Does Home Depot Offer Senior Discounts? Best Ways To Save!

is one of the most popular home improvement stores in the United States. It offers homeowners various home products, including tools, appliances, tool rental, and building materials.

Senior discounts are a terrific way to take advantage of your older age while staying within your budget. Since you’re probably on a fixed income as a senior, you want to cut your shopping expenses as much as you can.

Luckily, in the US offer special discounts to senior citizens.

So, does Home Depot provide senior discounts in-person or online?

Except for retired military personnel, Home Depot regrettably doesn’t provide any special discounts for seniors. Nonetheless, the merchant for home improvements provides alternatives for customers to reduce their purchasing costs.

Does Home Depot Give Senior Citizen Discounts?

No, Home Depot does not offer discounts to older folks. Home Depot does, however, provide a 10% discount to those who are currently serving in the military, veterans, and their families.

Seniors can use Home Depot’s price match service to get lower prices or join Pro or Pro Xtra for greater online and in-store discounts.

What Are The Best Ways To Save Money at Home Depot for Seniors?

Frugal living and saving money are always crucial, especially for seniors. Fortunately, Home Depot provides a number of alternatives for you to cut costs on your purchases.

The following are the best ways for seniors to save money at Home Depot:

Home Depot Loyalty Program

Home Depot’s loyalty program is ideal for frequent customers and contractors who love to buy in bulk. Customers participating in the program can choose between a free-to-use Home Depot Pro online experience membership or a subscription.

Benefits for Pro members include access to the , personalized deals, exclusive online bonuses, paint rewards, fuel rewards, and the opportunity to create shopping lists for your home or professional projects, like excavating contractors.

Members of Pro Xtra get access to special benefits that are catered to your in-person and online buying preferences. The rewards of the loyalty program include discounts, volume pricing, the ability to create estimates, paint incentives with lifetime access to color histories, transaction tracking, and Text2Confirm payment, to name a few.

Price Match Guarantee

Home Depot offers a generous price match guarantee, which helps to keep its prices competitive. Seniors and customers can ask for a price match on two identical products.

Home Depot will Companies like Lowes that match prices, Costco, Menards, Walmart,  and Amazon that compete with the home improvement store.

Home Depot will honor internet price matches. if the item on the rival website delivers to your location. To do an online price match, contact Home Depot customer service at 1-800-430-3376. In addition, its online customer service has 24-hour home improvement live chat to answer your questions.

But, if you wish to price match in-store, you must present evidence of the competitor’s price in the form of a printout, advertisement, or photograph. Visit a staffed checkout line or the Home Depot customer service desk after that.

Also, Canadian Home Depot locations provide an additional 10% off the price of its rivals.

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Home Depot Coupons

The local newspaper or mail from Home Depot frequently contains coupons, including discounts, multi-buy incentives, and special promotions. Home Depot also accepts customers’ legitimate manufacturer coupons.

By signing up for Home Depot’s email marketing service, seniors can save even more money. On publications like Forbes and Business Insider, you might also look for online coupons. These coupons have a one-month expiration date and can be used at the online checkout.

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Home Depot Garden Club Coupons

If you intend to begin an outdoor project, you could save even more money by registering for a free membership in the Home Depot Garden Club. With some great offers, joining the Garden Club can save you up to $300 on your DIY project.

You’ll need to fill out an with your complete name, email address, cell phone number, and zip code to join this club. As a member, you’ll frequently get emails or texts with exclusive discounts and promotions.

Even if gardening isn’t your thing, you can still join the Home Depot Garden Club since you’ll save $5. Who wouldn’t love a free $5 offer?

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Home Depot Clearance Sale

Seniors can discover a wide variety of inexpensive items in the in-store and at Usually returned, open-box, out-of-season, or slightly damaged goods are in the clearance section or endcap.

Customers can typically get discounts ranging from 10% to 60% off home improvement goods, like paint, refrigerators, hardwood floors, refrigerator power cord extensions and lighting.

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Military Discount

Home Depot has military discounts of 10% off on everyday products. In addition, spouses of military members and veterans can get the same discount after verifying their identity.

