Does NGL Send Fake Messages

Many users are reluctant to disclose their actual ideas on social media because every post includes their name, regardless of how filtered their audience is.

NGL is your catch if you want to keep your name out of your posts and maintain their anonymity. NGL enables anonymous donations from your Instagram fans.

Some users, however, claimed on social media that NGL had sent them fraudulent messages in an effort to increase engagement inside the app.

We shall discuss if NGL sends bogus messages or not in this guide.?

Does NGL Send Fake Messages?

There is no evidence to suggest that NGL sends false messages.

However, users complained that they were receiving phony messages on Reddit, Twitter, and inside reviews of the NGL app because none of them were able to send this kind of message.

Users had no clear means of knowing that the messages the software was sending them were phony inquiries, claims Techcruch.

Yet, a lot of people were suspicious because the queries seemed like something their friends wouldn’t ask.

(By creating an NGL link but not sharing it, we proved the messages were false. Then, messages started coming in.

Reviews of the NGL app are replete with concerns that the questions appeared to be generated by bots.

Even worse, the creator of the program was charging users for suggestions that would reveal more information about the questioner.

This means users were paying, in some cases, for hints about bots!  This could be considered fraud. (We’d advise impacted users to request  from Apple.)

Is the NGL Subscription Worth It?

No, the NGL subscription is not worthwhile because it hides the sender’s name or Instagram account.

A NGL subscription will only offer the nearby location, message sent date and time, device, and NGL ID as hints.

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