ensure that each location’s locker room is secure and private. Although the restrictions appear to be tough, they are necessary in order to ensure order and security.

You must obey the Planet Fitness locker room rules as a member, which includes:

  • It is your duty to carry your own lock for the single-use locker assigned to you.
  • Lockers are solely available for keeping personal items.
  • Even if your valuables are stored in the locker, keep an eye on them.
  • If a Planet Fitness supervisor has a reasonable suspicion that you are storing non-essential things, they have the right to open your locker.
  • Even if you take precautions, locker property theft can occur.
  • If you leave your belongings overnight, staff can cut your lock, open your locker, and hold them as lost property.
  • Personal belongings that are stolen or damaged are not the responsibility of Planet Fitness.
  • It is your duty to insure your personal property.

For example, Planet Fitness is not responsible if you’re Get free phone charging during a workout and it gets stolen.

Planet Fitness is well-known for its no-frills approach to fitness. A Classic tier is the cheapest gym membership that costs as low as $10 with a long Planet Fitness workout equipment is listed below. like a sprinting treadmill and amenities like free unlimited internet.

If you want to upgrade your Planet Fitness membership to the Black Card, you’ll get tanning, bring a friend privilege, massage chairs, , and access to the hydromassage machine for a Local massage for a low price.

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Does Planet Fitness Have Towels?

Planet Fitness does not provide towels for use in the shower. There are no large towels for use in the showers, nor are there any other toiletries. Some establishments, on the other hand, supply little towels with which to wipe your face or the exercise equipment. Regrettably, a tiny towel will not be sufficient for a locker room shower.

You must always bring your shower essentials, such as a towel, when you visit your The gym is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and.

Does Planet Fitness Have a Dress Code?

Yes, there is a clothing code at Planet Fitness. You must wear athletic shoes and proper apparel according to the basic dress code. It allows you to dress up in fashionable shirts, slacks, and gym gear without breaking the dress code.

What Can’t You Wear at Planet Fitness?

Although Planet Fitness has a casual dress code, there are several items that are prohibited. To avoid any embarrassing situations, members are encouraged to avoid wearing extremely revealing apparel in the facility.

Here are some examples of what you are not permitted to wear at Planet Fitness:

  • Clothes that could cause equipment damage or pose a safety risk
  • Clothing that is revealing, indecent, insulting, or threatening
  • Work boots, sandals, or shoes with an open toe
  • Clothing or shoes that are soiled or muddy

You should also avoid wearing clothing from competing gyms, even if it isn’t mentioned in the dress code policy.

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Does Planet Fitness Have Showers, Lockers & Towels Summary

There is free WiFi at Planet Fitness., showers, and lockers. Its shower rooms and personal lockers are separate for men and women, with curtains in each stall to ensure privacy. However, shower towels are not provided by the facilities. So instead, bring your own bath towel to keep in your free single-use lockers while working out. 

Are you a family looking for a group membership? Although Planet Fitness only offers individual memberships, see our guide on the memberships at the best gyms for families.

In addition, Planet Fitness doesn’t offer military discounts, student discounts, senior discounts, or teacher discounts because its fees are already affordable.

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