Does Home Depot Offer 11% Rebate? Online or In-Store? Exclusions?

The online retail sector, dominated by companies like Amazon, seems to have overtaken the traditional concept of big box stores. However, The Home Depot has become the largest home improvement retailer globally, with across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, despite fierce online competition.

In fact, has been thriving. Its shares have , which indicates that American families spending on home improvement continues to grow despite the pandemic.

You might already be a customer of Home Depot and be looking for deals and discounts for your upcoming purchase.

Does Home Depot provide a 11% rebate, then?

Yes, Home Depot is giving qualifying customers an 11% rebate in the form of a store gift card. There are no price restrictions on items that qualify for Home Depot’s 11% rebate, however rebates cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.

It’s important to know that the Home Depot 11% rebate program is available at participating locations within select promotion dates. For example, as of this writing, Home Depot is offering rebates .

We’re sure there will be more promotion dates to come. So keep an eye on the Home Depot website and pages for announcements.

How Does Home Depot 11 Rebate Work?

For customers who intend to make significant purchases at the store, Home Depot frequently offers the 11 rebate. Purchases must be made at participating store locations, and claims must be submitted within 30 days.

Submit Online

Online submission of your Home Depot rebate is the most effective way to receive it. It helps prevent mail loss, incorrect address entry, and the lengthy reimbursement process.

To submit your Home Depot rebate form online, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the 11% Rebate Gateway for Home Depot.
  2. Choose the form based on the date of your Home Depot transaction.
  3. Complete the online form with the required data.
  4. Send the form and the ID number you can find on your receipt.

Submit by Mail

Because you cannot process your Home Depot rebate in-store, you can submit it instead by mail.

Here are the instructions for mailing your Home Depot 11% rebate form:

  1. Print out the Home Depot rebate form (which can also be found on the Home Depot 11% ). 
  2. Fill out the form with the required data.
  3. 11% Refund, Promo Code: [stated on rebate form], PO Box 540059, El Paso, TX 88554-005. Submit the rebate form with the sales receipt (original or legible copy) to this address.

See our guide on the Home Depot’s 90-day without-a-receipt return policy.

Can I Use Home Depot 11 Rebate for Online Orders?

Unfortunately, the Home Depot 11 rebate program does not apply to online orders. Only purchases made in-person and at participating retail locations are eligible for the deal.

What are the Home Depot 11% Rebate Exclusions?

The Home Depot 11% rebate program , including the brands like Weber and John Deere. The program also excludes Home Depot gift cards and third-party gift cards, like Toy Box Jack, Subway, Burger King, Panera, Wendy’s, LL Bean, Ulta, and more.

Also, the refund at Home Depot may only be used on full-priced items and cannot be combined with any other deals or promotions.

Pro-Tip: If you’re planning a sizable purchase, we suggest researching the item on the Home Depot website. To see if an item is eligible for a rebate, locate the Store SKU#and press CTRL+F or COMMAND+F (Mac) on the exclusion list.

You can save a thousand bucks if you’re doing DIY home improvements or an excavating contractor for items like 55-gallon steel and plastic barrels, CO2 refills, wooden crates, straw hay bales, appliances, An indoor antenna for a forest, and more.

What are the Home Depot 11 Rebate Rules?

The following are the Home Depot 11% fine print guidelines:

  • needs a legitimate Home Depot receipt
  • Within 30 days of your in-store purchase, the rebate form must be postmarked.
  • Only in-store purchases are eligible for the refund; online purchases are not.
  • The rebate comes in the form of a Gift cards for Home Depot
  • The delivery of your gift card should take between 6 and 8 weeks (it might take a little longer if you mail the form rather than completing it online).)
  • Special order items are excluded.

All the requirements must be met; otherwise, your rebate gets denied

How to Track Home Depot 11 Rebate?

Home Depot 11 Rebate tracking is made easy through the online. You can search with and without a rebate tracking number.

You may easily enter your tracking number on the tracker if you have it. The necessary information, such as your full name, phone number, email address, and zip code, must be provided if you don’t have your tracking number.

You can also contact Home Depot to inquire about tracking your Home Depot 11% rebate at 1-866-451-1357. 

How Long Does Home Depot 11 Rebate Take?

The Home Depot 11% rebate processing time may take up to 10 weeks, including mailing the store gift card to your address.

The Home Depot will mail the rebate to your address in the form of a store gift card. Contact customer support at 1-866-451-1357 if your gift card doesn’t arrive within ten weeks after submitting your rebate online or by mail.

If you fill out and submit the form online through the Home Depot Rebate Center, it should arrive sooner.

What is the Home Depot 11 Rebate Price Match Policy?

Customers who purchase full-price items at participating stores during the promotion are eligible for an 11% rebate under the Home Depot 11 Rebate Price Match Policy.

At Home Depot, 11% rebates are available on any item, regardless of price. However, the product must be purchased from a merchant that is a participant; online purchases are not acceptable.

See our guide on the Price matching and adjustment policies at Home Depot.

Does Home Depot Match Menard’s 11% Rebate?

The 11% rebate program at Home Depot is similar to the 11% rebate program at Menards. Also, the promotion is frequently offered by both programs throughout the year. As a result, you can make comparable savings at both major home improvement retailers.

The following states have Home Depot locations that provide an in-store 11% rebate:

  • Arkansas
  • Iowa
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • North Dakota
  • Nebraska
  • Ohio
  • South Dakota
  • Wisconsin
  • West Virginia

Here’s the that offer 11 rebate match.

See our guide on the Dates of Menards’ 11% discount rebate.

Does Home Depot Offer 11 Rebate Summary

The offers an 11% rebate as a store gift card on eligible items purchased in participating locations and within the select promotion dates. There are no price limits on items eligible for the 11% rebate at Home Depot, but rebates cannot be combined with other offers.

Please take note that this promotion does not apply to online orders.

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