The name, birthdate, and email address linked to the service member’s Home Depot account must also be disclosed by the spouse. If you present your virtual ID from the Home Depot app at the register, the military discount is accepted both online and in-store.

Home Depot Credit Card

The provides new customers $25 off purchases between $25 and $299, $50 off purchases between $300 and $999, or $100 off purchases over $1,000.

For regular customers, utilizing a Home Depot credit card gives the benefit of hassle-free returns for a full year. It takes four times as long as usual to receive purchases. That could be helpful if you make a big buy but subsequently decide you need to return it.

Also, cardholders get access to recurring promotions like temporary 10% off discounts on particular goods or 24-month financing options during particular campaigns.

A major home improvement project can be financed with the Home Depot Consumer Credit Card. It provides six months of deferred interest on purchases of $299 or more. Alternatively, you can get a Lowe’s credit card for .

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Free Home Depot Shipping

For the majority of purchases over $45, provides free standard shipping and residential delivery. However, for purchases of $396 or more, delivery is free for appliances.

You can also get the anticipated arrival date of your item in the Product Details section of your shopping basket.

Home Depot 11% Rebate

Home Depot provides a 11% discount. as a store gift card on selected items. There are no price limits on items qualifying for the 11% rebate at Home Depot. Visit the if you recently purchased something from Home Depot in-store. 

You can get an 11 percent discount if you buy the proper things. The products that are eligible are listed in the rebate area on Rebates, however, cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

Free Lumber Cuts

Your neighborhood Home Depot will perform several complimentary cuts for no additional charge if you buy lumber there. It only applies to wood purchased from a store and is subject to size restrictions.

The majority of Home Depot locations that provide free wood cutting services have established rules. For instance, it indicates that the first two or three cuts are free but that precise cuts cannot be guaranteed.

For further lumber cuts, the retailer will charge more.

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Cheap Home Depot Oops Paint

A revolving supply of Oops paint is available at many Home Depot locations. They are often located in a discrete location in the paint department next to the mixing area. Mistinted paint buyers often find a wide selection of colors in a variety of finishes, including flat, satin, semi-gloss, gloss, and even five-gallon barrels.

The finishes and colors that are offered are selected by the leftover paint that disgruntled clients have left behind. For instance, the oops paints were improperly blended with colors that did not match the sample.

Oops paint is widely available at significant discounts, with a gallon going for as little as $5 and pints for as little as $1. Customers might be able to purchase the mistinted or mistaken paint even cheaper depending on your store if it isn’t selling quickly.

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What Stores Offer Senior Discounts at Age 55?

If you are 55 or older, you may be eligible to save money on groceries, oil changes, clothing, crafts, and pharmacy goods. For example, some grocery stores offer senior discounts on specific days of the week or month. Ask your local grocery store if a senior discount is available and if you qualify.

The following merchants give senior discounts to customers 55 and over:

  • Amazon
  • Banana Republic
  • Bealls Department Store
  • Christopher Banks
  • Goodwill
  • Hallmark
  • iParty
  • Joann Fabrics
  • Michael’s
  • Dress for Less Ross
  • Salvation Army Consignment Shops
  • TJ Maxx
  • Valvoline
  • Walgreens

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Does Menards Offer Senior Discounts?

Menards does not provide military personnel a discount. Yet, they provide a variety of ways for customers to save money on home improvement supplies.

Instead, there are a few methods to save money, including 11 percent off everything rebates, Rays List sales, the Menards BIG Card, and a Menards price match policy.

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Does Lowe’s Offer a Senior Discount?

No, Lowes does not offer a discount for seniors. Nonetheless, they provide employee discounts, bulk discounts, volume discounts, and 10% military discounts.

In addition, Lowe’s offers coupons, savings programs, promotional deals, the MyLowe’sAccount, Lowe’s for Pros, and price matching to seniors. Instead, Amazon offers a senior discount for its Prime membership, which is $8 off monthly.

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Home Depot Offer Senior Discounts Summary

There is no senior discount offered by The Home Depot. To save money, join Home Depot Pro/Pro Xtra for exclusive offers and discounts, or use coupons and price match guarantees. Seniors can benefit from a number of discounts that Home Depot provides. For people over 60, Kohls and Michaels provide senior discounts.

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